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AEK 2-0 Lamia

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After facing Lamia for the second time in less than a week, we managed to come away with yet another win with a slightly more convincing scoreline.

I’m just watching the game now and while it might not have been the best game we’ve played this season, it wasn’t an awful performance. More importantly, it gets us an important first win in the Cup against a team that is the toughest opponent in our group (with the other two being Kallithea and Apollon Larissa).

The game featured many of our starters but we also saw from the likes of Tsintotas, Vinicius, and Traustason, all of whom had pretty decent games. We also saw some familiar sides amongst the opposition as both Alex Dacol and Chrisantus were part of the squad and both made their way onto the pitch later in the game as subs.

Today’s win was an important one for sure but its safe to say that the team’s focus was probably directed to the upcoming game against Olympiakos before the final whistle was even blown today. Ticket sales are looking pretty good so far with around 15,000 tickets having already been sold. Add into the equation the 11,000 season tickets and thats already about 25,000 supporters with over three days to go until the game. At this rate I can see anywhere between 40,000 and 50,000 in attendance on Sunday.


AEK 4-0 Ermionidas

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Apologies for the delay getting this post up.

Our win on Saturday was a comfortable one for AEK, something that was a bit of a relief to hear considering Ermionidas were the first team we didn’t manage to beat in the league.

Our four goals were scored by four different scorers with Anakoglou scoring the first goal followed by Dounis, Aravidis, and D’Acol. It was nice to see Aravidis on the scoresheet (he has scored an impressive 13 goals in 13 games) as well as D’Acol. D’Acol’s game yesterday was his first in months since he was injured, so for him to get a goal on his return can only help boost his confidence.

Aside from scoring four goals during the match, we also dominated possession with 64%, while also being by the far the more active team in front of goal with 24 shots compared to 6 for Ermionidas. Our starting keeper for the match was Ilias Vouras while Anestis was on the bench for the game. I assume this was to give him a rest which makes sense, seeing as I can’t actually remember a game where he wasn’t our starting keeper.

I noticed just now that Soleidis was not featured in our starting 11 or on our bench, which worried me for a second. However, I looked at the squad who will be in OAKA for our game against Olympiakos, and Soleidis is indeed listed. I’ve been quite impressed with him so far this season so its certainly a bit of a relief to know he isn’t injured.

Speaking of our game against Olympiakos, its been announced that there are just about 5,000 tickets left for the match. Regardless of whether or not those remaining tickets all sell (which I believe they will), its guaranteed that the crowd in OAKA come Wednesday is going to be awfully impressive.

Panahaiki 1-3 AEK

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Fifth win out of five games so far for AEK, with today’s win coming thanks to goals from D’Acol, Platellas, and Barbosa (I believe today’s goals from Platellas and Barbosa were their first league goals of the season). Decent performance from most players from what I read, with AEK365 giving particularly to Petravrakis, Cordero, Platellas, Barbosa, D’Acol, and Zoric.

Its a comfortable win, and five wins out of the first five games is always a good thing, though I was surprised when I realized how close the standings still are. Despite getting a perfect record so far, we’re only two points ahead of second place Hania, with 15 points, and that isn’t too comfortable. Its still early in the season however, and I have no reason to doubt the team.

I haven’t yet been able to find highlights of today’s goals yet, but I’ll have them posted as soon as I do.

Its worth pointing out that our basketball team’s winning streak with our new manager has continued to 3 out of 3 after today’s 96-73 win against Kollosos. I know its gonna be a while until our basketball team sees the kind of success it saw years ago, but staying competitive is a huge priority for us, and it looks like that’s what were starting to do again. All I want to see now is a win in a derby.

Some catching up…

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I have some catching up to do since my last post, so I’ll start with our most recent match.

Over the weekend we played Acharnaikos, our fourth game of the championship so far. From the sounds of things there was some fan trouble (not quite sure if it was before the match, during it, or both) which resulted in some delays, though the match was eventually completed. We didn’t make it easy for ourselves, and it was an uncomfortably close result for us, but we ended up winning 2-1 thanks to two goals scored in extra time. Our two goals were scored were scored by D’Acol and Brecevic, both substitutions by Dellas late in the game. I’m not sure if Dellas was intentionally leaving two of our more effective offensive players until later in the game, but they were clearly two great choices by him.

Our effectiveness on headers this match was clearly pretty impressive and I must say I’m pretty happy with that. In fact, it seems like we’re quite solid with set plays generally this season, which is always a good thing. Considering we will certainly be one of the favorites and more feared teams in the league, I see us getting a number of fouls and free kicks near opposition goals, so it would only make sense to take advantage of that.

I really do envy those who were in the stands for the game. It would’ve been quite the moment when we scored not only the tying goal, but also the winning goal in extra time.

The next game to mention would be our second cup game of the season, this time a win against Iraklis Psachnon. With a scoreline of 3-0, its safe to say this was a far more comfortable win than our win against Acharnaikos over the weekend. The 3 points from the cup game just barely puts us first in our group, as we’re tied with Atromitos on pooints but ahead due to a better goal difference. What this means is that our progression to the next round pretty much comes down to our game with Atromitos. Depending on the situation with the other game, if Panthrakikos lose or draw against Iraklis Paschnon, all we will need against Atromitos would be a draw in order to advance. It won’t be easy, but I do actually believe we can get either a draw or a win against Atromitos. I’m looking forward to the match, not only because beating Atromitos would be pretty great, but because this will be a perfect match for us to see where we are as a team and where we need to improve.

One of those Sundays…

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I’ll never forget Sundays like the one that just passed when I lived in Athens. Don’t get me wrong, win or lose there was never any place I’d rather be than watching AEK at OAKA, but when things went as well as they did yesterday, I knew it was gonna be a good week.

Before our game against Apollon Smyrnis even began, the day got off to a great start. Hours before the Apollon game, our basketball team got another good victory, this time against Panionios (while Panionios might not be the greatest team in the league, they are certainly no push overs either). It was nice to get our first win of the season in front of a solid crowd of about 6,000 at the OAKA basketball arena.

Not long after the basketball game was our game against Apollon Smyrnis, also at OAKA. From what I’ve heard and read, our first half performance left much to be desired, resulting in the first half coming to a close with a 1-0 lead for Apollon after a 45th minute penalty.

Thankfully, we turned things around in the second half and came out much stronger, creating a number of good chances, and doing enough to score the two goals needed to grab a victory (the first scored off a nice header by D’Acol, the second a penalty scored by Mantalos).

The critique of the players from AEK365 was generally positive, with Mantalos getting the most praise (he was awarded MVP for the match), specifically for his solid performance and the effort he gave. The only two players who were considered to have given particularly poor performances were Platellas and Dounis.

The crowd for the game against Apollon was said to be over 20,000 (from the videos it certainly looked like there could have been well over 20,000 in Attendance), an impressive number for sure and especially considering the total attendance for all Superleague matches a few weeks ago was under 20,000. The atmosphere at both the basketball game as well as the football game were said to be excellent, and as Barbosa said, “Its great to play for this crowd”. Thats the thing with AEK supporters really… 1st, 2nd, or 3rd division, it doesn’t matter. If the players are gonna give their all for the team, the supporters will be there too.

For highlights, check out the video below:

What I would give to have been in Athens for a day like yesterday…

Promising Results

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We’ve had a few friendlies so far this pre-season, and so far the results have been encouraging. The results of our three friendlies have been a 0-0 draw against Skoda Xanthi, a 7-1 win against Ilisiakos, and a 5-0 against AE Diminiou. Of course, we have to keep in mind that the opposition we’ve faced so far has been rather easy to get by, I still see some promising signs from the results. I’ve attached a video below from our last game, showing the goals and some of the highlights, and I quite like what I see. It seems like they’re having fun out there, and aren’t afraid of taking some chances. Nice to see some of our usual scorers from last season (Bresevic and D’Acol) on the score sheet, as well as some new faces, including Helder Barbosa, a promising Portuguese player we signed a few weeks ago.

We have a few more friendlies coming up, including games against Niki Volou and Larissa, as well as a very exciting friendly against Roma in Athens. I’m obviously quite nervous for the friendly against Roma since it will be anything but an easy game, but it will be great to see our players against a world class team such as Roma. Its worth remembering that AEK has some history with Roma, considering we have played against each other in previous European games, as well as the fact that Dellas played for Roma and was one of their star players at the time.

Trigila Rafinas 0-2 AEK

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Not a terribly impressive result, but the three points are ours either way so I can’t complain too much.

Sounds like it was a decent game all around, though Platellas, Cirillo, D’Acol, and Anakoglou all got special mention. Platellas was yet again impressive, scoring one goal and assisting in another, and I’m really starting to get excited for what he’ll have to show us when second division comes around. Brecevic was out again for this game.

I love how our fans manage to make any match feel like were playing at home.