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Mateo Impresses with AEK

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Davide Mateo, 23 year old centre back signed on loan by AEK, had his first training session with the team today and nothing but praise has been said about him.

According to team mates and management, he is excellent with the ball at his feet and has an excellent sense of the pitch and positioning. Reports are saying he will be ready to play against PAO this week and it’s up to Manolo to make the choice. I can’t see fitness being an issue at this point, and considering Dellas will be out and Manolas only returned to training today, I wouldn’t mind seeing him play, though with a match as important as this one, it may be a tough decision to make.


After Libe’s fantastic header over the weekend against Xanthi, our beloved striker received the goal of the week award. Good for him, they guy deserves nothing but the best… every week I shudder when I think about where we might be this season without him.

Also, Leonardo received the MVP of the week award. I can’t, unfortunately, comment on his performance (aside from his goal). Both Libe and Leo received about 60% of the votes for their awards.


Xanthi 0 AEK 2 goals and highlights…….

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Both goals and a couple of highlights can be found on the following link,,,,,

Xanthi 0 AEK 2

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AEK traveled north on Saturday night,looking to get back on track after last weeks miserable game.And it was all positive for Manolo Jimenez and his team as we came away with the 3 points courtesy of goals from Leonardo and the seemingly never aging Liberopoulos.
Jimenez sprung some major selection surprises in this game with the idea of resting players for the upcoming midweek 2nd leg Greek Cup clash against pao.AEK lined up as follows,Saha
Eder Leonardo
On the bench were Scocco(who was not needded)Papa Boupa,Lagos,Saja,Geriero and a couple of youngsters from the “b” team.No Blanco at all,not sure if he was injured if anyone can clear this up.
Our goal arrived as early as the 3rd minute,Aryiriou’s low hard cross into the box was miskicked defensively by te Xanthi player,the ball falling to Leonardo on the edge of the 6 yd box who couldn’t miss and blasted home.Great start and it seemed to give the boys confidence as we started controlling most of the play and creating the odd 1/2 chance.Michel,in his first game,looked classy.Controlled the game well,nice distribution and with time will become a huge addition for us.Gentzoglou,who has been the target of a couple of Itallian clubs,played solidly,and in truth,formed a good combination with Michel.Kafes was great today,led by example,ran everywhere,looked dangerous with the ball near the box.Libe was Libe,his header from Leonardo’s corner in the 27th minute was world class.Falling backwards,he got his header into the “gamma” of the Xanthi keeper,unstoppable and a typical Libe goal.
Up 2 nil and cruising so AEK now sat back,with Xanthi having plenty of the ball but not really testing Arambatzis and AEK waiting for the counter.
The 2nd half pretty much continued in this manner and Xanthi did have a couple of big chances,but the central defensive patnetrship of Nasutti and Jahic were outstanding.Jahic,who was my Man Of The Match.I counted at least 5 times were his last ditch tackles saved almost certain goals.Dadomo was very average,but Karabellas did need a rest and Argyriou went ok but still very inexperienced.
Eder played his best match for AEK.Looked a threat down the right side,and when Libe was replaced,he went to striker and did a great jon,in fact,he should have had a penalty.Leonardo,supposedly playing for his AEK future,had a goal and an assist,so you can’t really fault that,but he did have some long ‘quiet spells’.Libe was our trooper,in the lone strikers role and played fine until rested.
The fans were awesome tonight,constant singing and a party atmosphere that only the Originals can create.Hopefully we can take this to the OAKA midweek,but i’m sure the fans will be out in numbers.Up 2 nil from the 1st leg,qualification into the last 4,should be a given.With Scocco,Blanco back,i see us winning by 2 again!

AEK To Sign Baha………

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By the time you’ve read this AEK will have signed 29 year old,Nabil Baha,a Morrocan who has been plying his trade with Malaga in Spain’s top league.Baha is a striker,who will be coming to Athens on loan till the summer,where we”ll then have an option to buy him outright.In 107 appearances for Malaga he has scored 43 goals.In the 07/08 season,his 10 goals were vital in gaining Malaga promotion to the top division after a 2 year absence.In early 2008 he was the subject of a 2 million Euro offer from Staeua Bucharest,however Baha himself declined the offer as he wanted to stay in Spain.

He has also played 19 games for the Morrocan National Team scorring 4 goals.At 29 Baha is experienced and eager to work with Jimenez.A right footed player,he can play anywhere in the forward line,but prefers central.His C.V. makes Djebbour look third rate.

Nabil,welcome to AEK,we hope to see you celebrating many goals in the near future!!!!!!

AEK 0 Oly Volou 4…..

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That’s right,your eyes are not deceiving you.Our beloved set a new unwanted record on Saturday night.Heaviest defeat at home by a team from outside Athens or Thessaloniki.And this coming days after our massive ‘away’ victory against pao only 3 days earlier.
So what went so wrong????Honestly,i’m not sure.Jimenez had warned about the dangers again and again of a game like this.Did the players take no notice?
What I did see were some inept performances,Dellas had his worst game for a while and his injury could be long term.It was he that lost his man from the corner for their 1st goal,very unDellas like.But you can’t blame him as surely when we signed him,it would have been as backup to Manolas and Majstorovic,and once Daniel left,he found himself starting every game,which is way too many for his ageing legs to handle,with the result being his injury,which could be long term.
Liberopoulos is another in the same boat.How long before he gets a muscle injury through too many games?
Obviously,as Jimenez correctly states,our squad is not only way too small but lacking in quality and depth.Look at our bench for Saturday night.Dadomo(played 3 games)Leonardo(hardly set the world on fire)Argyriou(youngster)Eder(apparently on the outer).If we had Blanco go down injured,who would have played replaced him,dimitriadis was our only striker on the bench,but he’s now team manager and retired 20 years ago.
We need signings and quickly.There’s word that a central defender is nearly signed,who,i havn’t heard any names.Michell will help greatly,is a class player,but he can’t be expected to turn things on his own,and,he’s only here for 6 months.
All we can hope for the rest of the year is that Jimenez somehow manages us into the top 4 for a shot at Champions league qualification,and we can still win the Greek Cup.There was talk of Jimenez wanting out,but hopefully its just that,all talk.If we can get rid of some deadwood and help Jimenez get the players he wants(with no budget im not sure how),then next year can be considered our new starting point.
When I can see that a team like Volou can have up to 5 players that are better than ours in their positions,then something is definitely not right,their budget is smaller than that of AEK’s.
We will rise to the top again,this I have no doubt,it’s just when that’s the question,hopefully soon with a Greek Cup,in which we would take some major scalps on the way.

Michel signs with AEK, Djebbour signs with Oly!

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The signing of Miguel Madera, known more commonly as Michel, has been confirmed by AEK on the club’s site. The deal is a loan deal (the player was previously part of Birmingham’s squad but failed to make many appearances from what I read) with an option to buy. I can’t say I know very much about him, but he’s said some good things about the club and seems to be happy with moving to AEK.

I believe we are still looking at Georgiadis from Panserraikos and Vellios from Iraklis (I heard we had agreed with the player however a deal has not yet been reached between the clubs). However, there is now Italian interest in not only Gentzoglou, but also Manolas! Gentzoglou I could understand selling, assuming the price was right, but I simply could not accept selling Manolas yet. He has been outstanding for us, clearly loves the club, and is the kind of player we need with us at the moment.

Djebbour has also been picked up by Olympiakos it seems! He will remain with them for six months however he could sign for an additional two years at the end of the season. What a disgusting way to end this whole saga… fantastic player no doubt, but with the wrong attitude. I thought we may have seen a different player after he was cut from the team for a few months but it seems such traits in players will forever be present. It really is a shame we could not manage to at least get some money of a transfer.

Panathinaikos 0-2 AEK!

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What a sweet, sweet victory for all of us AEK fans today! A 2-0 victory over PAO in their own stadium, with both goals being scored by Libe.


The match was a fairly even affair throughout with neither side absolutely dominating possession. The match started with a very low pace with neither team looking to risk too much offensively too early in the game. Things started going PAO’s way the final 15 minutes or so of the first however, when they started playing much more effective football inside our box forcing Saja to be on his toes for a while.

The balance of the match changed however soon after Libe scored in the second half. It seemed all life was taken out of PAO as soon as they went down and while they failed to show any attacking intent we were seeming to venture forward with more comfort. Libe’s second goal to put the result of the match almost beyond doubt came after his free kick rebounded off the back of Leto leaving PAO’s keeper helpless.

Despite PAO controlling things for part of the game they failed to create many clear cut chances and while the same could be said for us, we didn’t manage to capitalize when it counted most.

Saja had a fantastic game (though I can’t think of many recent matches where he didn’t) and did exactly what was needed of him. He was confident in net and didn’t risk much.

Our defense also did it’s job today though played much riskier football than Saja. Fortunately playing it risky rather than safe payed off for us as it meant cutting many PAO chances off before they could develop into anything dangerous. I was quite satisfied with Nasuti really and hes pleased me his past few performances. Dellas also had a pretty solid game and, together with the rest of our defense, made sure PAO had a hard time in front of our net. They did look slightly vulnerable at times however.

Makos had another impressive game for me and did a great job at getting himself involved whenever possible. Did great defensively and also managed to hold the ball up and distribute when he could. I wasn’t as happy with Diop however as I feel he could have contributed a bit more but he used his strength well when needed.

Lagos had a good game and became more active offensively in the second half though Scocco was fairly quiet in this match. He did try his luck on goal a few times, once after a lovely touch by Roger inside the box, but he failed to find the target. Roger had a good game as well but his touch and free kick’s were very well taken this match.

Oh, and by the way, I never got a report up but we also beat Tripolis away over the weekend with a score of 3-0.

Things are looking better for us now than they initially did after the new year with two good away results in the championship, a great position in the Cup, and a good offensive record despite recently cutting Djebbour’s contract short. Now all we can hope for is that we build on our momentum to get ourselves a good position in the playoffs and a Cup victory! A few transfers to boost our squad where needed and we can achieve something decent before the season ends.

Tripolis 0-3 AEK

PAO 0-2 AEK!

Such a fantastic win! And once again I ask myself where we would be this season had we not gotten Libe when we did. Huge part of our offense this season and has given us a boost on the pitch despite his legs slowing down considerably. Also recieved much applause from many PAO supporters.. only a guy like Libe would ever recieve such appreciation from both sets of fans.