Michel signs with AEK, Djebbour signs with Oly!

The signing of Miguel Madera, known more commonly as Michel, has been confirmed by AEK on the club’s site. The deal is a loan deal (the player was previously part of Birmingham’s squad but failed to make many appearances from what I read) with an option to buy. I can’t say I know very much about him, but he’s said some good things about the club and seems to be happy with moving to AEK.

I believe we are still looking at Georgiadis from Panserraikos and Vellios from Iraklis (I heard we had agreed with the player however a deal has not yet been reached between the clubs). However, there is now Italian interest in not only Gentzoglou, but also Manolas! Gentzoglou I could understand selling, assuming the price was right, but I simply could not accept selling Manolas yet. He has been outstanding for us, clearly loves the club, and is the kind of player we need with us at the moment.

Djebbour has also been picked up by Olympiakos it seems! He will remain with them for six months however he could sign for an additional two years at the end of the season. What a disgusting way to end this whole saga… fantastic player no doubt, but with the wrong attitude. I thought we may have seen a different player after he was cut from the team for a few months but it seems such traits in players will forever be present. It really is a shame we could not manage to at least get some money of a transfer.


9 Responses to “Michel signs with AEK, Djebbour signs with Oly!”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    I have two words for Djebour, the same words that Scocco mentioned to him during practice. The same words that will be displayed by Original’s banners when he shows up at OAKA. In fact, i hope they do advance in Greek cup playing so we get the oppurtunity to chant these words to him when he visits OAKA one more time this season. I wonder how it feels wearing that “mounopano”. Dont bother looking it up in a Greek-English dictionary, you will not come across it, but visit OAKA and you will 😉

  2. Ohh, I can’t wait to see what the Originals have planned for this.

  3. Cant wait til we meet in the cup and I hope the Originals make me proud here in Sydney and make his life a FUCKEN LIVING MISERY..sorry for the language but fuck him for doing that,that was done purposely he had half of Germany after him and he went there…Can someone help me out and clear this up for me but am I wrong in saying that he is the “first player EVER from AEK to go to Olympiakos”???? I know we have bought from them but I dont ever remember selling them a player??? And if he is the first well I hope he chokes and dies….

    As for the other news I hope Manolas doesnt go anywhere,hes the only player in our defence who has future at being a leader and if he goes it will be sad as we already lost Socrates,them 2 players wouldve been fantastic at the back for us right now.The future can only get better for us…


  4. Let the prothoti destroy their team,never a Blanco anyway.Good riddance to the overated,overpaid,piece of shit.He won’t play against AEK at the OAKA,hasn’t got the balls.

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    We had other players go to Oly and vice-versa like Kafes but they were totally free agents. They never pulled stunts like that. The whole thing was orchestrated by him, too bad our management fell for it.
    As for Manolas, they would be stupid to let him go now for only 2 mil, they could probably get 6 by next year.
    They said in the paper that first attitude signs he is gone. I hope somebody else punches him out at Renti.

  6. Chris Zap Says:

    Who is going to be the lucky guy to report on tonight’s game?

  7. Ouch, good question. Didn’t see the game, but I guess I should post something… not sure I really want to, trying to put that score line in the back of my head.

  8. Chris Zap Says:

    So, no one is going to review the AEK vs Oly Volou game eh? Good dont, one painful night at OAKA was enough. Lets forget this nightmare quickly.

    Btw, I think its AEKMAN74, not sure if Alex told you, but i have a program from one of the AEK games with a picture of you in it. Its from the time AEK was down at Sydney. If you want i can send it to you, let Alex know what your address is, he’ll pass it on to me and I’ll mail you the program.

  9. Hey Chris,too depressed too post but i’ll get a review up soon as i did painfully sit through 80 mins.Yeah that was me in Sydney,that would be awesome,ill give my address to Alex,Thanks alot mate!!

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