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Honestly never would have expected it. But I guess with this World Cup, you really can’t know what to expect…

Making it to the next round of the World Cup is huge for any country, let alone Greece. Would have given anything to be in Omonia during the celebrations.

Hopefully by time the next World Cup comes around, there will be some current AEK players on the squad. Nevertheless, its still such a great result. Certainly won’t be an easy game when we take on Costa Rica this Sunday, but you never know. Costa Rica have certainly been a very strong team so far in the tournament, but if we managed to win a whole tournament back in ’04, whats stopping us from winning another game on Sunday. Doesn’t hurt to dream..



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So, I watched most of the first half and parts of the second, but one thing was obvious today. We didn’t deserve even a point today looking at how we played. PAO tied 1-1 at home against Larissa, yet for the second week in a row we fail to capitalize on a great opportunity and instead of being that much closer to first we now sit in fourth place (with three teams playing tomorrow who could catch up to us).

We had very little organization and could not gain any control of the game. We started with Djebbour and Blanco but many feel that Libe should have gotten the start. I know he only recently returned from injury but I think he could have made a difference. However, to add to our injury problems, Djebbour seems to have injured his shoulder, an injury which has bothered him in the past as well. I’m not sure the details yet, but things are starting to look tough again. Both Manolas (completely undeserved) and Dellas (who was on the bench!) received red cards meaning our options on the pitch are starting to look thin once again.

PAOK today were average at best, and had we showed up and played some football I am confident we could have seen even all three points. It’s a shame really since PAOK has seemed to become that team lately that we can always count on for points. Afterall, the last time they beat us in the league was 2007.

Our shots on net statistic for the match is pretty frightening… only 3 in the entire 90 minutes! And our one goal came from a penalty. Things really aren’t looking good, and we have some critical matches coming up in both the league and Europe… hopefully we can turn things around but it does seem like we’ve been saying that for a while.

Alot happened during and after the game, and I’m still confused around many of the details. Firstly, there were a couple incidents on the bench. One main one involved Dellas and a PAOK fan who threw a 1.5 liter bottle at the players (I am not sure if the bottle was thrown at the bench or Dellas specifically). Dellas threw the bottle back resulting in a red card. I’ve heard that Dellas is looking into taking legal action against the fan, so we’ll see. However, this is not nearly the first time incidents like this have happened at Toumba. You would figure they would look into resolving the the problems, maybe by making moderations to the stadium? I hate to see that happen, but its clear that fans like these cannot be given all the privileges of other fans. I know all teams in Greece has fans who cause trouble, and AEK certainly has many. However, this sort of thing is pretty much your average occurrence for a PAOK game.

It doesn’t end there though! Remember the incidents involving fans AEK players after the Panionios match? Well, 50 PAOK fans were outside the AEK change rooms yelling at Dellas, Dimitriadis, and co… only in Greece does stuff like this happen! How 50 fans can get there in the first place, let alone stay without being forced away immediately, I will never understand.

If anyone watched the match, please leave a comment. I would like to comment more on our actual performance but I was distracted at the time of the game. Thanks!

Papastathopoulos to AC Milan!

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Sokratis Papastathopoulos, without a doubt one of the biggest prospects in Greek football, and former AEK defender, will soon seal the deal on a move to Italian giants AC Milan. He previously played for Genoa and had two very successful seasons with the club (he started often, was loved by the fans, and from what I saw gave some memorable performances). In addition, he played remarkably well in Greece’s World Cup match against Argentina, greatly reducing the threat from Superstar Lionel Messi.

I’m not sure about the details yet. I’ve heard its a loan (which I find surprising and don’t quite believe) yet Milan will still pay seven million euros for his services. Either way, AEK will benefit as there is a clause in his contract which states that AEK gets a certain amount from his next transfer. Reports I’ve heard have said we will get approximately 800,000 euros, not a bad amount at all.

I can’t wait to see him get some playing time with Milan (assuming the deal is actually completed which it is not as of yet). The kid is incredibly talented and a move to such a huge club at this age (only 22 years old) his great for him as well as the future of Greek football. I am certain that he will impress and, if he doesn’t manage to become a starter (it won’t be easy), he will surely get some time.

Previous AEK defenders have done quite well in recent years at well known Italian clubs. Moras has had three successful years with Bologna where he has played often and managed to score a few goals. More notable, however, is Traianos Dellas . The centre back had three very good years with Italian giants Roma where he managed to secure playing time while becoming a fan favorite.

AEK Has Supposedly Fixed Upcoming Match

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Reports coming out of Greece suggest that the upcoming match with Levadeiakos has been fixed. Levadeiakos are in a fight for survival and currently only sit one point above the relegation zone and some are saying that AEK will let them win this match so they stay up. Many betting companies (both in Greece and abroad) have started giving some pretty crazy odds such as around 1.95 (or lower) for Levadeiakos and 3.00 (some places are giving odds as high as 4.00) for an AEK win. As a result, betting on this match has been dis-allowed by OPAP and many other sites.

Why would we give away this match?? I have no idea. If PAOK and Olympiakos win on Sunday they will again go higher up in the playoff standings I believe. Why would we want this? No clue. Also, Aris are still quite close behind us and a loss would mean things would get tighter between the two teams and would see us lose any extra points in the playoffs.

I don’t know what to see, I really don’t. Of course, none of this has been anything close to confirmed and is rather just speculation from various sites, but who knows… this is Greece after-all. I do hope it isn’t true though. I’m going to be heading up to Livadia for this one and really do not want to see us lose and I really do not want to see our name involved with any match fixing scandals, ever.

By the way, it looks like we will have a few players out in the end. Scocco, Jahic, Karabelas, and one other (I can’t remember who) will be out with cards. Blanco had an injury during the week but will be fit for the match. Bajevic was apparently experimenting with him at right midfield. WHY!?!? He’s finally starting to score a couple of goals (and is our top scorer in Livadia).

Despite our luck,Kozonis deal may not go through!

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Yes, I know we have been so incredibly lucky lately, but for a bit of bad news, it looks like the deal with Kozonis might not go through, at least not yet.

Notias was supposed to meet with Kozonis yesterday, however, we started hearing things about rain in New York preventing Notias from flying out. An email to AEKBaltimore and a few visits to weathernetwork’s site proved that this could not actually be the case.

“Here we go again” we were all thinking.Another takeover rumor proving to be exactly that… a rumor.

However, news reports are now saying it was not the rain, but Original21 leader Chatzichristos, who was responsible for the postponement of the meeting. It is now being reported that Chatzichristos was involved with other investors (withtout Notias and Co knowing) about building a stadium in Nea Filadelfia (many are suggesting that Mellissanidis may be behind this as well). However, the stadium was one of the main things Kozonis wanted full control over (he has to make some sort of a profit and a stadium will be one of the best ways to do this).

Now, we have to wait and see what happens. If this incident can be sorted out things should be ready again for the team to be transferred over. If not, the deal may be history before we know it.

However, no need to fear, Notias says he has a plan B ready…. let’s see.

The draws for the World Cup groups were completed today. Greece got drawn into a group with Argentina, Korea, and Nigeria. Interesting group. Lets see what we can do with Maradonna and his Argentina boys, who were largely unimpressive during qualifying. Don’t forget, they beat us 4-0 in ’94. Is this our chance for payback? I doubt it.

Almost Final

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Well Liverpool have confirmed everything here. Its as close to a done deal now and all that remains is the medical. AEK have also stated that they will not get in his way if this it what Kyrgiakos really wants.

While I’m proud to see Kyrgiakos going to play abroad for Liverpool what is disgusting me is the way Liverpool are trying to negotiate things. Liverpool’s original offer was 1.5 million euros, ridiculously low. AEK then came back and said no lower than five million (although I think he is worth more). AEK and Liverpool then agreed on three million euros as a compromise. As of yesterday Liverpool’s offer had dropped down to 2.2 million and now its as low as 1.8 million euros. If PAE AEK accept an offer this low it will be horrible. Kyrgiakos should not be sold for anything less than three million euros I believe, even though we should have been recieveing mucn more. He is a starter on the Greek National Team (which is ranked 11th in the world at the moment), he is healthy and fit, and has proven to be a top class centre-back. He is not some unkown centre back from a league such as the Bosnian league as many Liverpool fans on the web seem to believe.

I truly hope AEK manage to negootiate a better offer out of Liverpool, even though there is not much we can do.

Kyrgiakos is gone…

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Well, it looks like Kyrgiakos is no longer a player of AEK. Out of the blue Liverpool have singed who could arguably one of our most precious players. I have no clue where this has come from but Liverpool needed a centre-back since theyr’es were injured and so have signed Kyrgiakos for three million.

This is sad news for us. Especially with a Europa League game and our biggest match of the season coming up this week. However, nothing has been confirmed so I have still hope its not true. But I can’t say Im surprised. I dont know many players who would give up the chance to play in one of the world’s best leagues at one of the most historic clubs in club football history.

I cant say much more right now as Im at a loss for words.

Well, press in England is also reporting this now so I guess its just a matter of waiting until it is confirmed.