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Patito Rodriguez Signs for AEK

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We made a sign earlier this week, scooping up talented Argentinian forward Patito Rodriguez. He’s 26 which is a pretty decent age plus he’s add some big team experience in South America, playing for teams such as Santos and Independiente. He may not be the biggest name, but neither were players like Scocco and Blanco before we signed them. He hasn’t really had much time yet with the team so I’m not sure if he’ll be ready for the games against Saint Etienne (same goes for Almeida) but I’m hoping he can find some form with us. If he does manage to find some form wearing AEK’s shirt, we could potentially have another Scocco-like player wreaking havoc among other Greek teams.

On the other hand, we could have another player like Buonanotte, someone who clearly has plenty of skill but struggles to find his place in the team. Hes another risky player but one who could certainly pay off.


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AEK 0-1 Asteras Tripolis

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Well that was disappointing… For a number of reason. First of all, we should have won that game. We were all over Asteras for much of the game, especially much of the first half. We were creating chances, we weren’t afraid to move the ball forward, we contained Asteras pretty well. But, as we all very well know by this point, we cannot finish plays. Sure, every now and then we have a good game, but we can’t let games against weak teams like Iraklis, PAS, and Platanias fool us. When you look at our results against teams like Xanthi, PAOK, Olympiakos, PAO, and Atromitos, it is clear that when times are tough for our players, we simply cannot score, even when we’re creating the chances. Our game over the weekend was just more proof of this. If you look at the highlights, our only scoring chances are from set plays or balls to Aravidis. Sure we create a lot, but we’re never going to score every set play, and we certainly cannot rely on only Aravidis to score goals…

The simple fact of the matter is that the players can talk all they want about changing the system at the club. Poyet can talk all he wants about changing the system. Anyone can make whatever changes they want to our system, but no change will fix the fact that we don’t have the players we need to score goals. Whoever had the bright idea this summer that we did not need to invest on some solid strikers and could instead rely on Aravidis and Djebbour has certainly been proven wrong, and it is costing us dearly. Already we have lost points in games where we could have won had we had some decent goal scorers. Our 0-0 with Xanthi, our 0-0 with PAO, our 2-1 loss to PAOK, these are all games where we could have potentially come away with an extra seven points compared to where we are now had we been able to score a goal or two…

Why else was this game disappointing? For those of you who haven’t yet seen what Vargas did, check it out in the highlights that I’ll post below. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one of our players do something so immature on the pitch… In fact, the last thing that I can think of was when Katidis did his nazi salute which he still says he didn’t understand… I get that he was angry, I get that theres a lot of adrenaline going, but could he really not control himself a little better than that? Maybe not, but I hope he learned from this because I think its safe to say that there was a good chance the game would not have ended in the way it did had he not been sent off the way he had been.

To be honest, I was afraid of Asteras before the match. They were coming off an impressive win against APOEL in the Europa League, and they are always a dangerous team. But we should still be able to take them comfortably, and we could have had we had a couple different players on the pitch and had a couple things gone our way which ultimately did not. Nobody was expecting us to win every derby in our first season back, but shouldn’t we at least be able to expect us to get points against teams like Asteras at home? And aside from the fact that we lost to Asteras at home, we are also now behind them AND Panionios in the standings. A third of the way into the championship so far and we’re already long since said goodbye to first and are quickly watching second place slip from our reach too. This is why we desperately need some more players come January, players who can make sure we get the job done against the smaller teams and end up in a decent position for the playoffs…

By the way, did anyone see Scocco’s goal from a couple days ago? Ah what I would give to have someone like him on the team again…

Match highlights:

Things may not be going too well for our football team, but they’re certainly going alright for our basketball team. After five wins out of five games in the league so far, we’re currently first with 10 points. Of course, we still have to face PAO, Olympiakos, and Aris, but its still a very promising start to the season regardless. We have a very strong team this year and with a few more additions we definitely have a chance of challenging Olympiakos and PAO come game day. In addition to our success in the league, we’re also in decent shape in the Euro League, having lost two and won two. Our first win was agonizingly close, and our second game was against Galatasaray, a Euro League caliber team who was always expected to win every match pretty easily. We’ve been very strong so far and have another game tomorrow against Neptunas of Lithuania. A win tomorrow would put us in a very good position for ensuring we make it to the next round, and I genuinely believe we have a good chance of making it happen.

AEK 3-0 Platanias

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Now that I finally have a chance to sit down at my PC, albeit in a hotel room in North Pennsylvania, I’ll get together a quick post on our game yesterday.

First off, check out some of the highlights from the game. Galo’s goal was fantastic, giving me even more reason to be excited about this player. Also worth noting is that gorgeous pass to set up Vargas for the first goal. Johansson is without a doubt proving to be one of our best signings of the past few years.

Just from watching the highlights, its obvious that there’s something good going here. The attacking mindset is definitely there, passing is great, and we’re making chances (how many chances do Platellas and Djebbour need to miss though??).

I definitely really like what I’ve seen so far from the first game, but there’s still a couple things to keep in mind. First of all, we desperately need a quality striker, someone up front who we can get the ball to and who has the experience and composure to take the shot that’s needed. They don’t even need to be able to score the stunners, goals like those Scocco used to score, since we have the players who can score those goals when the opportunity arises (Simoes, Vargas, Galo). What we need is someone we can really on to get the job done up front, a player like Blanco during his first season with us.

All that aside, we definitely have a solid team otherwise, but we still need to see how they fare against a strong team. We may have played well on Saturday, but with our upcoming games against Xanthi, PAS, and PAOK, we’ll definitely have the chance to see just how ready our team is within the next few weeks.

If anyone happened to catch the whole game, I would love to hear your opinions on how we played! I’m hoping to be able to watch our next game, but I’m not too sure how likely that is to happen.

Diego Buonanotte

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Reports from Greece are stating that Diego Buonanotte has ended his contract with Granada and should be on his way to Athens some time today. I’m not sure how true all this is, and when exactly he’s expected in Greece, but I’m hoping the singing goes through without any hiccups. Having a player like Diego on the club will really add an element to our team that I feel has been missing since Scocco left. We’ve seen moments of great ball control from many of our players the past few seasons, but nothing near the level of what we got used to seeing on a weekly basis from Scocco. Hopefully Diego shows us what we’ve been missing for too long.

Iraklis Psachnon 1-3 AEK

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I only managed to watch the game from the 30 minute mark on, though from what I saw it seemed like the win never really was in doubt. It didn’t seem like we played the best we could have, though I get the feeling the players didn’t really feel much pressure throughout the match. The possession was almost 70 % in AEK’s favour, and though Iraklis had some dangerous moments, they were hardly able to apply pressure when not in possession.

Aravidis was unsurprisingly one of our best players, scoring two wonderful goals and coming awfully close to completing another hatrick when he hit the post in the 80th minute. Zoric was our other scorer, making it two games in a row where he has now scored.

Anestis had a reassuringly decent game, making a few good saves and blocking a penalty shot, though I felt like he could have handled the play leading to the penalty in a better way. Sure the play was threatening, though had he closed down the angle and forced the Iraklis player further wide, he would have had a decent chance of saving the shot.

I felt like Barbossa had another disappointing game, reminding me somewhat of when Scocco would have spells where he was far from spectacular. Unfortunately though, even when Barbossa does have a good game he never comes close to the levels Scocco would reach, and I’m starting to get a bit annoyed by this. Hes definitely a solid player when he wants to be, but he has to start proving himself a little more if he wants to keep being a part of the team come next weekend. Afterall, its not as if there is a shortage of players who would give anything to have the chance to prove themselves in his position.

After today’s and yesterday’s game, we are now a more than comfortable 14 points ahead of second placed Panachaiki, which means that if the playoffs were to start with the teams being in their current positions, AEK would start with 8 points. Reassuring of course, though Iraklis (Iraklis from Thesaloniki, not Iraklis Psachnon) would also start with 8 points. The third through sixth teams in the playoff behind AEK and Iraklis would be Panachaiki, Apolon, Olympiakos Volou, and Lamia.

Hania 0-2 AEK

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Not the best performance from what I’ve heard, but nine points from our first three games of the season is definitely nothing to be complaining about.

One thing that is quite clear after reading the player critiques is that our attacking half of the team did not have quite the performance they had last game (considering its still quite early in the season, I’m not gonna start panicking quite yet). At this point, every three points we can get will be extremely valuable later in the season. I’m sure that as long as we keep winning and keeping our spirits up, the team will start to settle into its groove and play more consistently.

Before I go on, the highlights of the goals are well worth taking a look at:

I can’t help but reminded a bit of Rivaldo and Scocco when I watch that first goal. Earlier this week, I read a former player of ours (I can’t remember for sure, but I believe it was Tsiartas) saying that Mantalos will be someone to keep an eye on, and I certainly don’t doubt him. Not only did he first score that first beauty of a goal for us, he also took the foul which perfectly set up Kolovetsios for our second goal. Mantalos is definitely proving he deserves a spot on the starting XI.

AEK 2-1 Irodotos

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Not one of our better games this season by the sounds of things. Judging from what I’ve read and heard, it seems as though our defense was particularly tragic (a terrible mistake from Vasillis Rovas practically handed Irodotos their goal), though our offense was not too much better. Believe it or not, we missed not one, but two penalties… I’m starting to find this very concerning. Surely we should expect better from our penalties? At this point, we’ve scored less than half of the penalties we’ve had all season. 


Highlight of the game is without a doubt Platellas’ game winning goal late in the match. I could not help but be reminded of some of Scocco’s goal when I saw the goal afterwards. Of all the younger Greek players currently playing for us, Platellas really does seem to be the most consistent so far.

After 19 games so far this season, we are ahead in first place by 13 points. We currently have 47 points while second place Kifissia has 34 points. Definitely a safe place to be for now, though things are far from decided.