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AEK 1-0 Atromitos

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An unconvincing scoreline to accompany a similarly unconvincing performance for AEK. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but we certainly didn’t play the best football I’ve seen from the team.

If one thing is clear from today’s game, its the fact that we desperately need some more attacking presence up front. Our midfield did well today to create some chances since Atromitos was determined to shut us down outside their box, but despite all our efforts, it was not until Chrisantus came on as a sub late in the game when we were finally able to break the deadlock.

I have no complaints at all about Aravidis, and despite Chrisantus’ lack of goals scored, I can’t complain about him too much either, but those two are simply not enough of a threat up front. We were so badly lacking the finishing touch today, and sooner or later, not being able to finish our chances will really make the difference when we need it most. Aravidis can’t be expected to do it all on his own, and while Chrisantus seems to contribute overall when hes on the pitch, his goal scoring record certainly needs some improvement. Of course we have Djebbour, but even in the past he was anything but reliable, and to be honest I wouldn’t mind if we got rid of him altogether considering he has hardly proved he deserves a spot, and his attitude seems to be as much of a problem as ever. I’m really worried that our lack of strikers is going to lead to more close matches for us, matches we should be winning with fairly convincing scorelines.

Aside from our offense today, our defense was also quite unconvincing. Galo and Didac did well on the wings, particularly going forward, but Lambropoulos and Tzanetopoulos in the centre seemed unorganized quite a few times (this was particularly a problem since Atromitos seemed to prefer attacking through the centre). Fortunately, our midfield did a fairly decent job of moving the ball around, but with an easily undone central defense and a lack of finishing up front, we’re going to have a tough time in Karaiskaki next week.

It was nice to Cordero come on towards the end of the match. Hopefully he’ll be able to stay healthy for a while as its been quite a long time since we’ve really had the chance to see what he can do.

Overall I can’t say I was too happy with what I saw today. I was never worried about us not finishing with the three points, but the team never really seemed to gel at any point during the game. We were limping through the entire match, and I’m not sure if it was complacency, nerves for next week, or us just being in a poor psychological state in general. Either way, we are now six games in and if the team is going to start showing some truly promising signs, it has to happen now. We have a three point cushion in third at the moment, but with two more big derbies coming up before the winter break, we’ll definitely need to see more from the team if we can expect to comfortably make the playoffs.

For highlights, as usual, check our novasport page:



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Big game tomorrow, a chance for us to get some revenge, and a win that never came against Anderlecht. Seems like its been a while since that day we came back from 2-0 down and ended up tying the match 2-2, a score which would have had us through to the Champions League group stage had the result from the Milan-Lille match been more favorable.

That’s all history now and we’re only looking forward. While it won’t be an easy match, I really believe we have a great chance to take all three points here! Hopefully last weekend’s result wont get to our players heads though, there is still alot of work to do!


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Well, I’m not sure what the exact situation is, whether he’s actually signed or not, but as far as I know, there has been an agreement between the two sides and Jimenez is pretty much ours! If you told me after that loss to Volou that we would sign as high a profile coach as Jimenez, I would have laughed in your face… but it looks like its happening!

Regardless of who we signed, I think it was time either way for change. Of course Bajevic deserves more than just a thank you for all that he has done for our club, and he unfortunately deserved much better than what he faced his past two times in charge… but it just wasn’t working this season so far, and with all the tension in the stands something had to change.

Welcome to the club Manolo Jimenez!

Now hopefully I don’t wake up tomorrow to find out that we didn’t sign him!

AEK 1-0 Xanthi

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Not a brilliant result, but considering the circumstances and the opposition, I think we’ll take it and move on. Xanthi are rarely a pushover, but 3 points is what we needed most here and we got it.

I have only seen Leonardo’s goal so far (I’m not sure if its on youtube yet however it is uploaded on and it was quite the goal! Beautifully taken shot, nice control and set up leading to the goal, brilliant. However, I will hopefully watch the match, or at least some general highlights later on so I can comment. From what I heard it was an average game at best, and while we may have been alright in the first half it sounds like our second half performance was far from anything special.

Adamidis was at OAKA by the 20th minute after returning from Spain and it seems like he brought some great news with him. Nothing is anywhere near confirmed but the talks with Jimenez seem very promising! Hopefully more updates will follow shortly… I just hope we are not dissapointed, we really do deserve some good news (it seems we haven’t had any since the tournament in Sydney).

AEK 5 Sydney 3

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Well, AEKMAN posted a thorough review of the match below, one which was certainly helpful for me as I unfortunately missed it. However, for anyone that missed it or would simply like to watch it again, there is good news. It can be watched here, at this link:

Also, an unrelated notice from AEKBaltimore, aimed at anyone ordering the kit. He suggests that everyobody that orders the kit online orders a size (or two) larger than they would normally wear. I have heard this from many people and would highly recommend considering it if you plan on ordering the kit.

AEK to sign Matias Lequi?

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Reports are claiming that AEK are close to signing Argentinian left back Matias. The defender, who has in the past played for Atletico Madrid (he was there at the time when Nikolaidis was there as well) as well as Lazio and other teams is currently a free agent. The transfer window for free-agents is to close soon so we should know within the next couple of days if he will join us or not.

Report here.

AEK President Kintis to quit?

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Rumours are starting to circulate stating that AEK president Giorgos Kintis has submitted his resignation. This has yet to be officially confirmed however there are two reports here and here.

Rumours are also starting to spread saying that AEK has given PAOK tickets for this weekend’s games. This has also yet to be confirmed however estimates are saying anywhere between 2000- 10,000 fans could be expected.