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AEK 0-1 Olympiakos

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The other day, Fourtounis made a comment claiming that on Wednesday (today), Olympiakos would “show which team is the best”. Now I’m kind of confused about this because surely, “the best” team would be the team that made it to the Cup Final? But in this case, Olympiakos didn’t in fact make it to the Final, so how can they be the best? Maybe Fourtounis was stuck in a little day dream where he imagined himself in a black and yellow jersey, celebrating in front of 50,000 supporters as he and his team booked their place in the finals:

All kidding aside, it has to be said that today’s performance wasn’t the greatest. We definitely created some chances but we left a lot to be desired and its really only thanks to Olympiakos’ inability to create anything worthwhile that we got away with the result we were looking for. Its unfortunate really since I was really expecting a win. Maybe not a blowout, but I was anticipating a 1-0 game for us, just something to really seal the deal without causing too much trouble.

But hey, why focus on the negatives you might ask? I don’t really plan on it, we just booked our ticket to the 23rd Cup final in AEK’s history so I really don’t have much to complain about. Having said that, we’ll definitely need to look better in the Final regardless of whether we play Panathinaikos or PAOK. At the end of the day though, its a Cup final and just being a part of it will give our players the energy and drive to give the best that they have to offer.

There were some interesting points to take from the match that deserve some attention, the first of which regards Vranjes. I love the guy and his passion, he clearly relishes the opportunity to play for AEK and even more so when a big game comes around. Having said that, he’ll have to be careful when the final comes around. He was close to getting sent off today and it took the intervention of his own teammates to make sure he didn’t go off the rails.

Its also worth noting the Anestis, who actually had a pretty solid game, got sent off in extra time. To be honest, he was quite clearly wasting time so I feel like the ref wasn’t left with much choice. What was particularly amusing about this situation was the fact that we had no remaining substitutions at that point which resulted in Almeida playing goal for the remaining few minutes. Luckily, he wasn’t really tested.

As is typical with games involving Olympiakos (particularly games in which the result doesn’t go Olympiakos’ way), a number of the higher profile members of the organization had some comments to make about what took place. In classic Savvas fashion, he came out with some very valid points about the officiating today, claiming that it was 80-20 in favour of AEK. I think he has a point, after all how can this reckless tackle on Ansarifard not be called as a penalty for Olympiakos:

Part of me wishes that Savvas never opens his mouth again but then the other part of me will miss his weekly comedy routine. 80-20 in favour of AEK, while giving five minutes of extra time and then another five minutes on top of that, and a red card to AEK’s keeper… I’ve doubted it for a while but now I really can’t believe that Savvas and his crew over at Olympiakos are actually serious.

Enough about them though, how about our supporters and the atmosphere they created in OAKA this evening? The scenes from the game earlier today really make me miss Athens… Definitely my favourite banner this season:

The photos below come from AEK365 and can be seen here as well:

Beautiful scenes as always. And now, the final! At the moment its scheduled for May 6th, but we won’t know until tomorrow whether we will face Panathinaikos or PAOK. To be honest, I don’t see PAOK turning around their two goal deficit to Panathinaikos, but it can definitely happen.



Montanier Arrives in Athens

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Philippe Montanier, the man who looks set to take over as manager, has arrived in Athens for talks with the club. Apparently he had dinner with Bajevic this evening but official talks are set to start tomorrow (Friday). I don’t think anything has been agreed upon yet but it seems like its almost a done deal and its just a matter of finalizing certain details. Still far too early to judge him at all as a manager for AEK, but I’m pretty excited. Its nice to see us this close to singing a serious manager so early in the season. The sooner he can get a plan in place and some players who fit his plan, the better. I wish him luck, although luck can only get you so far in Greece…


Photo of Montanier at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, courtesy of


In other news, our two representatives on the national team (three if you count Bakasetas), have arrived in Australia for the Greek national team friendly against Australia. Mantalos, Aravidis, and Bakasetas all recieved quite the reception from the Original21 club down in Sydney. Well done to all the guys down there, certainly made their voices heard! They were also there as the main group of players arrived. I wonder where all the PAO and Olympiakos supporters were? Hmm..


Aravidis with the Sydney Originals, photo courtesy of

Also a little note for those of you in the Sydney area. A friend of mine who is part of the Originals down there (he’s in the picture above in fact) is opening up a Souvlaki shop in Sydney tomorrow: I wish I could be there too. I wish I could be there, but unfortunately Sydney is a little too far from Ottawa for me at the moment. Be sure to check them out though if any of you are in the area, any support for a fellow AEKtzi is always great, and I’ve heard they’ll have some Greek products for purchase too along with the fresh Souvlaki.
Last but not least, a video was released today featuring the best 20 goals from AEK this season. Some beauties for sure, but I kind of forgot just how clinical a finisher Barbosa can be.

Recent Results and Original21 Sydney

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There have been a few games since my last post, including a 2-1 away win against Irodotos in Crete (the team that is currently 2nd place in the league) as well as a 1-0 win against Asteras Varis for the Cup.

Our win against Irodotos has brought us back up to 1st place with 23 points, ahead of Irodotos with 21 and Kifissias with 17 (We have played a game less than Irodotos). From what I heard recently, only the first place team advances, so its gonna be tight! I’m confident we’ll make it though.

Our upcoming match with Kifissias this weekend has seen a couple changes in when it was scheduled (I believe as a result of a PAO basketball game at OAKA as well, and a worry of fans clashing, though Im not certain about that). Last Ive read, the game is now scheduled for this Sunday.


Something else that I would like to mention: An Original21 club has recently been set up in Sydney! They’ve already has some events organized for people to sign up, and from what I’ve heard, its look like they have some more stuff planned. Great to see another club form outside of Greece, and for any of you in Sydney or nearby, check them out! If you have access to Facbook, they have a page where you can get in touch with them:

They organized a match a couple weeks back between Arsenal and AEK supporters in Sydney, and there might be another one coming up. Would be a fun way to meet some fellow AEKtzides and play some footy.

Now if only there was an active fan club closer to home here in Canada…

AEK 1-0 Platanias!!

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YEP! Our first win of the season! And it came at a great time. Still early enough in the season that we can turn things around. Still more than enough teams near us in the standings that with a little momentum, we can easily climb to higher positions. And especially with some big games coming up, we really needed a win to boost our morale and confidence (for both the players and the supporters).

I didnt get to watch the match but it sounds like we did alright, and sounded like we were much stronger in the second half. And though I havent seen any games yet, I definitely feel more confident with Linen. Not to take anything away from Vlachos… He loves AEK, came in at a really hard time and did what he could, but he just doesnt have the experience and professionalism that Linen has.

I cant wait to see how these guys turns things around now.


Oh, and also, the crowd at the end of the match (reminds me of the atmosphere after some of our big derby wins):

I also loved seeing Linen walk up to the Originals like that!


And I found one video of the highlights on youtube but Ill wait and see if I find a link for a better quality one. Fountas scored our goal after being set up by a great pass from Roger (apparently Roger made quite the difference when he came one).

Panserraikos 1-3 AEK

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We NEEDED a win and thankfully that’s just what we got! Now, before we get too confident, this was Panserraikos we played. An AEK team that we the fans want should beat this team EVERY match, home and away, and comfortably, rather than having us threaten the team not to return if they lose. Yes, we got the win, but let’s not forget the fact that we still have many problems which need to be resolved, ASAP.

Ok, back to the game. All I can say is there was definitely an improvement from our last match (and thankfully so considering Kafes and Diop were out). I did miss the first thirty minutes of the match but the rest which I did manage to see showed an AEK who was able to take control of the game and make their point. Alot more confidence to our game today, the players seemed to be playing with more intent (and to be fair, we did manage to create plenty of chances last match but we were lacking elsewhere).

For the players, Ill start from the back and work my way up. Saja had a very fine game today. Was forced to be much more involved than against Kerkyra, and aside from letting in one goal (a fantastic goal, may I add), dealt with everything that came his way in a necessary manner. Dealt with one on one’s, reflex saves, and was collected in front of the goal when required.

Our defense had a little more to deal with than against Kerkyra but they also did they’re job for the most part. We were pretty secure down the wings today from what I noticed (Georgeas on the right and Karabelas on the left) and it seemed that both right back and left back defended a little more aggressively which payed off in the end. Karabelas also had another good game in terms of attacking and was very involved in plays from the left wing and his cross resulted in Libe’s goal to make it 2-0 for AEK. Manolas also defended very well and Im starting to wonder if this guy will ever have a poor game. As hard as I try I can’t remember the last time he wasn’t solid… pretty exceptional when one considers he’s only 19 years old (even I’m gonna be 19 in less than half a year!).

One weakness I did notice however was the Panserraikos came very close to scoring on at least two set pieces. There may have been more which I missed, but for some reason we let them slip by and it resulted in two goal scoring opportunities for the host… fortunately they failed to convert either.

Our midfield was able to control the match pretty well. From what I saw it seemed Makos was looking to play the ball forward whenever he had the chance rather than backwards as he tends to, and while he may not be the next Rivaldo (not that he even plays a similar position) it was certainly nice to see him play with more attacking intent. Scocco was also pretty busy in the middle of the pitch and helped out with distributing the ball and Lagos had a very good game.

Roger was alot tighter in my opinion. Less wasting around with the ball at his feet, more playing for the benefit of the team. He also took some nice free kicks and it was his which Blanco latched on to for the first goal. Still not sure if we’ve seen enough of him, but I’m sure we all know he must be capable of good things. He had some very strong games earlier in the season and a fantastic EURO in 2008 from what I read and heard… surely we can expect more? Not sure if I can say the same for Eder though who was useless the last match and didn’t come on today until very late in the game.

We were pretty sharp up front which nice to see after that dreadful performance against Kerkyra. Blanco, who missed all those chances last match, scored a stunning header, perfectly placed and one of his more memorable goals of recent memory as far as I can remember. Libe scored our second one, a close range, one time volley in front of the net. Nicely shot, down low and with enough power that the keeper had very little he could do to stop it. A great finish to a nice play inside their box.

Panserraikos evened things up before the half with a stunning goal, a perfectly placed volley from outside the box with enough of a downward curve and power that Saja could do little to stop it from the position he was caught in. Libe had a chance later in the match to make it 3-1 after a nice run led to Blanco feeding him inside the box, however he was called offside (and rightfully so in my opinion though it was very close). However, Libe did finally manage to seal the deal after scoring a penalty which was a result of Georgeas being brought down in the box (in my opinion it was a very soft penalty but there was not ball contact at all and it was a tough angle for the ref).

Overall, a much improved performance and a badly needed (and well deserved) three points, even if it was against lowly opposition. Hopefully we build on the momentum now! By the way, Jimenez proudly showed off his Serres Original21 shirt he promised he would wear. Awesome stuff to see, especially from a foreign coach who only started coaching in Greece this season! Let’s not get rid of this guy!

Also, some other news from this weekend. Panionios lost at home! (The quicker we get these guys in 2nd division the better!) and the Original club house in Kerkyra was attacked by about 10 olympiakos supporters. Some of them were caught and apparently charges will be laid.

AEK 1-0 PAO!

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I’m downloading the match right now and will watch it when its completed. In the meantime Ill add what I’ve heard being mentioned so far.

First of all, huge win! We needed a positive result to pick ourselves up after stumbling with Anderlecht, and we did it. As AEKMAN74 stated, Manolo made a few unexpected choices, but it sounds as thought they’ve paid off. From what I heard, Dadomo gave a pretty effective performance, which is a relief considering we’ve seen very little of him so far. Either way, things are looking great for Manolo! His first two games against rivals, and six points is the end result! At this point we couldn’t ask for anymore!

Though things don’t look good right now with some injury problems for us, it sounds as though we were all over PAO. After watching the youtube highlights, it is clear only one team deserved the three points, and that team is AEK. Even without Scocco and Libe, we looked very dangerous up front.

On the other hand, it sounds as though PAO were just terrible. Funny how, even with a fraction of their budget, we still show them who’s boss in Athens. Even with “world class” strikers like Cisse, they still can’t score on us (by the way, sounds as though Dellas had a pretty solid game… all I can say is well done to him considering his age and the amount of playing time he’s dealt with).

I’ve read there were around 40,000 supporters, a bit lower than the pre-match estimates. Regardless, it looks like the atmosphere was fantastic and it seems the Originals put on quite a show! BRAVO AEKARA!!!

Hello Everyone!

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First of all, it’s been a while since I lasted posted and quite a bit has happened since then.

Well, we beat Tripolis in our last regular season game, 2-0 at home. A rather eventful game in fact so I’ll go through some of it here.

We started with a different line up than what was being predicted by most, the main reason for this being the fact that several players (Scocco, Blanco, Araujo, Arce, Saja, Roger, and others) were out partying two nights before the game until the early morning hours. Naturally, Bajevic found out about this and benched all of them, including Roger who was set to have his first start with the team since December. Unfortunate for him, but I support Bajevic’s decision completely. Only two weeks before the playoffs and the last thing we need is our players partying during the week before important games.

Another thing worth mentioning is that before the game a large gathering which I attended, was held in Nea Filadelfia on the street outside our old stadium. Around 2,000 AEK fans showed up. A decent number, sure, but hopefully we will see far more in the future. Several former players including the great goalkeeper Elias Atmatsidis showed up and gave speeched discussing the team’s past and its current situation.

The general feelings regarding our management were not happy ones since only days before Adamidis gave a press conference in which he stated that Scocco is for sale, including to Greek teams (Panathinaikos, Olympiakos…). Rightfully so, the fans were not happy about this. Afterall, AEK has never sold a player to either PAO or Oly. Unfortunately though, Adamidis was not predicting (or maybe he was…) as large an uprising among the supporters and before we knew it AEK was once again a team surrounded by controversy as we were before the Christmas break.

Back to the game. Things started well for us generally. Tripolis rarely gave us trouble and we were creating chances, but not scoring when we should have been. Eventually though, Djebbour finally broke the deadlock. However, later on in the game Bajevic decided to introduce Scocco as a sub (most people believe he did this on purpose) which immediately led to half the fans booing the player and another half singing his name, trying all they could to support him. Just minutes later, the Originals began rioting and were soon making their way towards the VIP section. Eventually the Riot squad came into the stadium to protect Adamidis and others however, anyone who knows the Originals knows that bringing the Riot police into the mix is only going to make things worse. All of a sudden hundreds of fans started charging the police and many minor fights broke out leading to some injuries. The rioting carried on throughout the game and even for a while after it. The ref was forced to pause the match for approximately ten minutes as the fighting spilled onto the pitch. He did eventually continue the match though and late in extra time Kafes scored another goal for AEK (without many of the fans even realizing the game had started again) making the score 2-0. The game ended that way and Kostas Manolas received the MVP award. Not one player out there deserved the award more than him. Every game he is constantly proving fans and management what he is capable of as he continues to consistently play like a center-back that’s been playing the game professionally for a decade rather than a year or so.

Well, up next is the playoffs and they are approaching rather quickly. In fact, we play our first game this Wednesday against PAOK in OAKA. I personally believe we will take this one if the players and fans can focus on the match for ninety minutes rather than whats happening behind the scenes. PAOK are no longer anything special (though they did win their last game 4-1 against Ergotelis) and while we mustn’t underestimate them, if we play the best we can we should be able to leave OAKA with a positive result.

Now I would like to take a minute to apologize to any readers who use this site frequently. Over the next three weeks I will be taking my end of year exams. These will be my final high school exams since I will be going to University next year and it is these exams that the Universities focus on most when making a decision, so I will not have as time as will like to update the site. I will still be going to the games so I will try to update as frequently as possible, but I can’t guarantee anything for these next three weeks. However, after the 24th of May, I will be more free than ever and I promise to update the site then as soon as something worthwhile pops up in the news or something regarding the transfers. I will be away at times during the summer however even then I will try and update as often as possible to make up for these past few weeks and the upcoming weeks.