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This is it!

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After our 2-0* win against PAOK earlier in the week (it feels like ages since we beat them), its come down to a match-up between PAO and AEK to  decide who will be Greece’s second team to attempt to make their mark in the Champions League. Thanks to Chelsea’s win against Bayern in the final today, whichever team goes on to win the playoffs will be placed in the stronger group for qualifying matches and will play against lower seeded teams (definitely good news!).

I really think we have a chance of getting the win tomorrow, though it will not be easy (it never is really). PAO will want this just as much as us, and their supporters will be there. Not sure what to expect for this one, but Im sure we’ll be going all out, its do or die now, nothing but a win will be good enough and we have nothing to lose. PAO, on the other hand, might very well be playing for the draw (we’ve seen them do this in the past), so lets see what happens.

*Libe and Leo were our goal scorers for the match. This was Libe’s last home game for us, sadly, and Dellas’ as well.

Two legendary players for AEK (and Greece). Respected the shirt, always gave the most they could, rarely, if ever, caused any trouble. Players that AEK and Greek football will miss. Players that we dont see as often these days, yet players that our league so desperately needs.

And as much as I love Dellas, I will miss Libe more than I’ll ever miss another AEK player. He’s been with AEK through the good and bad times, never complained, always accepted lower wages, always gave all he had to offer on the pitch. Even at 36 years old this season, he was still scoring goals (and some beautiful ones indeed). Its not often that you find a player who is so respected by AEK and PAO fans, and I certainly wont be surprised to see a standing ovation by the PAO supporters tomorrow. And I also wont be surprised to see Libe score a goal or two tomorrow as well!


Atromitos 1-0 AEK

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Again wasn’t able to watch this one so I dont know how we played, though I was kind of expecting a result like this. Not sure why, but I never feel comfortable when we play in Peristeri.

Not a good result for sure, but things are far from over. And as long as we win our next two games (home against PAOK and away to Panathinaikos… we can do it… right?), then we still clinch first and get the chance to qualify for CL. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Considering how poor Panathinaikos have been lately, I think we have a decent chance of getting three points, even away. The home match to PAOK is what worries me more, we havent had as much luck against them as we used to.

AEK 3-2 Atromitos

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LIBE! What else can I say? The guy is a legend, 36 and still scoring goals (beautiful ones too).

Didnt watch the match. I heard the first half wasnt our greatest but things picked up later on. Not sure how specific players played but we scored some nice goals today and grabbed some critical points.

PAOK beat Panathinaikos today which puts us one point behind first with three games left. Can we finish top? Too early to tell but its definitely possible. Away to Atromitos could be tricky, but with PAOK at home and a very mediocre Panathinaikos away, there is definitely plenty of potential for us to pick up points.