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AEK 1 Glasgow Rangers 0…..and take out the Festival Of Football Tournament….

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Our beloved team showed once again,for a third time in Australia,that the fans have alot to be exciited about for the upcoming season.Facing the Champions of Scotland on the last day of a great week of football,mostly played by AEK,Bajevic began with Saja in goal,Jahic at right back,Karabelas left,Manolas and Dellas central.Kafes was rested so Makos and Gentsoglou were the holding midfielders,Leonardo and Scocco played wide and kept changing sides all night.Up front Blanco on his own with Libe tucked in just behind.
The 1st half was pretty non eventful for Aek,Libe had a shot well saved,a couple of half sort of chances,if that.The boys seemed tired after a long week of jet lag,training hard,official functions and throw in 3 games.However,our passing and movement off the ball meant we controlled the game,even if the ball in the final third often went astray.Rangers themselves did create some chances,mainly with set pieces,as the marshalling of Dellas at the back,meant they couldnt create much on the ground and had to really on long balls into the area.
The second half was pretty much going the same way until Bajevic introduced Burns for Blanco,who had a quiet match,and Eder,with the Enosis starting to look more dangerous.We were having a good little 5 min spell with plenty of pressure on the Rangers defense,when Leonardo released Karabelas down the left,his pinpoint cross found an unmarked Burns and his sweetly timed header found the back of the net.The boys from Original Sydney and Melbourne,went crazy and even though we were outnumbered by Rangers fans easily,we were much louder and constant throughout the game,and realising we might not see AEK again for a while,everyone in our section gave their heart and soul for the team,especially the last 10 min,which i know from speaking with many of them,that they appreciated.
The game finished and AEK won it’s first trophy for the season.I’m optimistic because ive seen first hand the football the boys are playing and the desire in the jersey.Everyone is playing well and onve Papa Boupa and Djebbour catch up to speed,we’ll be almost unstoppable.Thank you AEK for an amazing week,one which us stin XENITIA,will never forget.Some more photo’s,hope you enjoy………….


AEK FC 2 v Blackburn Rovers 1,More pics from a great night in the rain………

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AEK Dance In The Rain in Sydney………………………….

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AEK’s domination of the innaugural Festival Of Football tournament,continued on Wednesday night at the Sydney Football Stadium against Premier Legue Blackburn,winning 2-1,and just about wrapping up the major prize.The match was played in relentless rain,which did not stop all day,however the playing surface held up extremelly well,allowing for AEK to totally dominate Blackburn,for long periods,with our crisp,sharp,passing and moving off the ball,which has had the Australian Press calling AEK the best team here by far.
About 70 Original 21 Melbourne and Sydney supporters braved the conditions and did not stop singing and dancing throughout.A real party atmosphere provided for the Enosis.
Bajevic made afew changes to the team that easily accounted for Sydney FC 3 days earlier.Saja went in goals,Georgeas for Jahic at right back,Manolas(who i met earlier in the day,great kid) was rested for Dellas,Makos came in for Gentzoglou and Burns for Blanco,playing the lone striker role,with Libe just behind.Basically a 4-2-3-1,favoured by most teams it seems like these days.To emphasize AEK’s dominance in the match,after 35 min we enjoyed 65 % possesion,resorting Blackburn to a physical game,they came off second best.The team is playing extremelly well,quick passing forward of the ball to feet,plenty of width and movement,structure,work(never seen Scocco run so much) and a real understanding of each other.The 1st goal after 20 min showed this.We won the ball just outside our penalty area,and with a beautiful little triangle involving Leonardo and Kafes,the ball was played to Burns,who made a great run to the edge of the area,stopped and played a trailling Kafes who then cheekily backheeled to Libe,1 touch square to Scocco who turned inside his defender and scored with his shot.Beautiful,magic even!!!
We did not have to wait long to celebrate another goal when 4 minutes later,we had a throw in near the Blackburn box,Burns found Leonardo,who with an early low delivery into the area caught their defence napping,but LIBE was wide awake,and with a first time shot,hit sweetly,found the net.2 Nil and the singing from the originals got louder,if that was possible.
The rest of the 1st half was all AEK,not so much with chances as we didn’t need to create,but with possesion and general domination of a team which costs four times more than the AEK.
The second half was not much different,i can remember Burns having a golden chance wasted before being replaced by Eder.
All i all a great display by the team so early on in the season,in terrible conditions.Standouts for me once again were Libe,Scocco,Kafes with Burns Makos,Georgeas,Majstorovic having strong games.In fact everyone played well,two games now and all players it seems are finally playing for the cause.
Here’s some pics from the last two games and training sessions…….

AEK 5 Sydney 3

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Well, AEKMAN posted a thorough review of the match below, one which was certainly helpful for me as I unfortunately missed it. However, for anyone that missed it or would simply like to watch it again, there is good news. It can be watched here, at this link:

Also, an unrelated notice from AEKBaltimore, aimed at anyone ordering the kit. He suggests that everyobody that orders the kit online orders a size (or two) larger than they would normally wear. I have heard this from many people and would highly recommend considering it if you plan on ordering the kit.

AEK 5 SYDNEY FC 3……………………….

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What a fantastic start to the Festival Of Football Tournament.AEK and Sydney Fc kicked off proceedings at 12:45 pm and considering the team arrived on Thursday night 8 pm and had less than 48 hrs to prepare in the local conditions with a light training run,(attended by about 300 AEK fans from Sydney and about 100 ORIGINALS mostly from Melbourne with a mixture of locals),the boys put in an awesome display.
Bajevic started the game with Arambatzis between the sticks.At right fullback Jahic,Left fullback Lagos.The central defensive patnership cosisted of Majstorovic and Manolas.Scocco started on the left of midfield,Leonardo on the right with Kafes and Gentzoglou literally running the show,in the middle of the park.Up front Blanco was partnered by Liberopoulos and it was like the old combination had never played apart.
The game itself started with Sydney winning the early challenges and generally being on top.That lasted for about 15 mins in which after our players superior technical skill and understanding of the game started to shine.Kafes was really starting to pull the strings and Liberopoulos got into the game when a few half chances fell our way.On 30 min a throw was delightfully laid off by Libe into the path of Leonardo who drove into the penalty area untouched and finshed brilliantly from 9 yds out.The goal sent the 100 plus Originals into delirium with about 1000 other aek fans scattered throught the stadium.
2 min later,a Sydney cross into the area was handelled by Kafes.Penalty and 1-1.Not long after Kafes made up for his error when a flick on from a Scocco corner was met at the far post by Blanco who couldn’t miss from 2 yards out.Half time,AEK 2-1 and time for a ciggarette.
Barely had we sat down for the 2nd half when Arambatzis made one of those errors keepers cant get away with if they get it wrong.A back pass should have been cleared but he took 1 touch too many,slipped and gifted Sydney their second goal,2-2.
After a few sharp words from Bajevic on the sidelines,the boys picked up a couple of gears.Leonardo missed a 1-on-1,then Libe scored when he turned his defender inside out then hit the top corner with a left foot curler.AEK were piling on all the pressure now,Burns came on for Blanco to the delight of the whole crowd,and immediately had a chance flagged offside,but he looked sharp in his 25 min.Scocco,who was having a good game and if it wasnt for the overly watered pitch,would have mesmerised them more often,scored when he seized on a backpass and wrong footed their keeper 4-2.Kafes completed the scoring when a similar chance from Libe’s goal was parried by the keeper and Kafes finished from close range.Sydney got a consolation goal at the end and it finished 5-3.Everyone played well,there wasn’t a bad player out there today,good to see Dellas back,he replaced Manolas with 10 min to go and Eder ,our new sighning shows plenty of promise.
In the later game,Glasgow Rangers beat Blackburn Rovers 2-1,the table is as follows after 1 game each.AEK 8 PTS,Rangers 5pts,Sydney 3pts,Rovers 2 points.The sysytem is 3 points for a win,1 for draw and a point for every goal scored,so AEK’S goal fest today holds ythem in good stead.
P.S. AEK must scoring goals in sydney,the last time they played here in 1979 was a 5-5 draw.Lets hope we can get another 5 against Blackburn Rovers on Wednesday night.
P.P.S. Was able to get some great photos at AEK’S training session on Sat night,will post soon!

Sydney Airport Erupts……and first training session.

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AEK arrived in Sydney at 8pm local time.By the time the players had cleared customs it was another hour.About 200 AEK fans were on hand to greet the team,the Original boys from Melbourne joined their Sydney brothers and with others coming from all over Australia.The players looked very tired after their 20 hour flight but with the singing from the fans,the boys were made to feel very welcome.There were afew barbs thrown at Bajevic who shrugged them off,although the team did look a little perplexed.The team travelled to Belmore Sports Ground to train Saturday afternoon and once again plenty of local Originals were on hand.The trained for a little over an hour,alot of running and some 7 versus 4 ballwork.Papa Boupa and Djebbour trained with the “reserves”,who trained abit longer than the 1st team still trying “to catch up on their fitness.After training most players gathered to sign autographs and take pictures with the Aussie AEK fans.Interested to see with what starting 11 Bajevic goes with tomorrow,Aek v Sydney fc 12:45 pm kickoff SFS!

More of AEK FC Australian Tour details………….

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Our beloved AEK who we have not seen in Australia for 31 years,will be arriving this Friday 23rd July at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport on a Thai Airways flight at 8pm.We want to see as many fans as possible greet the team,make sure you all wear your colours.Bajevic has named a full stength squad to make the tour.The team will have a training run on Saturday,location and time will be confirmed.There’s talk it will be at Belmore Sports Ground but only rumours still.The game on Sunday,if you have been living on another planet and haven’t heard,is at the Sydney Football Stadium,12:30 pm kickoff,against the reigning A-League champions Sydney Fc.