AEK 0-1 Levadeiakos

Soooo, I was hoping for a better result so we could build some momentum from our 4-0 win last weekend, and unfortunately that didn’t happen… Sounds like it was a similar story to what we had seen the few weeks leading up to the Oly game, good performance from our guys for a while, but we couldn’t keep it going, and one slip up by the keeper let Levadeiakos score the only goal they needed for the 3 points…
Didn’t get to see the game again, feel free to comment if you did though.


2 Responses to “AEK 0-1 Levadeiakos”

  1. Another bad day at the office, what’s going on?
    London Derby for us today spurs v west ham utd.
    Who do AEK dislike more PAO or OLY?

    Keep the faith

  2. No idea man. I just hope things can really turn around soon.

    Derby just started! Are you at the match?

    And thats a good question. Really depends on whether youre looking at a small range in time or a larger one. Generally I’d say over the past 10 years or so, AEK dislike Oly more. But I cant say for sure whether that actually is this case (its just what Ive noticed) or whether its actually true. Really, PAO I think have traditionally been disliked a little more but because of everything oly has done this past decade (and more), I’d say thats changed.

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