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AEK 1-1 Burgas

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Highlights Below (Pavlis Goal, Burgas Goal, and Scocco post)

Again, another draw for AEK. I believe that’s our third from three friendlies. Perhaps not an encouraging result on paper, but in reality, AEK dominated the match.

Each half saw two different lineups. The first half seemed to have what might be considered to main squad, consisting of players such as Scocco, Blanco, and Majstorovic. The second half seemed to be for the second team, with guys like Tachtsidis and Pavlis playing.

The two lineups were

First Half







Second Half







As you can see from above the first half lineup does look stronger however there were also some key players on during the second half. One thing Im interested to see is who will be Dusan’s first choice left back, Karabelas or Juanfran.

Well, as for the game, it was a pleasing performance. AEK dominated throughout. Passing seemed smooth and effortless, and the players seemed to be really in sync with each other. Many opportunities were created in front of the goal which was a good thing, but we could not score any, which was not a good thing. Our defence was rarely troubled, so it is difficult to comment on them. I was impressed with Yiahayia. He fought hard, showed strength, and is clearly a good defender. The partnership with Kafes should be a good one. Iordache also impressed, had great ball control, and was able to set up plays nicely.

Although some papers are saying that AEK were better in the second half I believe it was the first half where we were strongest. Either way, its still preseason, and this is still friendly, so while it will show some information about the club, we still can’t see the club showing its full potential until later on.

Our goal came from the second half by none other than Pavlis. The young striker (who by the way is being called the next Demis due to his form, goal scoring, and small size) played great with the Greek youths this summer in Italy, and with the right team and coach around him I believe he can become a key player, and will be a good player to have in the squad.

Burgas levelled things up in the last minute, so it was unfortunate we couldn’t hold on to the win.

Our next friendly will be in Athens against Panionios, and a few days later we will play Boca Juniors in OAKA. I believe these matches we will start to see the team perform closer to its full potential.


AEK Updates

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Well, a press conference was held a few days back with regards to the new investors who were mentioned the post before. The deal has been confirmed, as most people expected, but still the names have not been revealed. Even at AEK only a few people (Notias, maybe Thanopoulos) know who they are.

It is known though that they are quite wealthy and that a few of them are AEK supporters. A few of them are also just football fans, while there are also some who care little for the sport. have posted an article which mentions some of the details discussed at the conference. That can be found here.

Whether this money will be used for a few transfers or only to stabilize the team financially I hope (and Im sure most AEK fans wish for the same) that it is used wisely, and that we see the club benefit from it. We have seen corruption at our club before, we have seen millions or euros and dollars dissapear and sometimes end up in the pockets of certain people. We have seen and suffered enough and hopefully this time around things will be done right, and we will see an AEK which will finally be able to compete, at least to a certain degree, with Pao and Oly. Unfortunately, the way things are now, money is needed if a club is to be succesful. Other factors help incredibly, such as fan support, and proper management, but without sufficient funds, clubs can only go so high.

Time for some other news. Another draw for AEK at its pre-season friendlies. We drew with a Turkish club, 2-2, after someone scored both goals. Take a guess. Blanco? No. Scocco?. Again, no. It was Kafes who ended up scoring both our goals.

Sure it was only a friendly, but now Im starting to get a little worried. I mean, friendly or not we should be beating clubs like this, and confortably. We beat this same club 5-0 last summer. We still have a little under a month until our first Europa League game but still, we need results now, we confidence in the players and fans from an early point if we are to have a succesful season.

We play another friendly tonight. Hopefully Bajevic would have noticed some mistakes from the last game and would have corrected them in time for this one. The team will be leaving Austria soon and this will be our last friendly before we play Boca Juniors (!) at OAKA on August 8th.

The clash between AEK and Olympiakos has been given the green light from various television chanels (Nova, ERT) to move the match to a different date (I believe a week later) due to conflicts with the game being to close to Europa League and Champions League games. All teams will play their matches on the new dates as well.

AEK News (Alot of it)

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So, AEK has been on the news all day, and everyday, for the past few days. The reason why? It looks like two Cypriot investors (the identities have not yet been revealed) are going to invest a large sum of money. I can’t remember the exact details but I believe one of the Cypriot investors will be investing seven million euros, another will invest two million, and the shareholders already with AEK will add another six million, meaning that overall, fifteen million euros will be invested into the team. Of course, this could all change, but as of right now thats how things look. It has also been confirmed on AEK’s site, but only in Greek.

That is definately good news, seeing as financial stability is something we haven’t seen at our beloved team in many years. What will be done with this money has not been confirmed. It could go to stabilize the team’s finances, or perhaps some of it could go towards a singing or two. We’ll have to wait for more news. A number of possibilites as to who the investors could be but some have denied it already. We should learn more soon.

Another important bit of news is, LEONARDO WILL SIGN! Even though we thought a few days ago that everything was done for now with Leonardo it turns out he will sign afterall. Perhpas the president of Levadeiakos realized that they would get nothing for him in January so they might as well sell him now. Good news, especially since we dont have to worry as much about money for the time being.

In other news, AEK drew their first friendly with Cluj, 1-1. AEK’s goal came from Blanco, after a quick free kick was taken by Scocco. The team looked alright, but more friendlys will be required before we can begin to make judgments on how the team looks. All I hope for is that we are prepared for Europa League, which I think we could do quite well in. Seeing as Bejevic has plenty of European experiecompared to Donis), Im sure if the team is ready than we could be a strong team in the tournament.

Some news to report about Olympiakos. Derbyshire will be out for a while due to an injury, and he probably wont be ready for the match against AEK. Great news for us, horrible for them, seeing as he has been theyre best striker lately. Afterall, Diogo hasn’t scored a goal for months, and has not been looking in form. Another critical injury to report for Olympiakos is that Torosodis will be out for six months (and other sources are saying he will be out for only a month). Again, good news for us, not for them, if he is actually out for the the game against us.

Since Seitaridis never replied to AEK we are now looking at Paulo Ferrari, a defender who currently plays for River Plate. Seeing as we could probably afford him now, this could be a good move. Afterall, we do need to strengthen our defense.

AEK News

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Well, it looks like everything is over with Leonardo for at least six months. Levadeiakos have said that he is an important member of the team (well that was kind of obvious) and AEK have released an official announcement on their site (although its in Greek) confirming that we have stopped trying to sign him. They thanked him for showing interest in the team though. Article with more details here.

Its unfortunate that we did not manage to sign him. The young Brazilian has shown alot of talent these past two years and he could of been with us right now had we not released him a few years back when he was part of AEK. Oh well, we can wait until winter and hope to sign him then, when he will be a free agent, assuming he doesn’t get picked up by anyone else. He does afterall deserve to play at a bigger club.

In other AEK news, our friendly today was cancelled due to rain. It was also extremely cold in Austria today (five degrees celsius!). At least this will help toughen our players up a bit.

There has been alot of mention of both Gonzales and Seitaridis. Its begining to look like we might be close to signing the latter. Whether this will be a good move or not, only time will tell. He hasn’t had much playing time yet, has been affected by injury, and has been known to not be a very disiplinned player. Assuming he respects Bajevic, regains some fitness, and has recovered completely from his injury then I could see this being a great transfer. Otherwise, I think we should stay away and save the money.

Sneak Preview Of New Look Aek

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Dusan Bajevic gave his first indications of what AEK’S starting could be at the clubs pre-season training in Austria.Prefering a 4-2-3-1 formation,Saja
Mackos Kafes
Djebouur Scocco Iordache
Of course this was only 4 a training game amongst”each other” but early indications none the less.From the training ground the talk is Iordache is braining them with his ball controll and speed,Yiahayia,a free transfer from 2nd division Karditsa(coached by ex AEK fullback Karayiannis) was the mvp of the game,ironically playing for our “2nd’s”.Still waiting on wether Seitaridis will join us,apparently the Aek offer is the best he has so fingers crossed,as well the ongoing drama with Leonardo,attacking midfielder frrom Levadiakos,who looks set to sign any day now.

AEK’s New Jersey for 2009-2010

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Sorry for posting this a little late but pics of our new shirts for next year are now out. Once again, we are with Puma and it is a Puma template which will also be used by team such as Lazio and others.

This link has some picture.

Its an interesting design, although not “too” creative. I guess a little more imaginative than last years design. Im sure everyone will get used to it by the second week of matches.

Our first opponent for the new season is……

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Yep, you guessed it, another derby on the first matchday of the season. And AEK will once again be one of the teams playing in the derby, just like last year. And who will our opponent be? Yep, its Olympiakos!

The game is still a while away but Im sure the likes of Bajevic, Blanco, Scocco, and Kyrgiakos are waiting for their revenge after our unfortunate loss in the Greek Cup Final of 2009. This should be an exciting game, as this fixture always proves to be.

The schedule for next season is up on Superleague Greece’s site. Our first fifteen games are as follows:

Match Round 1 AEK-Olympiakos

Match Round 2 Atromitos-AEK

Match Round 3 AEK-Iraklis

Match Round 4 Pas Giannina-AEK

Match Round 5 AEK-PAO

Match Round 6 Skoda Xanthi-AEK

Match Round 7 AEK-Panthrakikos

Match Round 8 Aris-AEK

Match Round 9 Ergotelis-AEK

Match Round 10 AEK-Larissa

Match Round 11 Kavala-AEK

Match Round 12 AEK-PAOK

Match Round 13 Panionios-AEK

Match Round 14 AEK-Levadeiakos

Match Round 15 Asteras Tripolis-AEK

The team written first is home, while the team written second is away. The matches for rounds 16-30 are in the same order but the home team will be away and the opposite way around.

All of our first three derbies (Oly,PAO,PAOK) are at home for the first round, so this should benefit us a little.

Link with information and the other first round fixtures here.

The new teams this year are Atromitos, Pas Giannina, and Kavala.

The only dates released so far are that the first games will be played on the 22nd and 23rd of August.

In other AEK news, Leonardo has been saying that he will quite possibly be playing at AEK next season. Lets just wait and hope that this is in fact true.