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aek double up on xanthi

Posted in AEK on February 28, 2009 by aekman74

Following our victory in the cup midweek,aek faced xanthi again 3 days later and although still not playing anywhere their capabilities,managed to squeeze out another win.Edinho made it 1-0 in the 10th min,after a lovely through ball by blanco on the edge of the box.Blanco made it 2-0 in the 50th min,after a defensive clearance by super skipper Kiriakos,caught the xanthi defense asleep leaving Blanco one-on-one with the keeper and he comfortably converted.AEK were deseved winners having 9 shots compared to xanthi’s 2 on goal,and with blanco spurning a massive opportunity after great lead up work by new boy,the Australian,Nathan Burns on debut,the game could have been wrapped up alot earlier.Macho made a rare start in goal but in truth had little to do.Koutromanos impressed once again,as did the defence in general(surely our best part of the game at the moment).The midfield i feel is our problem area with bajevic struggling to find a cohesive combination.Nsalliwa had another fine game with his non stop aggresion and passion and hadji douf ,starting out on the left,showed that he can play at the highest level in greece.Scocco is a worry.I’m positive that he doesn’t realise how good he could be,if he believed in himself more,untapped potential,lets just hope it does not go to waste.Man of the match-Blanco(1 goal,1 assist).


AEK 1-0 Thrasivoulos

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The club from Fylis who came back from a 3-0 defecit to tie AEK 3-3 earlier this season almost got away with a another draw, this time at OAKA. However, youngster Panagiotis Tachtsidis came to the rescue in extra time and salvaged the three points for AEK.

Tachtsidis, who is only 18 (he scored on the eve of his 18th birthday) years of age, scored two goals in the Greek Youth team’s 3-1 victory over Germany earlier this week. His good form continued today after he came on as a substitute for Manduca in the 62nd minute and ended up rescuing AEK.

Overall, it was not AEK’s best game. One major weakpoint of this game was passing. The passes made by AEK players were very easily intercepted by Thrasivoulos players throghout the match, which seemed to be due to the fact that two fo our main midfielders were missing for this game(both Nsaliwa and Kafes were out due to cards). Hopefully this problem will be resolved in time for the Cup game against Xanthi later this week. If not, it will be very hard to create chances for the offence, and we will have to rely on long individual runs or high crosses in order to get the ball into Xanthi’s box. If our passing is as weak as it was yesteray when we face Xanthi, they will certintly take advantage of the loose balls.

Our defence yesterday was generraly reliable and strong, with both Kyrgiakos and Majstorovic doing the best they could in every situtation. However, we were vulnerbale to attacks from the sides. Koutromanos played right back while Georgeas covered laft back (Juanfran was also out for this game) but they could not always control the Thrasivoulos forwards who sometimes managed to get by into the box. Fortunately for AEK, Thrasivoulos rarely managed to create any significant chances.

AEK managed to create some good chances but the forwards never manaaged to capitalize, and this continues to be a problem. AEK fans are a long way from seeing the regular 4-0 games that we saw so often last season. Even with two of the most dangrous strikers in the league up front (Blanco and Djebbour) the chances are constantly being wasted. Even opportunities on open nets last night were thrown away.  Unfortunately for AEK, Edinho had to sit this game out due to cards, so our regular saviour could not save us last night.

I think Bajevic should have considered playing someone like Pavlis or Burns up front from the start rather than Blanco. The Argentinian seemed distracted, as if he could not concentrate on the task at hand. He rarely misses a game so perhaps a day off would do him some good. If not, then I cant see his form improving any time soon. He simply hasnt been in scoring form for the past couple of months.

In the end we got the result we needed and now have to look forward the Xanthi game. The Cup should be our top priority at the moment because there is still a good chance we can go far in it. However, Bajevic will have to focus on some key aspects at the training sessions if we are to advance to the semi-finals and, eventually, the finals.

A report and video can be found here.

More videos can be found here.  The site is in Greek however three videos can be viewed on the right hand side.

No Lequi in the end.

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It turns out that AEK will not be signing Argentinian Matias Lequi in the end after he refused to undergo medical tests and was insulted by the fact that Bajevic requested he train with the club once before anything gets signed.

Oh well, it seems like this is for the better. I dont think this is the kind of attitude AEK needs in its dressing room right now.

Report here.

AEK to sign Matias Lequi?

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Reports are claiming that AEK are close to signing Argentinian left back Matias. The defender, who has in the past played for Atletico Madrid (he was there at the time when Nikolaidis was there as well) as well as Lazio and other teams is currently a free agent. The transfer window for free-agents is to close soon so we should know within the next couple of days if he will join us or not.

Report here.

Larissa 1-1 AEK

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AEK JUST BARELY managed to hold on and salvage a point after playing against a Larissa side which looked to be in good form.

For the first twenty minutes the game was mostly controlled by Larissa, who attacked frequently but rarely manged to make anything of it. Around the 25th minute however, AEK started turning things around and it was eventually a very even match, with both teams taking turns attcking.

The second half was similar to the first. Some good chances for both sides but nothing outstanding displayed by either team. However, things changed late in the game when Saja made two fabulous saves to deny Larissa the goal(even though it was offside for Larissa), however, shortly after that, in the 90th minute, a strong shot by Fotakis found its way into the goal which put Larissa up 1-0.

Just when Larissa had though they would get away with the win the score was even again, this time at 1-1 after Djebbour tied it right off of the kick off. A pass inside the box by Manduca found Djebbour who only had to tap it in the net after the Larissa keeper was found out of position.

Once again, AEK had many chances but little to show for it, similar to last week’s unfortunate loss to Olympiakos. It was a contrasting performance by AEK compared to their confident 3-0 win over Panionios two weeks ago. The team managed to create some chances but not many other than a select few managed to actually threaten Larissa.

One weakness for AEK today was the team’s shooting. Many good opportunities in front of the net were created and then wasted due to weak shots from Scocco, Blanco, and Djebbour which didnt even force the Larissa keeper to move.

Two AEK defenders who havent played for awhile played in todays match: Koutromanos and Alexopoulos. Koutromanos played left back while Alexopoulos played centre back. Alexopoulos replaced Kyrgiakos, who sat the game out due to cards, and Georgeas replaced Juanfran, who was inured at last weeks game, at left back.

Overall, it was a decent match, with both teams playing good football. However, AEK will once again have to start capitalizing on its chances if they are to climb further in the standings in order to get a better position in the playoffs. Hopefully well see another entertaining game next weekend against Thrasivoulos (a team who embarassed AEK earlier on in the season) as we saw from the team’s fantastic 3-0 victory against Panionios two weeks ago.

The video below shows some highlights from the match.

Review and video here.

This is it…

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This is it folks, the day we’ve all been waiting for. Ticket sales have been going unbelievably well (something that is sure to please and inspire the players) which is something us AEK fans haven’t seen in a very long time. A sold out OAKA would certainly have a fantastic atmosphere, something that is critical in these kinds of derbies.

Dusan gave a press conference a couple of days ago and when asked how it feels playing against his former team is response was “AEK was my former team”.

Now that he has convinced most AEK fans that AEK is his true team, he needs full support from the fans, and hopefully he will receive it (he already is receiving support, however there are still some who do not want him at AEK).

AEK’s unbeaten streak since Bajevic has taken over will hopefully continue today.

Here are some videos to get us ready and psyched for the game.