AEK pull off a dramatic comeback to beat Asteras Tripolis 2-1 and Nikolaidis Quits

AEK, who were down 1-0, with only ten players playing, and three minutes left managed to score two goals and defeat Asteras Tripolis 2-1 on Sunday Evening in Athens.

AEK’s performance saw a large improvement over last week’s performance at AEK’s 3-3 draw against Thrasivoulos. Throughout both the first and second halves many scoring opportunities were created however AEK didnt manage to score until the 90th and 92nd minute marks.

AEK’s defense for the most part was solid however had dificulty controlling Tripolis on their swift counter attacks. There was often a large gap between the defense and midfield which could have been one of the factors which allowed Tripolis to pile up pressure on the counter attacks.

AEK went down first after Tripolis scored from a direct free kick however AEK did not stop pressuring the Tripolis defense and managed to score two quick goals, one from a header by Daniel Majstorovic and one by substitute Rafik Djebbour (the goal by Djebbour was a fabulous bicycle kick and highlights will be posted once good quality videos are available).

AEK were left with only ten players for the last part of the game after Antonis Rikka was injured and pulled off. All of AEK’s substitution options had been used by this point.

The reactions from the fans were mixed at the end of the match. Many were clapping however there were also many fans who booed and sang chants against Giorgos Donis, Demis Nikolaidis, and the players.

Due to the negative reaction by many of the fans AEK president Demis  has claimed, although unofficially (The interview of Demis where he states his decision has been shown but a statement has not been officially released on AEK’s site), that he will no longer be president of AEK and that a replacement will be known sometime next week.

Demis articles here and here.

The news of the Nikolaidis resignation is still not official and will be followed throughout the week, and a more in depth match report will be posted at some time.


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