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Dundee Utd V AEK FC …PREVIEW!!

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Less than 10 hours to go now before AEK begin their European odyssey for 2010.  The Scottish Dundee Utd,who finished third behind Rangers and Celtic (who else), are our opponents over this 2 legged qualification for the group stage of the Europa League.

Bajevic is calm ahead of tonight’s game, warning that we must be carefull on Dundee’s set pieces and if we play the way the team showed in Australia during the preseason, we shouldn’t have too much trouble.  Let’s not forget we beat Rangers 1-0 during these games, and looked fairly comfortable in disposing of them.  Bajevic also states that he is unsure of only one position in the starting eleven,i’d say he’s tossing up between Makos and Papa Boupa for holding midfield role,next to Kafes,as Gentzoglou is out injured.

So,without any major surprises,i expect the starting eleven to be:


Jahic Dellas Manolas Lagos

Kafes Papa Boupa(Makos)

Leonardo Liberopoulos Scocco


Got a feeling he’ll start Refik up front though i’d prefer Blanco, I feel he brings the midfielders into the game better than Djebbour,but there’s not that much between them.

I’m tipping AEK by a goal,maybe 2,don’t think Dundee Utd will be pushovers,especially at their home,but with players like Libe, Scocco, Kafes and co: our class should prevail.


AEK 3-1 PAS Gianenna

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Well, it wasn’t a pretty win, but at the end of they day it was a well deserved three points. One goal was scored from Djebbour (who was superb today) and two from not Blanco, not Scocco (he didn’t play in the end), not Leonardo, Hersi, or Guerreiro, but…. KAFES!

No videos up yet, I’ll get some tomorrow. It was a freezing (literally) night tonight, with a mix of snow and rain towards the end of the game. Luckily though, the players weren’t affected too much.

As could have been predicted before the game, PAS held back and played the counter attacks. This proved to be a nightmare for us as we could not handle them once they took off. Unlike with Iraklis, where we managed to cut off many of their counter attacks before they develloped, we could not stop PAS on the counter at all today and some luck (along with some poor refereeing) helped us not concede earlier.

We scored first, a powerful header by Djebbour off of a Georgeas cross. His header was clocked at 60 km/h.

PAS tied things up ten minutes into the second half and the players seemed to loose concentration and and focus as the fans started to loose patience. Eventually, things tightened up and we started putting the pressure on PAS again. We scored the much needed (for the players and the fans) second goal which came from Kafes. Leonardo had a freekick outside the box which he passed on the ground to Gentzoglou who, with a nice back heel, placed the ball in the centre. Kafes saw the ball and shot and with so many players crowded in the box and the shot nice and low the PAS keeper could not react quick enough.

Kafes scored out third in extra time, a well placed shot after another back heel, this time from Lagos. This third goal sealed the deal on a much needed win and we now continue our unbeaten streak in the second half of the season.

So, we started with Arabatzis in nets, Georgeas (don’t forget, Araujo was out with a red card from last weekend), Majstorovic, Gentzoglou, and Karabelas completing our back line, Makos, Manduca, Kafes, and Hersi making up our midfield, and Blanco along with Djebbour were up front.

Arabatzis had a decent game. There wasn’t much he could do (or anyone else for that matter) with PAS’ goal, but he collected many corners with confidence tough was never really tested with any tough shots.

Georgeas had a good game though made some mistakes and could not handle PAS’ left wing on the counter attack. Majstorovic had a very good game, cleared many balls with confidence though he was also caught on the counter attack. Gentzoglou had a good game and made some critical tackles to keep us in the game. Karabelas was very good, defensively and also offensively, contributing some good runs up the wing.

Our defense was good for the most part except the counter attacks. This is the first time I’ve seen us truly exposed like this this season so hopefully it was a one off thing. Either, we must be more prepared.

Our midfield was alright. Manduca and Hersi (especially Hersi) both had good games but Makos was worse than usual (usual meaning terrible). He did have one nice shot which was barely saved but the rest of the game he lost the ball many times. There were a few promising aspects of his play, some decent passes and he was able to travel with the ball better than normal, but he was still a big problem for us today. He received many boos from the fans which really didn’t  help. Kafes was good today and obviously provided a threat up front.

Our offense was one of the better aspects of today’s game, especially Djebbour. Towards the end of the match we had numerous top class chances to score but couldn’t either because of poor finishing or great goalkeeping from the PAS keeper. Djebbour was quite something today. He scored a goal and had numerous other chances to score and also set up Blanco with a superb cross across the pitch straight to the Argentinian’s feet. This left Blanco head to head with the keeper however, as is typical of Blanco this season, he couldn’t finish it.

Our substitutes were Lagos, Leonardo, and Roger. Lagos was superb! Hopefully the guy will get more playing time now. Roger I honestly did not see enough of. Leonardo had a good game, surprisingly. Not fantastic, but good.

The Originals painted (with spray paint) all the seats where the sit Yellow and Black! An impressive feat and I must say, it looks great! However, with the derby with PAO coming up next weekend, I wonder how the PAO fans will feel. Let’s see what happens there. If they leave it it would be great, add some character to the stadium. I can’t see them leaving it though.

Sorry for the rushed post but school starts again tomorrow since exams are over and I have to get up early once again 😦

Oh, a couple more things to point out. Six Greeks made up our starting eleven, a great number to see! Also, believe ti nor not, PAOK beat Olympiakos in Karaiskaki! Edinho scored the only goal of the match!

And we are brought back down to reality..

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So, after our incredible win only five days earlier people were expecting similar things from last nights game. We thought we were going to get it also after building a healthy 3-1 lead with plenty of time left. The final score? 3-3

One thing was to blame for this result more than anything else. Our midfield. Kafes was out injured and Jahic was out due to cards. That left Makos, Nsaliwa, and Gentzoglou as our options for central midfield. Who did Bajevic (the hero from our derby win who is now being held as someone responsible for our result) decide to go with? Makos and Gentzoglou… big mistake.

Makos was terrible, or worse than that if it is possible. I feel bad for the guy. He tries hard, shows the passion, and clearly cares for AEK like he says, but he must not play another game for AEK. Our midfield was non-existent yesterday. At least we know Nsaliwa can handle the position good enough even though he may not be a star player. Whenever Makos got the ball he would loose it by either loosing possession or giving away the ball with lazy passing. I hate to say it  but the guy is not for AEK. He was good at Panionios but he killed us yesterday.

Gentzoglou wasn’t as bad, and at least he scored a goal. But he was not enough to make a huge impact on our midfield. Without Kafes we were clearly hurting. He isn’t the greatest midfielder Greece has ever produced but he holds the ball well and can control it until he sees a good time to get it up. He’s also a fine defender and can stop the counter attacks early, something which our midfield failed to do on many occasions.

Its a shame our midfield was so poor yesterday since our attack really was quite good. They created chances whenever they did manage to get the ball (normally due either to Scocco playing the ball up or a long ball from Manduca) and were very dangerous. Blanco stayed behind during the week to practise finishing and it payed off after he nailed in a sitter which he may actually have missed a few weeks ago. Scocco again was superb and Djebbour showed promise but I think he needs one or two more games with the team. He gets the ball alot but holds on to it too long and instead of taking the chances he gets he tries to make things harder for himself. With a couple more games we should start to see him finishing off those chances on his own.

Our defense was alright but it wasn’t as tight as we needed. Atromitos deserves credit, they do have a good offense. That 3-0 home loss to Aris would have been different had Sifakis not pulled off some incredible saves. Karabelas and Araujo both had good games and Geraldo was solid, but Majstorovic was back to his old games of passing the ball back to the keeper and waiting until the last possible second to do so. The whole defence started the passing the ball at the back for a minute before getting it up tactic which we saw so many times last year. The fans were not impressed, neither was I, but I guess that’s largely due to the fact that we didn’t have that midfield that we so badly needed in order to get the ball up.

Atromitos scored first in the game but thankfully, probably because of the win on Wednesday, the fans only started singing louder rather than booing. We scored soon after to tie things up and Scocco gave us the lead just before half time. Blanco gave us the nice 3-1 lead during the second thanks to a perfect pass from Scocco (this guy really is incredible). However, things changed quickly after that.

Firstly, check out the video below of the goals.

If you had time to watch the video you would have noticed that Atromitos were awarded a penalty. Was it a deserved call? Absolutely not! However, they were given the penalty, Atromitos scored, we lost our momentum and Atromitos scored another one a minute later. Could this all have been avoided? Easily, if the ref hadn’t awarded them a fake penalty. Funny thing is, the ref wasn’t even sure if he was awarding the penalty for Makos or Majstorovic. When asked why he gave the penalty he first he said Makos, ten minutes later he said Majstorovic. Ah, you gotta love refs in Greece.

Anyways, by this point, the damage was done. We had trouble getting back in the game, something which was certainly by Atromitos’ dirty tactics of a player falling every minute complaining of a cramp. Around seven players must have fallen resulting in breaking up our momentum and wasting time. Every substitution they made also wasted another minute as the Atromitos players took five minutes to walk off the pitch at a leisurely pace while stopping to say hello to everyone on their way out.

One other problem which seriously affected us today was our weakness in the air. Every free kick and corner we had the Atromitos defenders got their heads to the ball first, even Majstorovic couldn’t do anything. Lately that’s where we were stronger, but not yesterday, and it really hurt us since we had many chances to score from corners or free kicks just outside the box.

There was some tension between the fans and Donis. Donis didn’t understand why the AEK fans were treating him so poorly (mmm, maybe because we saw some of the worst football in the history of the club and if it wasn’t for Dusan we wouldn’t have ended up where we did last season?) and he was saying beer cans were being thrown at him. The reporter on the radio, however, said there wasn’t one can thrown on the pitch.

Despite all that was mentioned above, AEK got what they deserved. Atromitos hit the post and had that went in things would have been different. At the end of they day though, we didn’t play our greatest game possible. I don’t know if the players were too cocky after our last match, or the midfield was really our weakness but its a shame, no matter what the reason was. The fans showed up, 15,000 of them. Not a huge crowd but much better than it normally would have been. It was a cold night yet the atmosphere from the AEK fans was still great, the best I remember since last season. 15,00 fans sounded like 40,000. They supported the team well but in the end we left with memories of why this is our worst season yet, rather than memories of the remarkable victory they pulled off five days earlier.


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So, one point from a game where it won’t really do much to help us. In reality though, we could have come away with all three points had we managed to score one more of our chances, or had Saja not made a terrible mistake that the goalkeeper on my own amateur team would likely avoid.

Well, AEKBaltimore will watch the match on TV soon, since I believe he recorded it, and I’m not sure if AEKMAN74 watched as well. I watched from the stadium and have yet to see a highlights show so I can only comment on what I saw from my seats.

We got off to a dream start, literally. Actually, I didn’t imagine we would get a better start, I thought it was too good to be true. We scored the opener in the 15th second. Yes, thats rights, 15th second, not minute! A record for a Greek team in European competitions, and perhaps a record in the new Europa League.

We got off to a great start, but the game was quickly back in the balance with both teams having a few chances if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, we conceded next, after a mistake from Nsaliwa I believe (remember, we had Majstorovic out for this one), and we were again next to conceed after a poor clearance from Saja was controlled by a BATE player who scored an open net shot from 45 meters out.

The Originals starting singing chants against the players, but I was glad to see the rest of the stadium boo them, telling them to get out. Our players were trying, and Saja’s mistake was one that could happen to any keeper. We had no coach for this one, players were out, they were still holding in.

Second half came on and it was clear our players were going for nothing less than three points. By full time we had three posts but no goals from them.

Manduca scored before the half time mark. Other than that, I cant remember any other facts, hopefully one of our other two posters will have some more news to say, but I cant remember much else. My heart was going crazy with all the chances we missed, I couldnt keep track of what was happening.

AEK 1-0 Iraklis

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We got a good win tonight at OAKA against a team that could have put up some difficulties. Unfortunately though, its quite late here, so I dont have time to post a review right now. Either I’ll write it tomorrow or perhaps if either AEKMAN74 or AEKBaltimore watched the match they’ll get something.

I’ll say a few things though. Of all the players who played today Araujo,  Saja, and Nemeth were all great today. Everyone else played really good as well except Blanco, who is still missing easy chances that he would have scored with ease last year. But overall the team showed a great display of football. Speed, good passing, good defending. All around a solid performance for most of the match.

Bajevic was very enthusiastic after the match and rightfully so. Things are looking good now.

Kafes scored our goal today.

AEK Updates

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Well, a press conference was held a few days back with regards to the new investors who were mentioned the post before. The deal has been confirmed, as most people expected, but still the names have not been revealed. Even at AEK only a few people (Notias, maybe Thanopoulos) know who they are.

It is known though that they are quite wealthy and that a few of them are AEK supporters. A few of them are also just football fans, while there are also some who care little for the sport. have posted an article which mentions some of the details discussed at the conference. That can be found here.

Whether this money will be used for a few transfers or only to stabilize the team financially I hope (and Im sure most AEK fans wish for the same) that it is used wisely, and that we see the club benefit from it. We have seen corruption at our club before, we have seen millions or euros and dollars dissapear and sometimes end up in the pockets of certain people. We have seen and suffered enough and hopefully this time around things will be done right, and we will see an AEK which will finally be able to compete, at least to a certain degree, with Pao and Oly. Unfortunately, the way things are now, money is needed if a club is to be succesful. Other factors help incredibly, such as fan support, and proper management, but without sufficient funds, clubs can only go so high.

Time for some other news. Another draw for AEK at its pre-season friendlies. We drew with a Turkish club, 2-2, after someone scored both goals. Take a guess. Blanco? No. Scocco?. Again, no. It was Kafes who ended up scoring both our goals.

Sure it was only a friendly, but now Im starting to get a little worried. I mean, friendly or not we should be beating clubs like this, and confortably. We beat this same club 5-0 last summer. We still have a little under a month until our first Europa League game but still, we need results now, we confidence in the players and fans from an early point if we are to have a succesful season.

We play another friendly tonight. Hopefully Bajevic would have noticed some mistakes from the last game and would have corrected them in time for this one. The team will be leaving Austria soon and this will be our last friendly before we play Boca Juniors (!) at OAKA on August 8th.

The clash between AEK and Olympiakos has been given the green light from various television chanels (Nova, ERT) to move the match to a different date (I believe a week later) due to conflicts with the game being to close to Europa League and Champions League games. All teams will play their matches on the new dates as well.

AEK News (Alot of it)

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So, AEK has been on the news all day, and everyday, for the past few days. The reason why? It looks like two Cypriot investors (the identities have not yet been revealed) are going to invest a large sum of money. I can’t remember the exact details but I believe one of the Cypriot investors will be investing seven million euros, another will invest two million, and the shareholders already with AEK will add another six million, meaning that overall, fifteen million euros will be invested into the team. Of course, this could all change, but as of right now thats how things look. It has also been confirmed on AEK’s site, but only in Greek.

That is definately good news, seeing as financial stability is something we haven’t seen at our beloved team in many years. What will be done with this money has not been confirmed. It could go to stabilize the team’s finances, or perhaps some of it could go towards a singing or two. We’ll have to wait for more news. A number of possibilites as to who the investors could be but some have denied it already. We should learn more soon.

Another important bit of news is, LEONARDO WILL SIGN! Even though we thought a few days ago that everything was done for now with Leonardo it turns out he will sign afterall. Perhpas the president of Levadeiakos realized that they would get nothing for him in January so they might as well sell him now. Good news, especially since we dont have to worry as much about money for the time being.

In other news, AEK drew their first friendly with Cluj, 1-1. AEK’s goal came from Blanco, after a quick free kick was taken by Scocco. The team looked alright, but more friendlys will be required before we can begin to make judgments on how the team looks. All I hope for is that we are prepared for Europa League, which I think we could do quite well in. Seeing as Bejevic has plenty of European experiecompared to Donis), Im sure if the team is ready than we could be a strong team in the tournament.

Some news to report about Olympiakos. Derbyshire will be out for a while due to an injury, and he probably wont be ready for the match against AEK. Great news for us, horrible for them, seeing as he has been theyre best striker lately. Afterall, Diogo hasn’t scored a goal for months, and has not been looking in form. Another critical injury to report for Olympiakos is that Torosodis will be out for six months (and other sources are saying he will be out for only a month). Again, good news for us, not for them, if he is actually out for the the game against us.

Since Seitaridis never replied to AEK we are now looking at Paulo Ferrari, a defender who currently plays for River Plate. Seeing as we could probably afford him now, this could be a good move. Afterall, we do need to strengthen our defense.