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Dellas For Another Year

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Big news yesterday following a meeting with Bajevic, Mellisanidis, and Dellas, news that I’m quite relieved to hear. I know its a bit early to make significant judgments on Dellas’ ability as a coach considering we’ve yet to consistently face tough opposition, but he really deserves the chance to prove himself as far as I’m concerned. He’s done well with the team and budget hes had until now and I can’t help but appreciate his dedication to the team. Not only did he come in at a time when not many people were willing to, but he also stuck with the team through what have been the two most difficult years since AEK was formed ninety one years ago.

It wont be easy for him next year when he will face more difficult opposition both on and off the pitch, but I think its important we not have our expectations too high. Do I want us to win the championship? Of course I do, but I have to remember that we’re still building the team and as of now, we certainly don’t have a team that is ready to win it all yet. Perhaps that could change as the summer goes on, but that all depends on what kind of players we go for, and how much management is willing to spend.

As most of you will by now have learned, the playoffs are now officially over, and it didn’t really end as well as we all would have liked. Our final two results were a 1-1 draw against Larissa and a 1-0 loss to Oly Volou and while I’m not exactly happy about the scores, at this point all I want to do is forget the past two years even happened. From here on things can only get better, and they certainly will.

Transfer talk has been the usual throwing around of names, but we are apparently close to singing Ronald Vargas (I believe its just a matter of receiving the signed contract, but I really couldn’t say for sure). I haven’t seen Vargas play personally but judging from youtube clips, I think he would definitely be a great addition to the team. We’ve also signed Stavros Vasilantonopoulos, a 23 year old from Apollon Smyrnis. I haven’t seen much of him either but he was apparently Apollon’s best player this season, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do during the preseason.


AEK 1-0 Olympiakos Volou

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Another disappointing performance from our team, even if we did manage to come away with the three points. I can’t lie, I really am surprised we’ve been seeing such poor football from the team, considering a good number of our players will know that these playoff matches will be their last chances to show they’re worth a spot on next season’s team.

As disappointing as our performance was, even more disappointing is the news regarding Bakakis’ injury. I’m not sure about the specifics yet, I read someone suggest it might be a torn ACL, but whatever it is, it seems like its serious. Not sure how long he’ll be out for, but I think its safe to say we wont see him again for the playoffs. Certainly not the best of news considering we’re also really missing Mantalos at the moment.

Our only goal was scored by Grontis after he latched on to a lose ball in the penalty area following Aravidis’ post. MVP of the match was, unsurprisingly, Johansson. I really do hope we hold on to him for next season (not that I see any reason for us not to), he’s definitely a solid and reliable player to have in our midfield.

Not really related to the match itself, but an amusing video from the press conference (I particularly like that Dellas even told Eleftheropoulos to sit in the seat from which he ended up falling off of):

Playoff Schedule Released

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I know its something that has been discussed quite a bit here on the blog, and our playoff schedule has now been finally released. The matches will be as follows:
Iraklis – AEK (April 26th)
AEK – Panachaiki (May 5th)
AEK – Apollon Smyrnis (May 9th)
Larisa – AEK (May 13th)
AEK – Olympiakos Volou (May 20th)
AEK – Iraklis (May 24th)
Panachaiki – AEK (May 31st)
Apollon Smyrnis – AEK (June 3rd)
AEK – Larisa (June 7th)
Olympiakos Volou – AEK (June 14th)

Our hardest match without a doubt will be our first with Iraklis on the 26th, though as anyone can tell from looking at the schedule, not one of these matches will be easy. Thankfully though, our 10 point cushion will take a lot of the pressure off, so I think its safe to say were in a pretty good position as far as getting promoted is concerned.

One thing you will probably also notice, is that we play until the 14th of June, which is very late into the season to be playing (not to mention a very hot time of year in Greece to be playing). Hopefully this doesn’t affect our pre-season prep time too much.

It was recently announced that as of next season, our jerseys will be made by Nike. I’ve been pretty happy with the recent jersey’s weve had from Puma, but I feel like as if Nike will be a nice change since I consitently like the jerseys they put out. AEK365 recently posted a photo of 9 current Nike jerseys redone to look like AEK jerseys and I must say I quite like a few of them. Of course, these are amateur mock ups and nothing official, but I’d be happy if we managed to have one of the ones posted. To see the mock ups, check out AEK365’s link here

Iraklis Psachnon 1-3 AEK

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I only managed to watch the game from the 30 minute mark on, though from what I saw it seemed like the win never really was in doubt. It didn’t seem like we played the best we could have, though I get the feeling the players didn’t really feel much pressure throughout the match. The possession was almost 70 % in AEK’s favour, and though Iraklis had some dangerous moments, they were hardly able to apply pressure when not in possession.

Aravidis was unsurprisingly one of our best players, scoring two wonderful goals and coming awfully close to completing another hatrick when he hit the post in the 80th minute. Zoric was our other scorer, making it two games in a row where he has now scored.

Anestis had a reassuringly decent game, making a few good saves and blocking a penalty shot, though I felt like he could have handled the play leading to the penalty in a better way. Sure the play was threatening, though had he closed down the angle and forced the Iraklis player further wide, he would have had a decent chance of saving the shot.

I felt like Barbossa had another disappointing game, reminding me somewhat of when Scocco would have spells where he was far from spectacular. Unfortunately though, even when Barbossa does have a good game he never comes close to the levels Scocco would reach, and I’m starting to get a bit annoyed by this. Hes definitely a solid player when he wants to be, but he has to start proving himself a little more if he wants to keep being a part of the team come next weekend. Afterall, its not as if there is a shortage of players who would give anything to have the chance to prove themselves in his position.

After today’s and yesterday’s game, we are now a more than comfortable 14 points ahead of second placed Panachaiki, which means that if the playoffs were to start with the teams being in their current positions, AEK would start with 8 points. Reassuring of course, though Iraklis (Iraklis from Thesaloniki, not Iraklis Psachnon) would also start with 8 points. The third through sixth teams in the playoff behind AEK and Iraklis would be Panachaiki, Apolon, Olympiakos Volou, and Lamia.


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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. To be honest, I’ve had a hard time following and keeping up with all the news regarding the stadium, players for next year, and what exactly will be happening with the team and the management board.

The season has obviously been over for a while now, and we now know who we’ll be facing for next season. There are certainly some pretty dangerous teams in the list, and all I can say is that I hope we have players who are up for the challenge. Among the teams we’ll face will be Panahaiki, Fostiras, Kallithea, and Apollon Smirnis.

For those who don’t know, the second division is considerably different than the Superleague. Second division in Greece is actually two divisions, a Northern division and a Southern division (which we’ll be playing in next season). The Southern division includes teams from Attiki, the Peloponnese, and Crete, as well as a couple other regions. At the end of the regular season, the top four teams from each division play each other in an eight team playoff, with the top three teams being promoted to the Superleague.

In addition to the teams already listed for our group, there are some even tougher opponents in the northern group, teams we’ll quite likely face during the playoffs. A few examples of some worrying opposition: Aris, Iraklis, Olympiakos Volou, Doxa Dramas, Larissa, and Lamia. Definitely won’t be easy.

I wish I had some solid news to discuss regarding the stadium, but I really don’t know what exactly is going on. As far as I can tell, there are still a few hurdles regarding laws, parliament, municipalities, and the environment, that need to be sorted out. Knowing how things in Greece work, I can only imagine this will all be worked out later rather than sooner…

There have been a few names for players thrown around for next season, with Dimitris Papadopoulos being one of the more recognizable ones (can’t say I’m extremely excited about the prospect of signing Papadopoulos, though I guess he will bring some experience to the squad).. An interesting name I’ve seen thrown around the past few days has been not that of a possible player for next season, but a possible coach:


Yes, apparently Lorenzo Serra Ferrer is being linked by some (not necessarily in Greece) to AEK… Now, I know it probably will just turn out to be another rumour, but I must admit, maybe its not the worst idea. He did have some pretty decent moments with us, and though he did leave after a while, lets face it: Whoever we do sign to be our coach will probably end up leaving the same way (if recent history is anything to go by).

The first time I saw his name linked to us, I laughed. But the more I think about it, the more I realize maybe it isn’t a completely crazy idea. We’ve had high profile Spaniards manage us, as well as lower profile Greeks, and even former AEK players recently. Managers have come and gone, and come again. Sometimes things improve momentarily, but they almost always take a turn for the worse eventually. At least with Ferrer, we’ll have a coach who will come to the team knowing its history and know what kind of pressure to expect from the supporters. He will come already having experience with life in Greece, and some of the management staff would even be players that he managed six years ago (wow, I can’t believe its already been that long). Who knows… either way, whoever we go with will be a risk, that’s a guarantee. So maybe it would be worth it to go with someone we at least somewhat know? Just my opinion..

Pre-season Underway

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Firstly, I’d like to apologize for not having posted anything recently, my internet connection was limited the past two weeks while I was away and so I couldn’t really get a post up.

Enough has happened since then though, and Im not sure where to begin. There has been talk on and off about the match fixing scandals, though (and Im not surprised at all) it seems Marinakis won’t be touched any time soon. I’m not sure what has happened with Beos, however Olympiakos Volou are still currently playing in the Europa League, and Psomiadis still has not been arrested (though it sounds like there has been a fair bit of talk about him).

Still not sure what will come out of all this, maybe something, maybe nothing at all. Either way, it seems teams have continued as if very little has ever happened and I imagine things will continue to be that way.

As for our transfers, as KGB posted, we have signed former Barca and Chelsea striker, Eidur Gudjohnsen. I honestly can’t say I’ve seen much of him, and he is fairly old, but I still have high hopes, even if it takes a while for him to find his place in the team. Either way, with the reception he received at the airport, I certainly hope to see him offer everything he can.

We also signed Jose Carlos and Cala (I believe Cala was a loan though I could be wrong) from Sevilla, two players who Jimenez was familiar with. Definitely very promising pick ups and both should be able to make a fairly immediate impact.

Michel has said that he is very keen on returning to AEK, and I believe Birmingham will be releasing him so we should be able to sign him once again if all goes well. I personally will be very happy if this works out as he was a solid player, was committed to the team, and fit well in the system we were playing last season.

Things aren’t looking so positive though as far as Diop is concerned. He is having some family issues (I am not aware of the details though) and is considering quitting football all together. He would save us some cash on his salary, but he managed to become a critical player for the team as the season progressed last year, so he will be missed. And I can’t see him being very easy to replace either.


Now, as far as our pre-season friendlies are concerned, I’m not sure what to think. We won our first friendly 5-0 however we only managed a 0-0 draw earlier today against FC Baku of Azerbaijan. I know its still early, and we have a fairly new team, and I expect Jimenez will still need some time to fine tune the team, so I’m not too worried yet. If previous seasons are anything to go by, pre-season friendly results tend to mean very little by time the season comes around.

PAOK-AEK Live Updates

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I’ll try to keep some live updates of the match here for those without a way to watch it. From what I know, the three links below will show a stream of the match:

I’ll add more streams if I come across any.

PAO is currently beating Oly Volou 2-0 with about twenty minutes to go. I was hoping PAO would lose this one or it would end up in a draw but our fate is still entirely in our hands (the match has now ended with a 3-0 victory for PAO). Either way, tonight will be a huge game.

Our starting XI for the match includes Saja, Georgeas, Manolas, Dellas, Karabellas, Makos, Michel, Diop, Lagos, Scocco, and Blanco. Arabatzis, Nasuti, Mateos, Roger, Leonardo, Dadomo, and Baha are the substitutes.

Game has started. PAOK came close off a free kick about three minutes in.

PAOK seem to have much more control of the game than they did over the weekend so far (only six minutes in).

Great chance for AEK after a defensive error by PAOK but Scocco couldn’t get a good delivery into the box.

GOOOAL! Scocco! 13th minute!! Long rage free kick, tricky bounce in front of Chalkias.

Saja playing risky at the back so far. I hope he tightens up.

Huge chance for PAOK with a critical save by Saja. And another huge chance for AEK in the 22nd. Blanco is in the mood for scoring it seems, hopefully he’ll keep up his good record in Toumba.

Freekick for PAOK in a very dangerous location. 1-1, 28th minute after Garcia’s freekick finds it way under our wall and into the bottom corner of the net.

Flares on the pitch at the 31st minute so the ref has temporarily paused the match. It seems it will continue again.

Good header from Dellas off of a corner in the 33rd, save from Chalkias.

Penalty for PAOK, and goal. 2-1.

Very close chance for AEK off a Blanco header in the 38th minute, ball wasn’t directed well enough.

We are very shaky at the back so far.

Half time, 2-1 for PAOK. Not nearly good enough from us, far too many mistakes. We’ve still managed to create chances, but we must tighten up for the second half.

Nice shot from Michel after being set up by Blanco, just out.

Close for PAOK after a Vierinha shot rebounded off of Georgeas’ foot.

First substitution of the match, Baha on for Lagos. And now Leonardo on for Blanco. And I must say, the diving by the paok players is really getting quite ridiculous.

Red card for Makos.

Third change, Roger on for Scocco. Can’t say Im too happy about this choice.

Red card for Garcia. Disgusting behaviour from him as usual, but this is the worst Ive seen yet from that animal.

2-1, fulltime.