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AEK Sign Dusan Bajevic

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Well, the rumours have been spreading since the end of last week that Dusan Bajevic would be returning to his post as AEK manager for the third time in his career and this has officialy been confirmed by the offical AEK FC website only minutes ago.

Dusan Bajevic, who has coached AEK twice previously is one of the most successful coaches not only with AEK but throughout Greece in general. He won four championships and a Greek Cup with AEK, four championships and two cups with Olympiakos, one Greek Cup with PAOK FC, and he took Aris FC to one Greek Cup final. As a player he was with AEK for four years from 1977-1981 and won two championships with the team.

This might just be the move that AEK need in order to start winning games regularly and start collecting three points from as many games as possible.

Bajevic will have a press conference tomorrow afternoon at the Olympic Stadium.

In other AEK news, AEK have been drawn to play against Kerkyra for the next round of the Greek Cup.


AEK part ways with Giorgos Donis

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AEK’s management decided late last night to part ways with manager Giorgos Donis after AEK’s 0-0 draw at home against Panserraikos. The decision was reached by mutual agreement between Donis and AEK management. Its unfortunate that this happened to a young Greek coach with such high ambitions but unfortunately, under his management, AEK was not getting the results that were expected.


Currently, a highly possible replacement to Donis is former AEK player and manager Nikos Kostenoglou who just last year helped AEK to come within two points of the championship and who was in control of AEK during some memorable performances including a 4-0 win over rivals Olympiakos. Another possible replacement is another former AEK player and manager, Dusan Bajevic. He was a great player for AEK and one of the best managers the club ever had however, he is now hated by many fans after he went to manage Olympiakos.


Official confirmation of a replacement is expected some time this week or next.

Reports here and here

AEK 0-0 Panserraikos

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Well, not much can be said about today’s result. A 0-0 draw at home for AEK against recently promoted Panserraikos was all AEK was able to get away with from this match. Although AEK had many chances throughout the match none managed to get into the net and the performance overall by the home team showed little promise. The defence was not at its best and had difficulty controlling Panserraikos on the counter attacks. The midfield was unorganized and only Basinas and Kafes seemed to be aware of what they were meant to be doing. The offense did not have much help from the midfield and had to rely heavily on set pieces in order to get good chances on goal. review here.

Ilisiakos 1-2 AEK (Yet another close call)

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Well it was a close one, again. Two nice goals, one from Blanco and the other from Kafes both in extra time allowed AEK to advance to the next round of the Greek Cup. Although AEK had many chances to score throughout the match as with many previous AEK games the ball just wouldn’t go in the net. Donis’ starting 11 was questionable, however sufficient chances were still created up front. Scocco, who has played almost every mnute this season played, along with Jurgen Macho who has not seen any game time in an official match for AEK this season.

After 90 minutes the score was still 0-0 therfore forcing the match into extra time. Early in extra time Ismael Blanco put AEK ahead only for Ilisiakos to score and tie the game at 1-1. Thankfully, a low shot by Kafes out of reach of the Ilisiakos keeper put AEK up 2-1 and the score remained that way untill the end of extra time.

Match review here.

Xanthi 1-1 AEK

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AEK have yet to win away from home this season as they finished with a 1-1 draw Saturday evening against Xanthi. Overall, 1 point is allright from a game against a team that has the potential to win these kinds of matches. Basinas played in this match for AEK after coming back from injury. has the match report here.

Tonight Panathinaikos play Olympiakos in what should be an exciting match. A draw from this match at this point would be the ideal result for AEK.

Kanellopoulos and Koulis to take over temporary charge of AEK

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As expected, Takis Kanellopoulos and Nikos Koulis will take over, temporarily, as presidents of AEK. They will remain as presidents for a month when, after this period, a permanent replacement wil be decided upon. has a report here. has another interesting article here about what progress needs to be done for AEK from this point on.

Who will replace Demis Nikolaidis?

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As of right now it is most likely that Takis Kanellopoulos and Nikos Koulis will be the new presidents of AEK as this atricle states.

Both Kanellopoulos and Koulis each hold 13 percent shares of AEK and are both currently Vice Presidents of AEK. Kanellopoulos would manage the club and the football side of running the club while Koulis will take of the care of the bussines aspects of the club.

The board of shareholders are currently in a meeting at the head quarters of PAE AEK in Marousi to decide on this issue.