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AEK-Kavala Live

Posted in AEK, AEK Athens FC, AEK Players, Greek Cup, Greek Football with tags , , , , , , , on December 20, 2012 by alexaek

Been a while since I posted, but Ive finally finished my exams so I have some time and follow a game from start to finish. Can’t find any TV links right now, looks like radio is all I got, but it’ll do.

So, there have been a few games since my last post. Unfortunately we lost 1-0 to Panthrakikos in the league, I was expecting a better result than that, and it would’ve really helped us in terms of getting out of the relegation zone. Our next league game was a 1-1 draw in Athens against Atromitos, and thankfully we managed to at least get a point. With the first half of the season over, we’re tied with Kerkyra for last place, but its still far from over. Only five points separate us and us and 10th place, so with a bit of luck we can definitely finish the season well above relegation.

We’ve also had a cup game played since my last point, a 0-0 draw against Kavala. Right as I speak the second leg is taking place, this time in Athens. Still 0-0, though were only 20 minutes or so in. Sounds like we’ve had a couple decent chances so hopefully we can get past this (won’t really matter much though, we play Oly next if we advance… and they got pushed a fair bit in their cup game yesterday so I doubt things will be different if we face them).

We’ve also made a couple signings this past week (surprisingly). We managed to get Pavlos Mitropoulos on loan (I believe?) from Panetolikos, as well as Petropoulos from PAO (not gonna lie, Im quite excited about this singing). I can’t comment much on the Mitropoulos move, but Im quite happy about signing Petrogol until 2014. He’s a good player, someone who can definitely add quite a bit to our attack. It would be interesting to see him up front with Pavlis.

GAME UPDATE: Sounds like Kavala just missed a pretty good chance.

EDIT: Managed to find a link for the match. Not working so well for me but I guess its better than nothing.


AEK 2-1 Pas Gianenna

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Another three points, AND we’re no longer last in the league! Kind of disappointing that it took so long to get off the bottom of the tables, but it is what it is. Hopefully we keep climbing up now.

From what I heard, it wasn’t our best game. Sounds like some players played alright, sounds like some others weren’t too impressive. But as Linen said, it’s the three points that counts at the moment.

Hopefully some others who watched or listened to the match could comment more specifically about how we played. Thankfully, I should be able to watch the next two matches (the final two before Christmas).