Levadeiakos 0-2 AEK

Ah Levadeiakos… one of those teams, along with Panionios, Volou, and Xanthi, that I just love seeing AEK beat.

Couldnt watch the game because I had to work, but hey, we got the three points. Highlights from what Ive heard/seen: Sialmas’ goalara, good keeping by Konstantopoulos, and a well reffed match (aside from the unnecessary to Sialmas).

Highlights here.

Too bad Sialmas couldn’t have been in form against Doxa as well (to be fair, he played a great game, but just could not find the target), but I still cant get over his goal. Pure class on every level. Got out of a tight position on the sidelines, nice run, confidence, great shot, everything that makes a classic goal. Hopefully he keeps scoring from now on… he’s done everything right this season aside from actually scoring, so maybe this game will help with that.

Apparently our defense wasn’t all that great but from what Ive heard, Konstantopoulos made up for it which is great to hear. Again, hopefully he can keep it up. Unlike with Sialmas, I have not been impressed AT ALL from what Ive seen from him so far this season, but he has time to turn it around. Lets face it, we’re stuck with him afterall and we wont be seeing anyone better for quite a while.

Four points so far in 2012. Too bad we couldn’t have the six like we should have, but it sounds like the last game was definitely an improvement, so lets hope things continue to improve like they were before Christmas.

And by the way, for those who didnt see gtmanleg’s comment, Oly tied 0-0 with Doxa Drama today as well… beautiful stuff.


One Response to “Levadeiakos 0-2 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    I watched most of the game with the exception of the last 10 minutes due to a bad link. It wasnt a spectacular game but then again, look who and where we were playing. A 7:30 PM game, a January evening on top of no where (ok, no exactly no where, land of great souvlakis) with nasty chilly winds. In the change room they were comparing Sialmas to Ronaltino.

    I was pleased to see 250-300 AEK fans sitting in the stadium bext to the Levadiakos fans singing and chanting. The singing started an hour before the game and didnt stop till the game ended. We were banned from entering the game thanks to Mr. (If i can call him that) Bitsahti. He had no problems allowing the Oly fans there a few days earlier but didnt allow us cause we are such horrible troublemakers 😉 But the guys were there along with another group at the construction site behind one of the nets. Last year we managed to get in but the majority was kept out and had to settle for the construction site. Nite to see our fans supporting the team, unlike our x-shareholders who have abandoned it. I guess their millions isnt enough to keep AEK going, yet Maridakis has no problem supporting his losers.
    Since I am on the topic of “management”, looks like the Xeniadis case was another fiasco, another attempt of a lamogio trying to enter AEK and becoming rich from it. We had our share of those in the past, never again please. I have to give credit to Adamidis for not falling for him and not being desperate enough to dump the team to any “apateona” that comes along.
    This fellow had the nerve to show up at last Friday’s meeting with an x-president of Oly. A president who back when he was running the team (Oly), had a cake on the eve of an AEK -Oly game and had written on the cake Oly 4 – AEK 0. We won that game btw. And since then lots has come to the surface, on how Maridakis used his bouncers to beat up Xeniadis and the x-president over a deal that went bad, how they went back and beat up Maridakis, how Maridakis is mixed up with the game fixing scandal, how he has listened to the third tape and so on. Now tell me something, how can a serious investor enter Greek football with these kind of people and deal with them? Unless you are dirty yourself, forget it, and thats why Xeniadis wanted in on the game and get his share of the pie!! This is a man that has declared 0 income on his tax return year after year yet he rans 54 companies? Has a degree from a no name university? Stands next to learjet? I am going to pose next to one and then announce to the world that I am intersting of becoming a share holder for AEK.

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