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AEK 0-1 Levadeiakos

Posted in AEK, AEK Athens FC with tags , , on November 24, 2012 by alexaek

Soooo, I was hoping for a better result so we could build some momentum from our 4-0 win last weekend, and unfortunately that didn’t happen… Sounds like it was a similar story to what we had seen the few weeks leading up to the Oly game, good performance from our guys for a while, but we couldn’t keep it going, and one slip up by the keeper let Levadeiakos score the only goal they needed for the 3 points…
Didn’t get to see the game again, feel free to comment if you did though.


Veroia 0-4 AEK!

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Beautiful isn’t it? Like my father told me today, before this game we only scored 4 goals all season, now we just scored 4 in one game. Away. With some great goals. And some great support from our supporters that traveled north. Just like the good old days!

For once I wasnt working during the match. Didnt manage to catch a live stream but I did hear some radio commentary at times, and it sounded like we definitely had some chances for a couple more goals.

You can catch some highlights, including the goals, at this link.

Great stuff, and I really must say I’ve been very impressed by Linen so far. To be able to bounce back after a 4-0 loss and win 4-0, the first time AEK has scored 4 goals away since last year? Not an easy thing to do with AEK in this league. And I can’t imagine what Linen could do with some solid financial backing and a few good signings.

We’re still at the bottom of the table, but we only need three points to get out of the relegation zone, and like I mentioned last week, its fairly smooth sailing from now on. Hopefully with some momentum from the win we can start getting some more results like today.

Another Derby Ruined…

Posted in AEK with tags , , , on November 12, 2012 by alexaek

Yep, surprise surprise… Another derby ruined by refs added to the list which seems to be getting longer and longer…


Sure, we ended up losing 0-4 at home, and sure, with such an inexperienced team in such a high profile match, I guess we couldn’t have expected much. But for once, can we as fans of AEK and fans of the sport just see a derby played by the teams without controversial calls? Can we not just see a game where the winner is the better team and nothing more? Will that every happen in this country..?

We all know that that wont in fact happen, not for a while… But its a shame to see poor officiating ruin so many matches every weekend like this. Football is such a beautiful sport, where every team has just as good a chance before the game as any other, when they’re allowed to play their game. Just look at Greece in 2004.

Once again, I didn’t see the match over the weekend, but it sounds like we had a few calls that didn’t go our way, and even most neutral observers we’re commenting on the terrible job the ref did. I dont know, I havent managed to catch a replay yet. And I won’t even comment on whether I believe it was fixed or not… who know. What I know though is that you can’t expect AEK to have a chance at winning when they have to play with 10 players for 60 minutes and have the first goal scored against scored from a penalty.

Going by what Linen and other fans have said, it sounds like we played quite well. And even if we couldn’t keep up, it sounds like the boys at least gave the game all they could. Its just too bad that with this game, like so many others this season, we didn’t see any reward at all for the effort they put in.

But, either way, the worst is over. PAO and Oly games out of the way, “easier” teams from now on for a little while, hopefully we can start grabbing some points.