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Araujo OE OE OE

I’ve always had a “fascination” with Argentina. I’ve never been there, but its always been high on my list of places to visit. I have to be honest though and admit that part of the reason I’ve been interested in the country for so many years now though is simply the fact that we’ve some incredible football players from Argentina play for AEK. Thats not to say that every Argentinian we’ve had play for us has been phenomenal. But the thing is, when they’re good, they’re really good. First Scocco, and now Araujo, a player who’s precence on the pitch has elevated the team to a whole new level.

Its not just that he can score, but he also the fact that he makes some great plays and brings so much energy to our attacks. Hes the kind of player that most defenses simply can’t handle, just like Scocco was back in the day. Today was the perfect example of it; when someone like Araujo is in form, hes untouchable.

Now before I go on any further about Araujo, I do have credit to the rest of the team. We played a pretty good game and though PAOK did have a few chances, we were solid overall. Perhaps the only complaint I could have had really about our performance was the fact that we sometimes went large stretches of time without really dictating the pace, but I guess its natural to see some of that urgency ease off when you score so early (as we did today with Araujo opening the scoring just 49 seconds into the game).

Barkas was phenomenal, making a number of key saves to keep us ahead. The same could be said about Glykos as well, as he made some fantastic saves to keep PAOK in the game when the score was still 1-0. Its safe to say that had he not been so sharp today, the score could have been a lot higher, a lot earlier on.

Along with Araujo, our entire offense and midfield was excellent. Simoes and Johansson were constantly pressing and Johansson especially showed so much confidence in some of the balls he played. Mantalos also helped to control the pace of the game while both Ajdarevic and Vargas had some great chances to put us ahead even further.

Something worth noting from this game too was the fact that this was Aravidis’ first match in months. It didn’t take him long to make his presence felt again as he managed to sneak the 3rd goal in just before the end.

Today’s win, aside from resulting in a well earned derby victory, also brought us back into 5th place after our 1-1 draw against Panionios earlier in the week. Things are starting to get interesting too as there are now only 5 points separating 7th and 3rd place. We currently occupy 5th but with a win against PAO in two weeks time, we could see ourselves jumping up to 4th fairly soon.

As has been the case for a while now, we still remain undefeated under Jimenez, 12 games after he took over. Our current goals scored under Jimenez adds up to 29, while we’ve only conceeded 3… Is that even possible? Looking at our results, it seems to be the case, but I have a hard time believing that considering our form before Jimenez returned.

Goals can be watched below. Araujo’s second is stunning, the kind of shot that couldn’t be more perfect. All I can say is that I hope Melissanidis gives Araujo whatever he needs to make him stay, though its safe to say some other teams very well might show some interest.

Its also worth noting that before the game, Original21 organized a large march in Nea Filadelfeia to show some support for our eventual return home to where we belong. Sounded like it was a great time with singing, flares, and banners, but whether it will change anything remains to be seen. All I know is that this mayor is proving to be even more stubborn than I thought. I just hope he realizes that over 90 years of history in Nea Filadelfeia can’t erased with one term as mayor.

Lets hope for many marches like this and that maybe some day we’ll be marching to our stadium once again.


AEK-Iraklis for the Round of 8

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Well it looks like my “wish” came true and we’ll be playing Iraklis in the next round of the cup. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think these games will be easy, no game at this stage of the cup is ever easy, but I’d certainly rather we play Iraklis than any of the other teams we could have been drawn against.

The matchups that were drawn today include:

AEK – Iraklis

PAO – Atromitos

Olympiakos – Asteras Tripolis

Panionios – PAOK

Interesting that there were no real derbies following the draw, but it certainly means that the quarter finals will be interesting. With the possibility of the last four teams being AEK, Olympiakos, PAO, and PAOK, there could very well be some good matches coming up. Also worth noting is that until now, AEK have faced Iraklis eight times in the Cup. Of those eight times, Iraklis advanced following the first two meetings but since then, AEK has advanced every time. I’m not superstitious, and I know as well as anyone that anything can happen in football, but its not a bad stat to have on our side.

Some videos from previous AEK-Iraklis games. First video is worth watching for the footage of Nea Filadelfia alone. Hopefully some day we’ll be back there, where we belong.


Good and Bad News Today

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I suppose I’ll start off with the bad for now. Our punishment for the events that took place towards the end of our match with Olympiakos was announced, and essentially it comes down to a fine (I believe somewhere around 15,000 euros but I could be quite a ways off with that) and a three point deduction. The three point deduction is unfortunate, but I feel like it could have been worse. Thankfully the impact is minimal since we have such a huge lead, and according to one article I read it should only end up meaning a point less for us come playoff time. I remember reading an article a couple weeks ago which suggested the point deduction might take effect next season, which I feel would have been a much bigger blow to us, so in a way I’m somewhat relieved by this.

The good news for today is that we have taken some huge steps forward with regards to the stadium. The StE, which I believe refers to the Council of State, has from what I understand granted us permission for our plans for the stadium. I could be wrong regarding what specifically the announcement from the council said, but the impression I got was that this was a huge victory for the team. I’m not sure if this essentially eliminates the hurdles we were facing from the municipality of Nea Filadelfeia, but I’m hoping either way we can see some sort of start to the construction one way or another!

AEK 3-0 Panaigialeos

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Not the greatest of days for a football match in Athens today thanks to what appeared to be a pretty nasty storm. I heard it was bad but it wasn’t until I watched the highlights that I realized just how bad… Thunder, pouring rain, and some decent sized chunks of hail falling from the sky.

As result of the weather, the match was delayed but it did eventually get under way. Unfortunately for our players, the downpour that had occurred earlier left the field, leading to yet another match played in less than ideal conditions.

There were some rather frightening moments in the first half as Panaigialeos came close to scoring on a couple of opportunities, though keeper Anestis was thankfully in form today. Despite the water clogged pitch, we did eventually manage to score before the half, with Aravidis heading in a Mantalos free kick. A number of other close chances for us were had before the first 45 minutes, but the half came to an end 1-0 in our favour.

Our second goal came in the 66th minute, again an Aravidis header though off of a nicely placed cross into the box by Soleidis. 20 minutes later, Aravidis, who had been in fine form all match, finished off his Hat trick with a lovely one time shot from just inside the box.

AEK365’s critique of the players varied significantly with three players (Lambropoulos, Sarris, and Johansson) receiving a rating of 6 out of 10. Unlike previous matches, it seems our defense, or our two centre backs at least, were not in their best form today. I suppose the condition of the pitch couldn’t have helped, though they made a few significant mistakes from what I saw in the highlights.

Three players on the other hand received rather high ratings, with Anestis, Soleidis, and Aravidis receiving 8, 8, and 9 respectively. Judging from what I could see in the highlights, the favorable ratings were well justified.

I suppose at least partly as a result of the weather, our attendance was unfortunately quite low, though I would personally like to point out the supportive gesture by the travelling Panaigialeos fans, who placed a large banner from their stands calling for an AEK stadium in Nea Filadelfia. Certainly nice to see, and from what I could gather the gesture was received enthusiastically by AEK’s supporters.

The standings in the league after today’s match are quite comforting as we are now 9 points ahead of Panachaiki (who have played a game less). I hadn’t realized this at first, but its actually pretty important that we finish with as many points as possible seeing the difference between us and whoever is in 3rd place determines how many points we start with in the playoffs.

I’m not sure how many of you had been following Greece’s election yesterday and over the past few weeks, but the result from yesterday doesn’t put AEK in a comfortable place. I’m not sure how the new Syriza coalition government will benefit the country, and whether it will be in a move in the right or wrong direction (though I guess realistically its hard to get any worse than how things were before yesterday), but as many of you already know, Syriza are quite against AEK’s proposed stadium.

The reason behind them being against the stadium is apparently mainly due to the fact that we’ve requested permission to cut down some trees along side the stadium grounds (reports I’ve seen have suggested the number of trees to be cut down will be as low as 15). I would like to make it clear that I appreciate the fact there are very few green spaces left in Athens, and the city, municipalities, and people need to do as much as they can to ensure what is left remains. I really do. When I lived in Athens, I took part in a number of tree plantings on Pendeli myself, and when I went walking and hiking on Pendeli, Parnitha, and Imittos, I saw firshand the destruction humans had caused to the trees that are so vital to keeping Athens a healthy place.

However, Melissanidis has agreed to replanting 200 trees elsewhere in Athens to make up for what would need to be taken down, and I believe either the environment for Athens, or the environment minister for Greece had already approved the plan. Still, however, Syriza and the Syriza backed mayor of Nea Filadelfia refuse to allow the stadium construction to go ahead.


I don’t know. We aren’t tearing down historically significant sites (for anyone who has seen the land where our stadium once was, you would remember how the place is literally a pit of dirt in the middle of Athens). Perhaps if the plans were to build a boutique hotel, or luxury shopping mall, I could understand some opposition. Instead, this is what AEK wants to bring to Nea Filadelfia:

-A high quality stadium, something which Greece desperately needs, especially if we are ever to host a Euro.

-A museum dedicated to the refugees from Asia Minor, something which will benefit not only the local citizens, but also visitors from all of Greece and abroad.

-A path, also dedicated to the refugees, from Iralkeio metro station (I believe its the Irakleio station, but I could be wrong).

-Jobs, not only during the construction, but also once the stadium is built.

-An attraction to help bring life back to Nea Filadelfia and hopefully revitalize the surrounding park which has, unfortunately, become rather neglected over the years and only a shadow of what it once was.

What we have is an owner who is willing to invest the money in something that will benefit AEK, its supporters, the residents of Nea Filadelfia, and Greece in general. How often does a country in such poor economic shape as Greece is in right now get someone willing to invest in something like this? Normally, an opportunity for the area and the country like this would never happen with the economy being the way it is, yet now that the opportunity has finally come, a few individuals seem determined to make sure it never happens. I feel hesitant to support a party which refuses to allow an opportunity that would only benefit the country. I try, and I try, but I fail to see how this stadium is bad thing for the country and Nea Filadelfia.

Who knows what will happen…

AEK 3-0 Ermis Zonianon

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Another three goal win, which keeps us ten points ahead for another week. Judging from the highlights, we played pretty well, especially up front. I’m really quite impressed with what I’ve been seeing from some of these players. Lots of energy, skill, intelligent playing, great off the ball movement, lots of chances being created. My opinion is only based on highlights I’ve seen, but I really like what I’m seeing so far.

The scorers were Popovic, Anakoglou, and Tsevas. AEK365 gave pretty good reviews from almost all our players aside Grontis. From what I heard, it was a pretty straight ahead match for us, which is what I like to hear. We now have 35 points, followed by Irodotos (25 points) and Kifissia (23 points)

The good news doesn’t end there.We have made a few more singings for next season, mostly first division players (including a couple from Panionios). I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about these guys, and its certainly great to see that we’re already starting to build a competitive roster for next season. I’m curious to see how many of our current players are going to step up their game even further considering quite a few of them will have more experienced players competing for their spot in the roster.

Even more good news now! Something happened today in Nea Filadelfia, something which I was never sure I’d actually get the chance to see happen. The first bulldozer made its way onto the land where our stadium once stood, and more are apparently coming tomorrow. I’m not certain what the schedule for construction is, or if any actual construction will start sometime soon, but this is certainly good news either way. I will be sure to post more updates as they come.


Agia Sofia!

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Its been a busy couple of weeks for me, traveling, essays, exams… But that’s all done now, at least for a little while. A lot has happened since my last post. We beat Triglia Rafinas 3-0 (goals by Dacol, Cordero, and Bresevic). Decent goals, and if I remember correctly we had 20,000 supporters in the stands. Impressive numbers yet again for a third division side

Since the match last weekend, management also held an event for the press and supporters (I believe it was open to the public? Not certain about that, but I know it was at least streamed live) where they showed detailed images and plans of what the stadium will look like, and I must admit, I’m pretty excited! It looks like its actually happening this time.

What they’ve showed so far is pretty grand and impressive. If they do in fact plan on making everything they say they want to make, then it is going to be a pretty incredible stadium. Not only does the outside resemble Agia Sofia to a degree, the inside also does, maybe even more than the exterior of the stadium.

As has been mentioned in the past, the stadium will also have a museum dedicated to the refugees which should hopefully be an incredible place to visit, and will help remind generations to come why people have continued to support this team through everything it’s been through.

In addition to the museum, I believe there will also be a museum for AEK, a press room, various suites, and from the looks of it, a cafe/bar designed to look like a Greek “kafeneio” from Konstantinoupoli.

The video below is well worth watching. It shows some footage of Konstantinoupoli, as well as footage of the “Nao” which used to be in Nea Filadelfia, and also discusses the history of AEK and what was once our stadium. After that it goes on to show in pretty good detail what our new stadium should hopefully look like some day soon.

I know somewhere on AEK365 there were images of the stadium as well, but I can’t seem to find the link at the moment. If I come across though, I’ll post it up here.

AEK 1-1 Omonia

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Our first pre-season game in OAKA ended in a draw (not a bad result really), though press reports suggested the score could easily have been a little higher for AEK. Various reviews of the game all mentioned that we were quite impressive from the midfield up, though it still sounds like its our defense which will be holding us up more than anything (Cirillo had not played that match so its yet to be seen what kind of an impact he will have).

Since then we also played in a mini friendly tournament with three other teams with refugee roots, including Panionios. The tournament consisted of two 45 minute games, and a 45 minute final which AEK went on to win. The press had similar observations regarding our front line and it makes me laugh to think that despite being coached by arguably one of Greece’s greatest defenders, its our forwards and midfielders who are impressing most.

In other news, we will apparently see our new jersey some time this week. No idea what to expect. Some sites have been suggesting it will be a pretty interesting design, but I’m not sure if I’m expecting much, I haven’t seen anything special from Puma recently.

There have also been some developments recently with the stadium: We should be seeing some plans by the end of October, and February has been set as the date for construction to finally begin in Nea Filadelfia. Not sure who or what to believe, I just hope that by the next time I visit Athens, I see something resembling a stadium.