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Not a great result, but definitely one we can settle for.

We started off excellently, controlling the game completely, and within the first ten minutes we had two excellent chances to score (one hit the crossbar), but the rain was really coming down and less than twenty minutes into the match the pitch was flooded. Not sure if the pitch just couldn’t take it, or if the rain really was that bad, but I remember some days when I used to go to the stadium (one game against Larissa comes to mind) when the pitch would flood to the point where the ball just wouldn’t roll. Seemed like that was the case on saturday. It was quite unfortunate really since, as I mentioned, we started off quite well and had the conditions been better, I think we could have kept it up.

It was nice to see 20,000 supporters in the stands, despite the rain.

Overall it was a pretty good weekend for us aside from our game as well. Aris beat PAO today, which means we are now even with PAO in the standings (26 points), and its still only 5 points which separate us from a play off spot, something which is quite possible.

Highlights from our game available at the bottom of this link


Kerkyra 0-1 AEK

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Believe it or not, we’ve had four wins from our last five games. And we’re only one point behind PAO. And only five behind a playoff spot.

There would’ve been a time when seeing all of this happen would not be a surprise for AEK… if anything, it would be expected. But we all know times are rough, so well done to the team and management for turning things around like this.

I didn’t manage to watch to the Kerkyra game, but I did see our 1-0 win against Panionios two weeks ago, and the quality of the football we were playing was night and day compared to what I saw before the holidays. We managed to control the game, control the tempo, pass with what seemed like little effort, and we created chances.

Considering the situation we’re in, I can definitely say we’re heading in the right direction. Just a few more wins and a playoff spot could very well be ours. How great would it be if we get in the playoffs and not PAO?

We play PAOK this weekend. Not gonna be an easy game, just because these derbies rarely are. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the three points. I’m hoping for a decent crowd, and I’m sure regardless of how many supporters are there, the atmosphere will be great.