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First Training Session

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AEK held its first training session of the season at Thrakomakedones today though with a smaller than usual squad (others will be showing up slowly). Regardless, four of our new signings were present today including Liberopoulos. He sounded confident that we can do something good this season. As happy as I am to hear that I don’t know if I’m as confident. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to have some faith in the boys. There is alot of young talent on our team (Manolas, Gentzoglou, Arabatzis, Argyriou) plus experienced veterans (Kafes, Liberopoulos) and others who have proven on more than one occasion that they are capable of something special.

However, we still need someone special in midfield, someone similar to Rivaldo. Obviously, this is not news for us as we have seen our weaknesses there for the past two seasons, but I really believe if we can get someone strong for that position we will see a much different and improved team (with a Rivaldo like player feeding Libe, Blanco, and Djebbour quality passes we can expect the goals to come).

Oh well, this is up to management to decide. However, if they want season ticket sales to improve they will have to sign that “bam” transfer that every team looks for come summer time. Sales have picked up however they are still far from the amount sold at this time last season.

The signing of Diop is still apparently close (but its been that way for a few weeks now…). I know that AEKBaltimore isn’t happy about this signing. I personally have not seen enough of the player to make a decision so who knows, maybe AEKBaltimore is right. Wouldn’t surprise me considering some of the wasted transfer we’ve done these past couple of years (Juanfran especially comes to mind).


Greece 0-2 Korea

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I had little hopes for this Greece team before the World Cup actually started and now I have none. Despite terrible choices by Otto the players were sloppy and not until the final minutes showed much interest in scoring. We were outclassed and it was obvious early on. Un-inspirational play but it doesn’t help that a Liverpool centre-back (Kyrgiakos) and a Serie-A starting centre-back (Papastathopoulos) don’t start the match. Instead, Vyntra and Avraam start and to make things worse Patsatzoglou is brought in at half time. I’ve given up on Otto.

Now I know there were no AEK players playing today but did any of our readers see the AEK banner put up in the stadium today? Awesome stuff and it read: “ΑΕΚ εδώ, ΑΕΚ εκεί, ΑΕΚ και στην Αφρική” which translates roughly to “AEK here, AEK there, and AEK in Africa”. You gotta love AEK supporters!

Here’s a song by a fantastic Greek band, Locomondo, to get us in the spirit of the World Cup! Check out some of their other stuff as well if your into Reggae and Rock. A great band live as well.

Despite the miserable loss today I must say I’m glad the World Cup is finally here after months of waiting! And there are still plenty great matches to be played.

Other results from the first two days were:

South Africa 1-1 Mexico

Uruguay 0-0 France

Korea Republic 2-0 Greece

Argentina 1-0 Nigeria

England 1-1 USA

And finally, for anyone who enjoys working with Excel worksheets (I personally can’t get enough of them!) this worksheet is extremely useful for the World Cup. Enjoy 🙂

AEK’s New Kit

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Somehow, Sportarena has confirmed our new kit for the upcoming season. There is alot of criticism going around but I still like the striped kit though it is a shame the Eagle will be missing from the right sleeve. The second kit (the blue one) I am not a fan of however. The design is boring and I am not a fan of the colours. The 1st kit hasn’t been revealed yet as far as I can tell.

I assume the official revealing of the kits will be some time near the end of the pre season training in Austria. The shirts can be seen here and here.

The Second kit for the upcoming season

Our next alternate kit

No more signings have been confirmed lately though there have been plenty of rumours thrown around. Last I heard, things were not looking good with Geovanni. Regardless, a number of other players are being looked.

Original21 have announced their support for the Iraklis fans who are being forced to see their team face possible relegation due to large debts. I must say I support the cause one hundred percent. Iraklis are one of the more historic clubs in this championship and are a team capable of giving any other team in this league a run for their money. Hopefully they will manage to stay up another year.

AEK’S Australian tour itenary……

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The matches have now been confirmed:-Sunday July 25:
Game 1 at 12:45pm – Sydney FC vs AEK Athens FC
Game 2 at 3pm – Blackburn Rovers vs Glasgow Rangers

Wednesday July 28:
Game 3 at 6pm – AEK Athens FC vs Blackburn Rovers
Game 4 at 8:15pm – Sydney FC vs Glasgow Rangers

Saturday July 31:
Game 5 at 5pm – AEK Athens FC vs Glasgow Rangers
Game 6 at 7:15pm – Sydney FC vs Blackburn Rovers
All matches are at the Sydney Football Stadium.It is a mini tournament format with 3 points a win 1 for a draw and 1 point for every goal scored.All Aek Fans planning to attend,we are organising to all gather at the southern end behind the goalposts,so get your tix early,to avoid dissapointment.Tix are $29 for this section.Hope to see you all there!!!!!!!!!!!

Libe Is Back!

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Yes, that’s right, the beloved Number 33 has returned to the club where he was loved for years. He’s 35 years old now and certainly not getting any younger but I will always be happy to welcome him back to our club, especially at a time when options seem limited. Hopefully we will see some signs of the Libe we all knew and loved.

Welcome back #33!

AEK To Tour Down Under…..

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It’s official,Our beloved Aek will be taking a trip to Australia,to partake in a mini tournament.The team will be arriving on the 24th of July.Most likely,they will play Sydney FC and either Blackburn or Everton,who both will also be in Australia at the same time.Match opponents,times and where our players will be landing(either Sydney or Melbourne) still to be confirmed,but the tour as a whole has been confirmed on AEK’S website.This is great news for the thousands of ORIGINALS in Australia,who will be watching our beloved team for the 1st time in Australia since 1979.On that Occasion,Aek played 2 games against a select state sides(provinces).Against NSW a 5-5 draw at the old Sydney Sports Ground(yours truly was a 6yr old on the terraces that day)and a 1 nil win versus Victoria at Olympic Park in Melbourne.A certain Dusan Bajevic was our striker in those days,great memories.