Giorgos Amerikanos (1942-2013)

Giorgos Amerikanos, a name that will forever be associated with that historic night in ’68 (When AEK became the first Greek team to win a European title by winning the Cup Winners Cup in Basketball), passed away at the age of 71.

Amerikanos is up there with the likes of Kostas Nestoridis, Mimis Pappaioannou, Thomas Mavros, and Loukas Barlos, all people who gave everything they could for AEK (football or basketball). Amerikanos was one of the leading figures on the team that won the Cup Winners Cup, in front of 70,000 supporters. With Amerikanos we also won six championships.

He once said the following about playing for AEK:

“We play for the jersey, do not think we play for economic reasons. But you know what? Even if we had only the jersey to play for, we would still play”.

The video below is a recording of the last 15 minutes (of a radio broadcast) from that amazing night in ’68. The last minute and a half is incredible really, I could not imagine how amazing it would have been to be an AEK fan listening to that live.


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