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AEK 2-1 Veria

Posted in AEK with tags , , on March 19, 2013 by alexaek

Unfortunately, due to the usual excuse of school work with the term approaching its end, I haven’t had too much time to actually write much worthwhile here on the blog. I think gtmanleg’s comment on a previous post sums up pretty well our game over the weekend:

“Good win today that should stave off any chance at relegation. Let’s get a few more.

The disturbing thing is that gesture made after the 84 minute goal. I really hope that was a mindless error.”

Definitely great that we got all three points, and it looks like we should be pretty safe from here on. I won’t lie, but that’s a pretty big relief, there were some moments earlier in the season where it seemed like relegation was a definite possibility.

Something happened at the game which was everywhere on the internet. Really. And that something is the gesture Katidis made after scoring his game winning goal, a gesture which looks pretty much identical to the Nazi salute. I honestly don’t know what to think. Was he really making the salute? Or, has he claims, did he not know what it meant?

If he was actually making it intentionally (which I believe very well could be the case, considering the rise of neo-nazi ideologies in Greece these past couple years, and the media Xrisi Avgi have been receiving), what was he thinking? Does he actually support neo-nazi views? He stated afterwards that he in no way does, and that he understands the history of AEK and the refugees who formed our club and identity, and the discrimination they faced simply because they were refugees.

It is possible that he actually did not know what the gesture meant. I find it hard to believe he could not know what it meant, but perhaps my experiences simply don’t compare to his. As someone who is actually taking a human rights course at the University level at the moment, a course in which the Holocaust is discussed in quite detail, I cannot imagine making that gesture and not associating it with its disgusting past. But perhaps he, simply as a 20 year old football player with little to no political experience at all, really just did not know?

Bottom line is, none of us can know. We really can’t. I will however say that I have not been too impressed with his attitude in general since he joined the club, and I honestly have not been too impressed with his playing either, though perhaps that is something which would’ve changed over time. Now we may never know, as his future with AEK is still not certain.

Part of me does feel kind of bad for the kid (just kind of), if it was in fact an honest though terrible mistake. We’ll have to see over time though, perhaps this whole experience will turn out to have its advantages.