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Recent Results and Original21 Sydney

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There have been a few games since my last post, including a 2-1 away win against Irodotos in Crete (the team that is currently 2nd place in the league) as well as a 1-0 win against Asteras Varis for the Cup.

Our win against Irodotos has brought us back up to 1st place with 23 points, ahead of Irodotos with 21 and Kifissias with 17 (We have played a game less than Irodotos). From what I heard recently, only the first place team advances, so its gonna be tight! I’m confident we’ll make it though.

Our upcoming match with Kifissias this weekend has seen a couple changes in when it was scheduled (I believe as a result of a PAO basketball game at OAKA as well, and a worry of fans clashing, though Im not certain about that). Last Ive read, the game is now scheduled for this Sunday.


Something else that I would like to mention: An Original21 club has recently been set up in Sydney! They’ve already has some events organized for people to sign up, and from what I’ve heard, its look like they have some more stuff planned. Great to see another club form outside of Greece, and for any of you in Sydney or nearby, check them out! If you have access to Facbook, they have a page where you can get in touch with them:

They organized a match a couple weeks back between Arsenal and AEK supporters in Sydney, and there might be another one coming up. Would be a fun way to meet some fellow AEKtzides and play some footy.

Now if only there was an active fan club closer to home here in Canada…


Asteras Varis 1-1 AEK

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A far less impressive performance this weekend than what we saw last weekend. From what I’ve been hearing, it sounds like a lot of our younger players are not taking the away matches seriously enough, and it could cost us. While we have a game less than Irodotos, we’re currently behind them in the standings by one point (20 for AEK, 21 for Irodotos in first place). To be honest, I expected us to be clear first for the entire championship, so this is a bit of a disappointment, though I’m still far from being worried.

Our goal was scored by Dacol, a penalty late in the game. We didn’t have Cordero in the midfield, which would certainly have held us back a bit, though its a bit worrying if our midfield relies so heavily on one player. As much promise as some of these younger players are showing, its pretty evident the impact a lack of experience can have.

AEK 7-1 PAO Kroussona

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Lovely score line, and some very nice goals scored. The goal by Platellas to make it 6-0 in particular stood out for me.

Our seventh goal was from a penalty after a very questionable call. It very much seems like Platellas did a rather obvious and unnecessary dive to get the call, and I can’t understand why someone would feel the need to dive like that when your team is up 6-0. He insists it wasn’t a dive, but from the angles I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like there was much contact which would’ve led him to fall like that.

Either way though, nice scoreline, and it seems like this team really knows what they’re doing, even if we’re only playing in the third division.

Highlights of the goals can be seen here. 

Worth noting that Bresevic scored a hatrick, and Dacol, who is looking very promising, also scored.