Our first opponent for the new season is……

Yep, you guessed it, another derby on the first matchday of the season. And AEK will once again be one of the teams playing in the derby, just like last year. And who will our opponent be? Yep, its Olympiakos!

The game is still a while away but Im sure the likes of Bajevic, Blanco, Scocco, and Kyrgiakos are waiting for their revenge after our unfortunate loss in the Greek Cup Final of 2009. This should be an exciting game, as this fixture always proves to be.

The schedule for next season is up on Superleague Greece’s site. Our first fifteen games are as follows:

Match Round 1 AEK-Olympiakos

Match Round 2 Atromitos-AEK

Match Round 3 AEK-Iraklis

Match Round 4 Pas Giannina-AEK

Match Round 5 AEK-PAO

Match Round 6 Skoda Xanthi-AEK

Match Round 7 AEK-Panthrakikos

Match Round 8 Aris-AEK

Match Round 9 Ergotelis-AEK

Match Round 10 AEK-Larissa

Match Round 11 Kavala-AEK

Match Round 12 AEK-PAOK

Match Round 13 Panionios-AEK

Match Round 14 AEK-Levadeiakos

Match Round 15 Asteras Tripolis-AEK

The team written first is home, while the team written second is away. The matches for rounds 16-30 are in the same order but the home team will be away and the opposite way around.

All of our first three derbies (Oly,PAO,PAOK) are at home for the first round, so this should benefit us a little.

Link with information and the other first round fixtures here.

The new teams this year are Atromitos, Pas Giannina, and Kavala.

The only dates released so far are that the first games will be played on the 22nd and 23rd of August.

In other AEK news, Leonardo has been saying that he will quite possibly be playing at AEK next season. Lets just wait and hope that this is in fact true.


9 Responses to “Our first opponent for the new season is……”

  1. aek21ali Says:

    i would love to see gay gavroi getting raped early in the season!!

  2. aekman74 Says:

    Bring it on,can’t wait.In an interview on the AEK website,Ismael Blanco says that he hated the way Nikopolides celebrated in front of our fans when scoring the winning penalty in this years cup final.He sounds”fired up”allready.Early prediction,3-0,Ismael 2 goals and new signing,Romanian Iordache to score the other(could be the buy of the season)

  3. alexaek Says:

    Yeah, it should be good guys!

    Can’t wait to see Dusko prove the league wrong. Hes already saying that anyone who is writing us off is wrong, but its good if they think that! I hope its true.

    3-0 sounds good, but I say why stop there! Kidding, but either way, I hope we humiliate Nikopolidis again.

  4. alexaek Says:

    Also, Galletti is apparently suspended for this one! Huge advantage!

  5. Dikefale21 Says:

    Also is Avraam Papadopoulos 🙂

  6. Hate to spoil the party, but the games that seperate the men from the boys are usually in the second half of the season. The part of the seasom we only play away derbies. Fingers crossed for real AEK men…

  7. alexaek Says:

    Thats true without a doubt but it will definately be a huge confidence booster for both the fans and the team if we can get a convincing win at this match.

    Right now, I feel AEK have the upper hand. Key players for Oly such as Galletti who is suspended and Djordjevic, who has retired, will not be playing. Along with this we have a coach who is already used to many members of the team while Oly will be playing with a new coach who will still need time to know his players abilities.

    Bearing these advantages in mind, I think it will also help to have the fan support for this game, where we can have the upper hand play an even more significant role.

    Sure Oly will probably have made some good transfers by the time the game comes, but these advantages help any team. If we can use these advantages to our benefit then I think we have a good chance to get all three points and I think thats really important, to start strong, have confidence high, and then continue strong.

    If we start with all the derbies away we will most likely get fewer points, leading to fewer points come the second half of the season, less fan support when we have the derbies at home, morale and confidence will be low.

    Bearing the current circumstances (lets face it, AEK will not be singing any players like Cisse and time soon) its advantages like the ones mentioned above that can help make the difference, however small or large it may be.

    Having pretty much all away derbies in the second half of the season is something Im not too happy about though, but there is not much we can do about that (it is afterall, supposed to be the luck of the draw).

  8. That is a hell of a way to start the season. Good Luck!

  9. alexaek Says:

    Certainly right about that. Should be huge.

    Thanks for the “Good Luck”, its something we could really use against this team. No matter how well we play against Oly we always seem to loose out. We beat them 4-0 yet still loose the championship to them by two points.

    We go up 2-0 8 minutes in at the Cup Final and we somehow manage to loose it in Penalties!

    Hopefully we will start this season with a good victory against our fiercest rivals.

    By the way, there has been some discussion going on about that date of the match. The dates clash with AEK’s Europa League qualifier and Oly’s CL qualifiers, so it might have to be later than planned, since UEFA does not allow matches to be played three days within each other.

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