AEK 0 Oly Volou 4…..

That’s right,your eyes are not deceiving you.Our beloved set a new unwanted record on Saturday night.Heaviest defeat at home by a team from outside Athens or Thessaloniki.And this coming days after our massive ‘away’ victory against pao only 3 days earlier.
So what went so wrong????Honestly,i’m not sure.Jimenez had warned about the dangers again and again of a game like this.Did the players take no notice?
What I did see were some inept performances,Dellas had his worst game for a while and his injury could be long term.It was he that lost his man from the corner for their 1st goal,very unDellas like.But you can’t blame him as surely when we signed him,it would have been as backup to Manolas and Majstorovic,and once Daniel left,he found himself starting every game,which is way too many for his ageing legs to handle,with the result being his injury,which could be long term.
Liberopoulos is another in the same boat.How long before he gets a muscle injury through too many games?
Obviously,as Jimenez correctly states,our squad is not only way too small but lacking in quality and depth.Look at our bench for Saturday night.Dadomo(played 3 games)Leonardo(hardly set the world on fire)Argyriou(youngster)Eder(apparently on the outer).If we had Blanco go down injured,who would have played replaced him,dimitriadis was our only striker on the bench,but he’s now team manager and retired 20 years ago.
We need signings and quickly.There’s word that a central defender is nearly signed,who,i havn’t heard any names.Michell will help greatly,is a class player,but he can’t be expected to turn things on his own,and,he’s only here for 6 months.
All we can hope for the rest of the year is that Jimenez somehow manages us into the top 4 for a shot at Champions league qualification,and we can still win the Greek Cup.There was talk of Jimenez wanting out,but hopefully its just that,all talk.If we can get rid of some deadwood and help Jimenez get the players he wants(with no budget im not sure how),then next year can be considered our new starting point.
When I can see that a team like Volou can have up to 5 players that are better than ours in their positions,then something is definitely not right,their budget is smaller than that of AEK’s.
We will rise to the top again,this I have no doubt,it’s just when that’s the question,hopefully soon with a Greek Cup,in which we would take some major scalps on the way.


One Response to “AEK 0 Oly Volou 4…..”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Alright, a week has gone by and i think i have recovered enough to talk about that game. It was the worst game i have seen AEK play in my 4 years in Athens. The boys were literaly dragging their feet. Dont know if they were simply tired or what. I was surprised to see Dellas in the lineup and not Manolas but i found out later that Manolas is injured. You could tell, they were just not into it.
    The fans started leaving the stadium at the ’60 mark, after the 3rd goal. I refused to leave, have never left early before and was not going to do it now but when the 4th goal came i grabbed my daughter and left. But even there, as we were walking away from our gate i couldnt leave and jumped back in the stadium from another gate and watched the final remaining, painful moments. Finally the game ended, there was a lot of booing, i will never boo AEK but the fans also congratulated the Volos team for their big win.

    The other two teams, Oly and PAO needed penalties to win and get a tie respectively. Phantom penalties as the press wrote on Monday. No one could understand what the refs saw that made them award the penalties. Oly beat Tripoli 1-0 thanks to that penalty, this is the same team we beat 3-1. Dismal PAO needed a penalty to get a tie from second last place Panionio. Lets see how much help these two teams will get this weekend.

    Also this week PAOK could have been punished with two games with no fans in attendance due to the problems their idiot fans caused at Volos. However the disciplinary commitee decided to punish them with one game with no fans, the cup game against Oly on Wed but they will have their fans against PAO the following. As they say here in Greece, “tyhaio? then nomizo” Anyways, they are expecting 20K fans outside PAOKs stadium Wed night to cheer on their team. The cops are asking for trouble, how are you going to control 20K PAOK fans who feel that Athens is always against them? They are saying that AEK didnt get punished for what followed after the Volos game Sat night, and we saw what happened but i am not going to comment on that. Things are going to get ugly Wed night. Oly is also worried on how they are going to get through the mob. They will have to get to the stadium hours in advance.

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