AEK Sign Dusan Bajevic

Well, the rumours have been spreading since the end of last week that Dusan Bajevic would be returning to his post as AEK manager for the third time in his career and this has officialy been confirmed by the offical AEK FC website only minutes ago.

Dusan Bajevic, who has coached AEK twice previously is one of the most successful coaches not only with AEK but throughout Greece in general. He won four championships and a Greek Cup with AEK, four championships and two cups with Olympiakos, one Greek Cup with PAOK FC, and he took Aris FC to one Greek Cup final. As a player he was with AEK for four years from 1977-1981 and won two championships with the team.

This might just be the move that AEK need in order to start winning games regularly and start collecting three points from as many games as possible.

Bajevic will have a press conference tomorrow afternoon at the Olympic Stadium.

In other AEK news, AEK have been drawn to play against Kerkyra for the next round of the Greek Cup.


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