AEK 1-0 Xanthi

Not a brilliant result, but considering the circumstances and the opposition, I think we’ll take it and move on. Xanthi are rarely a pushover, but 3 points is what we needed most here and we got it.

I have only seen Leonardo’s goal so far (I’m not sure if its on youtube yet however it is uploaded on and it was quite the goal! Beautifully taken shot, nice control and set up leading to the goal, brilliant. However, I will hopefully watch the match, or at least some general highlights later on so I can comment. From what I heard it was an average game at best, and while we may have been alright in the first half it sounds like our second half performance was far from anything special.

Adamidis was at OAKA by the 20th minute after returning from Spain and it seems like he brought some great news with him. Nothing is anywhere near confirmed but the talks with Jimenez seem very promising! Hopefully more updates will follow shortly… I just hope we are not dissapointed, we really do deserve some good news (it seems we haven’t had any since the tournament in Sydney).


7 Responses to “AEK 1-0 Xanthi”

  1. Yes, you are right. We need te points and we need wins to build confidence. Couldn’t watch the game, visited my parents up north.
    Will try to get a ticket for the Euroleague game in Brussels against Anderlecht. Anyone else going? 😉

  2. Same ol,same ol.Ok first half,fairly poor second,although having said that,can’t remember Xanthi creating any clear cut chances.We controlled the game but our decision making in the final third by all except Libe is whats letting us down at the moment,losing possesion way too easily and letting other sides have too much time on the ball.I hope Jimenez is the man to take over,has the right credentials,likes to play attacking style so hopefully he signs any day now and rebuild this team,almost from scratch because it needs it!

  3. What happened to that nice attacking football we played against Sydney!? Beautiful passes and then nice finishing! Sure, it wasn’t very strong opposition, but that was some beautiful football.

    Jimenez had an offer submitted to him, hopefully he accepts!

  4. Jimenez wants 1.1 million a year and 3 assisants. We offered him 600,000 Euro a year and 2(his choice) Assisants. Hopefully he will accept ,there is no way we will give him 1.1 million

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    If I could use my Diners point i could go and see Anderlecht. I think they want 600 points and i have 1800. I should look into it.

    As for the new coach, latest is that we improved our offer to him but no details have been posted on the aek365 site.

  6. GO!! Anyone else going?

    We have messed up enough in our past, lets not mess this up now!! This move can really change the team if we manage to sign him!

  7. Chris Zap Says:

    Maybe your sister, will have to see what the exact days are, etc.

    Adamidis is in Paris right now talking with a French man, Paul Le Gouen, not sure how its spelled in English accordint to the aek365 and sites.

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