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Champions Again, 24 Years Later!

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I know, I know, its not official yet as we’re still (!) waiting on the court case regarding the PAOK-AEK match in Toumba. But, its hart to not feel like we’re champions following the scenes that were a result of our 2-0 victory over Levadeiakos.

In front of 70,000 cheering and chanting supporters, we practically sealed our 12th Championship in history, and our first since the 1993-1994 season. Bakasetas was the hero today as he scored both goals, including one from the penalty spot. The highlight of the game though is when Mantalos made his way onto the pitch, 172 days since he last played a match for AEK after recovering from a serious knee injury.

Its amazing to think we’ve finally achieved this considering where we were playing not that long ago. As Tzanetopoulos said, the team has been dreaming about this moment from when they were playing in the 3rd division and it has finally happened!

Theres a lot that can be said about what happened today in Athens, but I’ll let some video footage do the talking.

I was relieved to see that the supporters in the stands didn’t cause any trouble during and after the match. I was sure that just a few flares or a few fans storming the pitch afterwards would have had some teams demanding some kind of punishment for AEK.

Instead of causing any trouble in the stadiums, our supporters left the more “rambunctious” celebrations for the streets of Nea Filadelfia.

The celebrations inside the locker room meanwhile were equally enthusiastic:

Theres not much that can be said really after a day like this. All I can say is that this team deserves credit. The players, the staff, Jimenez, Melissanidis, everyone has done an incredible job to get this far. We’ve all but won the league, we’re in the Cup Final, we were undefeated in the Europa League, its hard to remember a better time to be an AEK supporter in recent memory. Lets just hope the court case goes favorably for us so that we can well and truly host a fiesta like we did back in Nea Filadelfia!


Levadeiakos 0-2 AEK

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Another week and we’re still top of the league. Its still far too close for comfort but does it ever feel good.

With the way the standings are right now, every match is a crucial as the one before and today was no exception after both Oly and PAOK won on Saturday. The match went according to plan for the most part, though Levadeiakos were a pretty stubborn side to break down for much of the first half. As the commentators pointed out, they were playing with all men behind the ball for much of the match which made it tough for AEK to find space.

We did find space eventually though in the 52nd minute, with Araujo sending a pass Livaja’s way. Livaja, as is to be expected with someone in the form that hes currently in, cleanly chipped the ball over the Levadeiakos keeper to open the scoring. Araujo had a great chance to make it 2-0 for AEK when was clear on goal himself, only for his chip to just be tipped away by the keeper.

The goal caused Levadeiakos to open up a bit which gave us enough space to find a second goal, this time when Araujo was able to convert after a beautiful ball was sent up the pitch by Tsintotas. Speaking of Tsintotas, he was in nets instead of Anestis today as a result of Anestis and AEK not yet having settled on a new contract from what I could understand.

Overall it was a decent match from an AEK stand point, though truth be told we were hardly challenged by Levadeiakos. They did come close in the dying minutes of the game but even had they scored it would have been too little too late. The statistics yet again showed pretty much how the game went, with AEK having 63% possession and 16 shots in total.

That wasn’t the only game we had lately, as we also had a midweek cup match against Kalithea. The game, which ended 3-2 in AEK’s favour, was more about giving some playing time to reserve players as AEK had already clinched top spot in the group. The roster featured players like Giakoumakis, Vlachomitros, Vinicius, and Giannoutsos. The biggest surprise however Christos Giousis, an 18 year old midfielder who had never yet played in a professional match for AEK. His debut was, safe to say, an exceptional one. Not only did he end up scoring 2 out of our 3 goals, but he generally looked very composed with the ball at his feet.

You can see what I mean here:

The other scorer from the game was, of all people, Tzanetopoulos. It has to be said that even though Giakoumakis didn’t score, he also had a good game which is promising to see considering we all know his potential. He was involved in a number of plays and even he might not have hit the target, his effort was good to see.

AEK 6-0 Levadeiakos

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Perfect start for Araujo

Just days after singing for us, Araujo not only managed to find himself in the starting XI, but he also managed to get his name on the scoreboard (twice). A great way to start his time with us, though credit must also go the rest of the team. They came out strong from the start of the match and carried their momentum through to the final whistle.

Aside from Araujo we also saw goals from Bakasetas, Kolovetsios, Vargas, and Galanopoulos, all players who contributed to AEK scoring six goals against a 1st division team for the first time since 2003. The win, of course, also books our spot in the next round where we will face Platanias.

Playing against Platanias certainly won’t be easy. They are, afterall, just one point behind us in the league. Having said that, I’m confident we can advance even further, especially considering that after four games with Manolo in charge, we have scored nine goals and conceded none.

Its worth noting that even though Mantalos didn’t play today, it didn’t seem as though he was missed at all. With both Bakasetas and Vargas having great games, we managed to get a number of good shots and crosses into the box. If they can both keep playing this way, part of me hopes that Manolo lets them continue playing where they played today (even if that means Mantalos occasionally playing a less prominent role).


AEK 2-0 Levadeiakos

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Big win for us today, possibly even the biggest of the season so far. We are now officially through to the round of 8 for the cup, not bad really for our first season back. I’m really anxious to see who we face in the next round though since from here on it will not be easy. So far Iraklis, Atromitos, Tripolis, and Olympiakos have made it through and its likely PAO will make it through as well since they go into their game tomorrow with a 2-1 win from their first away game of the round. I wouldn’t mind facing Iraklis since we’ve already beat them comfortably this season, and Atromitos might not be too bad since we tend to do well against them in the cup. I’d be afraid of Tripolis since they have a decent team this season and could definitely give us a hard time, especially since we’ve already lost to them at home this season.

So, how did our game today go? Well, I didn’t get to watch it since I was at work, but it didn’t sound like our best performance of the season. Well done to the team for getting the result, but for most of the first half and much of the second half, we did very little. It got so bad at one point that simply getting a shot off, regardless of how good the shot actually was, was enough to get the commentators on AEK365 excited.

I don’t know why we have such a hard time in high pressure games this season. We’ve seen time and time again that when the pressure is off, the team can loosen up and play some wonderful football. The potential is there, we all know what the team is capable of, but the lack of consistency is really hurting us.

Oh well, we advanced, and we did it with some nice goals too. Buonanotte sealed the deal with his free kick towards the end which made it 2-0, but it was Johansson who opened the scoring late in the first half when we needed it most.

Johansson… I can’t praise him enough. He is a rock in the midfield, he scores when we need it most, and he is probably our most consistent player. I know there have been some teams interested in him, but I really hope we don’t let him go unless the offer is too good to resist (even then I’d rather keep him, but football is a bussiness after-all).

I’ll leave you all with the highlights of the game. Not our best goals, but definitely worth watching. Buonanotte’s free kick reminded me of what I used to see so often from Pirlo and that finish from Johansson… never expected that kind of acrobatic skill from him.

AEK 0-1 Levadeiakos

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Soooo, I was hoping for a better result so we could build some momentum from our 4-0 win last weekend, and unfortunately that didn’t happen… Sounds like it was a similar story to what we had seen the few weeks leading up to the Oly game, good performance from our guys for a while, but we couldn’t keep it going, and one slip up by the keeper let Levadeiakos score the only goal they needed for the 3 points…
Didn’t get to see the game again, feel free to comment if you did though.


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So. Not sure who has been following things with AEK lately… not even sure who still follows this blog anymore considering its been so long since I posted (and for that I apologize, but I just never felt I had much to offer).

But things arent going too well. Things are terrible, really…

AEK, one of the most historic clubs from Greece (THE most historic in my opinion, but Im certainly bound to be a little biased), is at the bottom of the tables, with two points. Two points from six games (so that is two out of a total of eighteen possible points). We’re even lower in the standings than teams like Panthrakikos, Levadeiakos, and Veroia (AND Platanias, a team that just joined the league this year, yet are currently in fourth place with eleven points).

Now, Im sure everyone expected us to have a tough time this season, I know I certainly did. And I accepted it, accepted it as something that needed to be done. But I never expected us to have this hard a time. And we shouldn’t. We’re AEK. There was a time when this club was able to come from being down 2-0 against Madrid, in their own stadium, and even the score at 2-2. There was a time when this team was able to beat teams like Rangers away. There was a time we could beat teams like AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Porto at home, in front of some of the most impressive atmospheres ever created by European supporters. Sure, these wins weren’t that common, but there was still a time when AEK could go up against teams like these and know that, if they played the best they could, they’d always stand a chance.

Yet now, we face teams like Kavala, Panionios, and Ofi,hoping and praying for a win? Is that really what AEK has become? Is that what people have LET AEK become? Even supporters of Greek football in general, or supporters of our rivals, should not accept what has happened to AEK. Take away a strong AEK and its like taking away a strong Liverpool from England, or a strong Inter from Italy, or a strong Marseille from France. Greece NEEDS AEK.

I didn’t start this post with the intention of ranting. I didn’t have any sort of a plan when I started this post, I just felt the need to post something, to show that I’m still here. This team has changed since I first started posting on this blog. We went from pretty-much-winning-championships in 2008, to where were are now, four years later, in 2012. Things with AEK have changed, and not in a good way unfortunately. Everythings changed, really. I’ve changed, the situation in Greece has changed.

But regardless of what has happened to AEK, regardless of what will happen, AEK will always mean the same thing to me. AEK represents so much, to so many people. It represents our history, its a link to a past many of us never actually experienced. A past we could only read about, or hear about from our ancestors.

Yet again Ive taken this post in a certain direction, though I dont know if its really the direction I want to take this post.

Part of me wants to make those responsible for what has happened to AEK feel guilty. But really, I know they’ll never read this. And many live such busy lives, with their companies and ships, to ever care. Yet some probably do care, and I cant say I blame those who stuck with the team for a few years, continued some financial support even though they saw nothing in it for them.

I think its best I end the post here, before I continue on for too much longer. I apologize to everyone who read this expecting something worth while. A match report, or something along those lines. But really, I just felt like expressing how I felt. Because I know Im not the only one out there who feels this way. One thing I’d like to say though is, to everyone who supports AEK, though there might be little we can do in terms of financially supporting the club, we must never forget what AEK means. We can never become supporters who are there only when the club is winning, or when times are good. AEK wasn’t created to celebrate how great life is. AEK was created as a very real reminder of what people left behind, their homes, their lives, families, children, loved ones. AEK was a reminder of the hardships people had to go through and experience. And a reminder of the hardships people have to face everyday, people forced from their homes everyday because of war and conflict, because of natural disasters. Supporting AEK is supporting more than just a club, even if some people don’t see it that way. And I hope that if you support AEK, you’ll always remember that. And I hope the people and the government that have let this club down remember that as well.

Okay, I think Im done. I know I’ve said it before, but Im really sorry I haven’t been able to get any match reports up. The games are always on when I have to work, and I haven’t even found the time to watch a full match yet this entire season. But I think I’m gonna make an effort to post on here a little more often from now on.

Levadeiakos 0-2 AEK

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Ah Levadeiakos… one of those teams, along with Panionios, Volou, and Xanthi, that I just love seeing AEK beat.

Couldnt watch the game because I had to work, but hey, we got the three points. Highlights from what Ive heard/seen: Sialmas’ goalara, good keeping by Konstantopoulos, and a well reffed match (aside from the unnecessary to Sialmas).

Highlights here.

Too bad Sialmas couldn’t have been in form against Doxa as well (to be fair, he played a great game, but just could not find the target), but I still cant get over his goal. Pure class on every level. Got out of a tight position on the sidelines, nice run, confidence, great shot, everything that makes a classic goal. Hopefully he keeps scoring from now on… he’s done everything right this season aside from actually scoring, so maybe this game will help with that.

Apparently our defense wasn’t all that great but from what Ive heard, Konstantopoulos made up for it which is great to hear. Again, hopefully he can keep it up. Unlike with Sialmas, I have not been impressed AT ALL from what Ive seen from him so far this season, but he has time to turn it around. Lets face it, we’re stuck with him afterall and we wont be seeing anyone better for quite a while.

Four points so far in 2012. Too bad we couldn’t have the six like we should have, but it sounds like the last game was definitely an improvement, so lets hope things continue to improve like they were before Christmas.

And by the way, for those who didnt see gtmanleg’s comment, Oly tied 0-0 with Doxa Drama today as well… beautiful stuff.