Xanthi 1-1 AEK

AEK have yet to win away from home this season as they finished with a 1-1 draw Saturday evening against Xanthi. Overall, 1 point is allright from a game against a team that has the potential to win these kinds of matches. Basinas played in this match for AEK after coming back from injury.

Greeksoccer.com has the match report here.

Tonight Panathinaikos play Olympiakos in what should be an exciting match. A draw from this match at this point would be the ideal result for AEK.


3 Responses to “Xanthi 1-1 AEK”

  1. I read that Djebbour was injured in Xanthi. Can we get a break this year with the injuries. I believe it said he is out for 3 months. We need to get some wins and losing more players isn’t the direction we need to go.

  2. Looks like we got the draw from Oly/Pan. Now we need to pick up some wins.

  3. Yeah, 3 months for Djebbour, really not what we needed at this point. As was said above the thing we need most is wins, and this certaintly wont help us. At least we still have Edinho however he is often unreliable. Maybe once Manduca starts playing Donis might be able to find a temporary solution.

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