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AEK 3-0 Panthrakikos

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Such a disappointing finish to a game which started so well. I have no complaints about the score, of course, but when you score three goals within the first twenty minutes I can’t help but build up a sense of expectation. I wasn’t surprised to see the first half end at 3-0, but I was certainly expecting another goal at least.

To be fair to the players though, it wasn’t exactly their fault. The fact that we had two injuries and were forced to make two substitutions very early in the game affected our rhythm from what I read and that’s definitely understandable. We also have to keep in mind the fact that the weather in Athens was dreadful today (cold and wet) as well as knowing that the team probably so no reason in wearing themselves out when we have some important playoff games to get ready for.

MVP of the match I believe was Buonanotte and I can’t help but be happy for him. He’s been given very few chances this season, and he’s hardly ever started a match. Despite this, he always manages to give Poyet a reason or two to trust that he can contribute when we need him. His goal so early on showed exactly the kind of ball movement we need in front of the goal. We have players who can hold on to the ball well in the centre of the pitch and players who can play well down the wings, but very few of our players can draw out defenders while working the ball into the 18 yard box the way Buonanotte can.

Aside from Buonanotte, another player well worth mentioning from today was Mantalos. As is often the case, he showed yet again how desperately we miss his presence when hes not playing. The way he can so confidently keep the ball at his feet until the right moment to make a pass is a huge factor in so many of our plays and when hes in form, he is easily our main player in attack.

The two injuries we picked up today were pretty unfortunate, especially for Soiledis since he had a great start to the game. Aside from Soiledis, Kolovetsios was also injured early on but thankfully for us, both Cordero and Buonanotte managed to play the whole game without injuring themselves.

Today’s win puts eight points ahead of PAO and a comfortable thirteen points ahead of fifth placed Panionios. What this means for us is that if the playoffs were to start today, we would start with three points, Panathinaikos with one, and both PAOK and Panionios with none. At this point I really can’t see us dropping many points and I’m pretty confident we’ll be starting the playoffs with three points. Considering we might have to have our fans banned from some of the home games during the playoffs, any point advantage we can get could potentially go a long way.

Highlights as usual at the NovaSport page below:


Panthrakikos 1-2 AEK

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A lucky win for us today considering we were outplayed by Panthrakikos for much of the match. A valuable three points away from home, but I’m really hoping we’ll start seeing more convincing performances from our team in the next few matches.

Overall we were lacking in every position today except for maybe goalkeeping. Baroja was solid aside from a few moments where he let the ball slip away from him. Other than that, he made some fine saves and was not at fault at all for the goal after it took a nasty last minute deflection.

Defensively we were okay, though at times we gave Panthrakikos far too much time on the ball in front of our net. It seemed like Poyet had told us to defend deep and soak up the pressure and for the most part it worked. Panthrakikos were forced to play the ball outside our box and could rarely make it in, but they weren’t afraid to take shots and it was only a matter of time before one went in. I don’t mind us playing a deep defensive line since we seemed to handle it decently, but I would like to have seen more pressure on the player with the ball. Rarely was any defensive pressure applied until a Panthrakikos player was in our box, but it would not have hurt to have pressured them a bit further out. If we had been playing a stronger team, giving that much space to their attackers would not have ended so well for us and I’m really hoping its not how we’ll be defending from now on.

Midfield was uninspiring today. I remember the last few games with Dellas before the Olympiakos derby, we had been playing such wonderful football in the middle of the pitch. Lots of one time passes, well placed balls, the players seemed to always know where their teammates were. Today, it seemed like all of that had disappeared. Instead, we looked lost and confused in the middle and were only able to make predictable plays down the wings, plays that Panthrakikos were able to defend with more and more ease as the game progressed. I know its still early but I have not been terribly impressed with how we’ve been playing under Poyet. Maybe he still needs time to work out how to use the players he has, and I have no problem giving him some time, but we really need to start playing better, and soon. I don’t say this for my sake alone so that I can enjoy how we play more, but for the fact we will have a really hard time scoring if we continue to play in such a dull and predictable way.

Offensively, I’m not quite sure what to say, partly because I was never quite sure who was playing offense today. Aravidis was hardly present at times and dropped back into the midfield while Buonnanotte would often be the one playing in the box. Other times, it would seem as though no one player wanted to venture too far forward. I can’t help but get the feeling that Poyet is still working on positions and that neither he nor the players really know what his plan is.

Highlights for the match can be found here:


Time for some basketball updates now. There have been two games since my last post regarding the basketball team, and both were fantastic wins for us. The first was our 78-82 away win against Krazny. The win was our fourth in a row for the Eurocup, putting us in second place in our group with 4 wins and 2 losses. We are now in a great position to challenge for first in the group, or at least secure our place in the next round, with a win against Galatasaray on Wednesday. Galatasaray currently have 5 wins and 1 loss so a win for us would even the record and almost guarantee we progress to the next stage.

To make this week even better for our basketball team, we won our seventh league game in a row on saturday, a very convincing 54-78 away win against Kifissia. This win means we continue our perfect record for this season and gives us a good chance of cementing our place in the top three if we win at home against Aris this weekend.

On top of the two great wins for us, the week got even better when we announced the singing of DJ Cooper. Cooper, along with Mavrokefalidis, has been one of the best players in the Eurocup this season and already has experience in Greece. He has had a phenomenal season and the fact that we’ll have both him and Mavrokefalidis on the team is huge. They are two of the best scorers in the Eurocup this season and his addition to the team will certainly help us against the bigger teams in the league.

Updates – Cup, Friendlies, New Website

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Some updates since my last post:

-We won our second Cup game against Fokikos, this time with a score of 1-0, putting us through to the next round. The first match of the next round, away against Panthrakikos, ended in a 0-0 draw. Our next match is against Iraklis Psachnon on the 28th of October, while the final match of the 2nd round will be at home against Atromitos on the 2nd of December. I’m not particularly worried about the match against Iraklis Paschnon, though the match against Atromitos will certainly be a challenge. Thankfully it will be played at home, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Something to note about the cup this year is that there is now a group stage at the second leg, which is why we’re playing three teams, and only one game against each. We currently sit at second with one point, behind Atromitos who have three points. I’m not actually sure yet if its only the top team who advance or the top two. I believe its most likely the top two teams who advance, which should give us a pretty good chance of progressing.

-We have one more friendly coming up against Pierikos, our last friendly before the start of the league. This match will be on the 7th of October, while our first league match will be on the 12th of October, against Panaigialeios.

-We have a new website, and I must say its quite nice. I particularly like the new calendar, which can be found here:
There is no english version of the site yet, though it is apparently coming.

AEK-Kavala Live

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Been a while since I posted, but Ive finally finished my exams so I have some time and follow a game from start to finish. Can’t find any TV links right now, looks like radio is all I got, but it’ll do.

So, there have been a few games since my last post. Unfortunately we lost 1-0 to Panthrakikos in the league, I was expecting a better result than that, and it would’ve really helped us in terms of getting out of the relegation zone. Our next league game was a 1-1 draw in Athens against Atromitos, and thankfully we managed to at least get a point. With the first half of the season over, we’re tied with Kerkyra for last place, but its still far from over. Only five points separate us and us and 10th place, so with a bit of luck we can definitely finish the season well above relegation.

We’ve also had a cup game played since my last point, a 0-0 draw against Kavala. Right as I speak the second leg is taking place, this time in Athens. Still 0-0, though were only 20 minutes or so in. Sounds like we’ve had a couple decent chances so hopefully we can get past this (won’t really matter much though, we play Oly next if we advance… and they got pushed a fair bit in their cup game yesterday so I doubt things will be different if we face them).

We’ve also made a couple signings this past week (surprisingly). We managed to get Pavlos Mitropoulos on loan (I believe?) from Panetolikos, as well as Petropoulos from PAO (not gonna lie, Im quite excited about this singing). I can’t comment much on the Mitropoulos move, but Im quite happy about signing Petrogol until 2014. He’s a good player, someone who can definitely add quite a bit to our attack. It would be interesting to see him up front with Pavlis.

GAME UPDATE: Sounds like Kavala just missed a pretty good chance.

EDIT: Managed to find a link for the match. Not working so well for me but I guess its better than nothing.

Panthrakikos 1-5 AEK!

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If you remember from past year’s, we’ve never been extremely impressive in the cup. Narrow wins against teams like Xanthi, Panserraikos, and even smaller clubs had over time become the norm for us (aside from that eventful cup final two years ago).

Well, all that changed today! To be honest, after hearing Panthrakikos go up 1-0 I thought we were gonna be in for another long match. Never for a second did I think we would lose this match, but I never imagined the turnaround that eventually happened. Ismael Blanco (it’s been a while since we’ve seen him on the scoresheet) scored his first goal, and one which surprisingly wasn’t fed to him but actually required some footwork. Good, 1-1, still plenty of time left. Next, we get a penalty, one which Blanco converts with ease. 2-1 up, but still plenty of time left. I was thinking to myself at this point all we need is one more goal and we’re good.

Seems as though Blanco and co had other plans. Zorro (he’s back!) scored his third of the night, an easy one set up perfectly by Roger (who, from what I heard had yet another fantastic performance!). Then, Karabelas of all people scores to make it 4-1. Somewhere in between the third and fifth goal we hit a post with Leonardo and narrowly missed on more than one occasion, but Leonardo finally got one in, another perfectly set up goal, this time with the assist coming from Rafik Djebbour. That’s three goals coming from assists placed at the scorer’s feet. Something tells me this team is working on efficiency up front with the ball movement, assists, and positioning all very well done.


5-1, a score to thrill every already delighted AEK fan, despite the rain and cold up north. Bearing in mind that Panthrakikos’ goal was scored from a penalty (and ignoring the stumble in Belgium), that’s 10 goals scored in Greece (two league and one cup game) in three games! Guys, I think AEK is back!

Also, considering Blanco’s hat trick today and Roger’s great performances lately, I can’t help but feel we have a team in a great position. We have three great strikers (assuming Blanco keeps this up) and chances are at one given moment at least one of them will be on a patch of good form. In addition, with Roger performing so well, we are set in attacking mid (that is, if we can hold on to Scocco), and with Diop and Makos’ solid performances the past two or three games, our defensive mid is also set. Now, hopefully we can deal with injuries, though Manolo seems like the kind of guy that can almost always work out a solution with what he has.

Enjoy the goals below. Too bad I can’t find a more in depth highlights vid, because it seems we played some nice football up front at times at a few of those goals.

Great job to the supporters who were there and vocal despite the weather, and great job (though to be honest, I think that’s a bit of an understatement) to Manolo! He’s turned around this team incredibly, got players playing some great football, players who are happy to be training and playing and, most important of all, is getting results. Sure, you may stumble against Anderlecht, especially when it’s your first European game with a new team, but against Panthrakikos, these are games where you can really establish who’s boss in Greece and AEK certainly did that today.



Familiar opponent for AEK in the Greek Cup

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So, our first opponent, who we will face this Thursday at 4:00 Greek time will be Panthrakikos. We’ve never faced them in the Cup however we have come across them on more than one occasion these past two seasons. The match will be played away however, considering our current form (Anderlecht game excluded) I think we will be more successful this time around than last season (when we were knocked out by Thrasivolous).

I don’t know if Scocco will be ready for this one, I actually haven’t kept on top of the news regarding injuries to be honest, however, after seeing Roger’s performance I think we can all take a sigh of relief knowing that we now have someone else who can be just as effective in the midfield. However, I do think Panthrakikos will put up more of a fight than PAO over the weekend. How effective they will be is another issue, but I don’t see them sitting back on this one.

Two New Greeks in AEK!

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Two new Greek players have just signed for AEK, a defender and a midfielder coming fro Panthrakikos for a fee of 450,000 Euros. Anestis Argyriou recently had a trial with Blackburn and is considered a young talent in the country. Definately a good move by management, and a pleasant surprise. I honestly don’t know much about Spyros Matentzidis but he apparently played well when AEK played Panthrax and should be a good addition to the team as well.

Nice to see management picking up some good Greek talent, and early! They’ll have plenty of time to practice and and get used to things with the team. I’m very happy with this deal, hopefully we’ll see them in action as soon as the summer training camps and friendlies start.