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Levadeiakos 0-2 AEK

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Ah Levadeiakos… one of those teams, along with Panionios, Volou, and Xanthi, that I just love seeing AEK beat.

Couldnt watch the game because I had to work, but hey, we got the three points. Highlights from what Ive heard/seen: Sialmas’ goalara, good keeping by Konstantopoulos, and a well reffed match (aside from the unnecessary to Sialmas).

Highlights here.

Too bad Sialmas couldn’t have been in form against Doxa as well (to be fair, he played a great game, but just could not find the target), but I still cant get over his goal. Pure class on every level. Got out of a tight position on the sidelines, nice run, confidence, great shot, everything that makes a classic goal. Hopefully he keeps scoring from now on… he’s done everything right this season aside from actually scoring, so maybe this game will help with that.

Apparently our defense wasn’t all that great but from what Ive heard, Konstantopoulos made up for it which is great to hear. Again, hopefully he can keep it up. Unlike with Sialmas, I have not been impressed AT ALL from what Ive seen from him so far this season, but he has time to turn it around. Lets face it, we’re stuck with him afterall and we wont be seeing anyone better for quite a while.

Four points so far in 2012. Too bad we couldn’t have the six like we should have, but it sounds like the last game was definitely an improvement, so lets hope things continue to improve like they were before Christmas.

And by the way, for those who didnt see gtmanleg’s comment, Oly tied 0-0 with Doxa Drama today as well… beautiful stuff.


AEK 0-0 Doxa Dramas HT

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First of all, happy new year everyone. I hope your holidays were great.

New Year started, Im hoping to get some more posts up on the blog from now on. First, Ill start with what Ive seen so far during the first half of our match with Doxa Dramas.

1. Sialmas needs to learn how to finish! (The same can be said for Beleck, but he has already scored a handful of goals so Im not so worried). He has technique, speed, he understands and reads the game, but when he’s in front of the net, he just cannot put the ball in. We could’ve had two or three goals just from him so far… instead, we have none.

2. Not sure if the holidays affected the team, but we got off to a very poor start. Fortunately, Doxa is a weak team, so we haven’t paid the price today, but we started off looking completely out of it.

Fortunately, things did change as the game progressed. We don’t look great yet by any means, but we are slowly starting to get the right idea. But we clearly still need some time for our players to get used to playing with each other again.

3. Cala had a perfectly legitimate goal called offside. Shame, it would’ve been great going into the break a goal up.


Im sure we’ll come away with three points from this match, but its not gonna be pretty. I think Leonardo might be coming in so hopefully he’ll bring some life to our play. Lets see..