AEK 2-0 Levadeiakos

Big win for us today, possibly even the biggest of the season so far. We are now officially through to the round of 8 for the cup, not bad really for our first season back. I’m really anxious to see who we face in the next round though since from here on it will not be easy. So far Iraklis, Atromitos, Tripolis, and Olympiakos have made it through and its likely PAO will make it through as well since they go into their game tomorrow with a 2-1 win from their first away game of the round. I wouldn’t mind facing Iraklis since we’ve already beat them comfortably this season, and Atromitos might not be too bad since we tend to do well against them in the cup. I’d be afraid of Tripolis since they have a decent team this season and could definitely give us a hard time, especially since we’ve already lost to them at home this season.

So, how did our game today go? Well, I didn’t get to watch it since I was at work, but it didn’t sound like our best performance of the season. Well done to the team for getting the result, but for most of the first half and much of the second half, we did very little. It got so bad at one point that simply getting a shot off, regardless of how good the shot actually was, was enough to get the commentators on AEK365 excited.

I don’t know why we have such a hard time in high pressure games this season. We’ve seen time and time again that when the pressure is off, the team can loosen up and play some wonderful football. The potential is there, we all know what the team is capable of, but the lack of consistency is really hurting us.

Oh well, we advanced, and we did it with some nice goals too. Buonanotte sealed the deal with his free kick towards the end which made it 2-0, but it was Johansson who opened the scoring late in the first half when we needed it most.

Johansson… I can’t praise him enough. He is a rock in the midfield, he scores when we need it most, and he is probably our most consistent player. I know there have been some teams interested in him, but I really hope we don’t let him go unless the offer is too good to resist (even then I’d rather keep him, but football is a bussiness after-all).

I’ll leave you all with the highlights of the game. Not our best goals, but definitely worth watching. Buonanotte’s free kick reminded me of what I used to see so often from Pirlo and that finish from Johansson… never expected that kind of acrobatic skill from him.


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