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AEK Returns to Champions League

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After a ten year absence, AEK has the chance to book a place in the group stages of the Champions League next season. Of course it wont be easy as there is the potential of some big clubs standing in our way, but even just the chance to see us play in some Champions League qualifiers is an exciting prospect.

So, how did we end up here? Well it ultimately comes as a result of our win against Panionios today in Nea Smirni. The game got off to a rocky start with Panionios scoring first but it was clear AEK weren’t going to standby and gift a win to Panionios with the chances they were creating. Panionios didn’t end up holding on to their lead for long though as 13 minutes after they opened the scoring, AEK responded with a goal of their own courtesy of Mantalos.

The game got a little more interesting in the second half when Panionios had a man sent off which was followed by Lazaros getting a straight red. With ten players on each side, it was anyone’s game but it was Araujo who, in what was most likely his last game for AEK, scored the winner with a nicely taken header.

The win was a critical one since PAOK were right on our tails in the standings but Panathinaikos’ win in Toumba took off some of the pressure. With the playoffs having drawn to a close, we finished with 12 points from the six games; not perfect, but it was enough for the team to accomplish what it set out to.

Aside from clinching a place in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League, the game was also notable for quite likely being Araujo’s last with the team. I say “likely” because while I doubt we’ll see him back with the club next season, I’m still somewhat hopeful something can be worked out. Its clear he has enjoyed his time with the club (this was made even more evident today after he mentioned his love for the club and his desire to return as soon as possible) and he clearly has the potential to play a massive role in the team. His price tag is high but even if we cant outright buy him, maybe he’ll put some pressure on Las Palmas to extend his stay in Athens where he’ll have much more of an opportunity to develop as a player.

The game could also have been Jimenez’s final match in charge of the club. I certainly hope this isn’t the case as hes turned the club around significantly, but he hasn’t committed to the team yet and there have yet to be any negotiations between Jimenez and management. It would be a huge shame to see him leave after this season: hes established himself once again at AEK, he has gained the trust of the players, and he has brought some much needed stability to the club. I’m not sure what his demands will be in order for him to stick around next season, but I’m cautiously optimistic that they can be reached.

Highlights of the match:

Supporters chanting Araujo’s name after the match:

Larissa 2 AEK 3……..

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AEK has beaten the locals courtesy of goals from Manolas and two from Lagos.Unfortunately,I didn’t watch the game,but highlights can be found on this link….

I hope AEKMAN74 won’t mind me adding to his post, but I figured I’d just add to his rather than post a new entry. I only managed to find a decent stream in time for the second half so that’s all I can comment on, but I still won’t say much. To be honest, we really should have scored at least another two goals in the final 45 minutes, with the chances we had. However, credit to Larissa, they managed to claw their way back. Also, credit for the their second goal, it was some very nice football indeed on their part.

The fact that we managed to let Larissa get within one goal of drawing the match however, after having a 3-0 lead from so early on, is a fairly scary thought considering we have the playoffs and a Cup Final coming up.

I won’t say much more about the game, I missed quite a bit of it. It is a shame, however, to see Larissa drop to the second division. I know alot of people may be happy about it, but I personally would much rather see teams like Panionios, Xanthi, and Volou out of our league as soon as possible. Larissa are a club with a brand new and very attractive stadium, supporters who managed to create an impressive atmosphere on Sunday, a side who recently won the cup and also had an impressive run in the UEFA Cup a few years back. These are the teams who should be staying up in order to benefit our league in general, rather than clubs run and operated by scum like Panionios, Volou, and Kavala (as well as many others… ).

Oh well, the league is pretty much done for the season aside from one more game. Now we have the playoffs and Cup final to look forward to. What will happen after that, come the start of next season, none of us will know. However, the team has a great chance now to win a cup and book a place in the qualifying rounds for Champions League. Its all I can hope for right now…


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Big game tomorrow, a chance for us to get some revenge, and a win that never came against Anderlecht. Seems like its been a while since that day we came back from 2-0 down and ended up tying the match 2-2, a score which would have had us through to the Champions League group stage had the result from the Milan-Lille match been more favorable.

That’s all history now and we’re only looking forward. While it won’t be an easy match, I really believe we have a great chance to take all three points here! Hopefully last weekend’s result wont get to our players heads though, there is still alot of work to do!

Happy New Years Everyone!

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So, 2010 is now here. A whole decade has gone by once again, and while the decade did have many down points, there were some very memorable moments for us AEK supporters.

AEK365 has some videos at the bottom of the page showing some moments we will never forget. Some of the more memorable moments for me from this past decade were the following:

-The 1-0 victory against AC Milan. This was the first season I started following AEK seriously and this was also my first Champions League that I watched live. The stadium was filled and certain scenes will always remain in my memory including the many saves Sorrentino made that night, the crowd’s reaction when Julio Cesar scored his goal, and Dida clapping at the crowd when we applauded him after going off injured (I swear he looked straight at me)

-The 4-0 victory over Olympiakos was also a fantastic experience to see live. Tension was high at the beginning of the match but we started strong and the whole crowd was feeling optimistic. Blanco had scored that first header and before the smoke had even cleared from the flares of the first goal Edinho scored the second. What a fantastic night… the singing didn’t stop until long after the game and even when I was in my home I would still hear fans singing out on the streets.

-The final game of that same season when we beat Tripolis 2-0. Many fans including myself went on to the pitch after the match (many had gone on even before the game finished). We were almost certain the Championship was ours (to me it still is).

There were many other fantastic moments of this decade as well even though I may not have been able to experience those ones. Some of them include:

-Our good performance in Champions League when we were in a group including Real Madrid and Roma. We got draws every at every match, which is not bad at all considering the opposition (this was an absolutely superb Madrid). We also became the first team to come back from being 2-0 in Madrid and end up tying the match.

-Champions League in 2006-2007 where we got some good results as well though the away draw against Anderlecht will always be the game I remember from that year (after the Milan game). We managed to come back from behind and even things up with the score (the passion showed from Cirillo showed just how much that meant). We thought we were through to the next round until we heard that Milan had lost to Lille.

Well, I only really started following AEK in the 2006 season, so if any of you guys have some moments which meant alot to you be sure to post them!

Despite all these great moments however, this past decade saw us affected by many unfortunate times. Our situation in 2004 was pretty terrible and we only managed to keep the team up due to some legal procedures which managed to get us some money back from previous owners. However, despite Nikolaidis reviving the club and bringing us to some new heights (before the fans turned on him for various reasons and before he quit as team president in 2008) we have just recently experienced what has been, without a doubt, the worst season in AEK’s history. We currently pretty much have no leadership, players who aren’t being payed on time, a coach who hasn’t been payed for months and fans who have lost all trust in the board and players and there is very little hope among the fans. We currently sit in 8th spot and have already lost more games than we have ever lost before in one season.

I don’t know if 2010 will bring us some better times or if it will just be downhill from here. Only time will tell I guess.

Good news for AEK… If it’s actually true.

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As Greeksoccer reports, Robert Kozonis, a wealthy bussiness man from Chicago is interested in becoming the main owner of AEK. This could be great for the club. He apparently has the necessary funds, and is not worried by the debt. The link discusses more details.

This is the kind of guy that can make the difference with AEK. He has the money and knows how to use it. He owns or has built over 120 buildings in Chicago, and his knowledge in engineering will certainly help as far as our stadium goes. Details are said to be finalized by tonight so lets see!

But now, time for some Champions League (which we could very well be playing in soon with Kozonis’ help).

Panathinaikos 1-1 AEK

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1-1 was the final score at today’s Playoff game against our Athenian Rivals. Honestly, considering this is probably the toughest match of the Playoffs for us, this really isn’t a bad result. We now have five points, and PAO have six (depending on how the Larissa-PAOK match turns out we will stay in second or move down to third but it is still quite early so we still have a chance of finishing high up).

We went up first after a nice Scocco freekick was placed out of reach of Galinovic. I actually missed much of the first half but PAO had some close chances, including a Salpingidis one on one which he fortunately missed. PAO also had two penalties (they were both the correct calls I believe, especially the first one) in the first half. Salpingidis had the first penalty shot saved however PAO managed to score the next one which gave them their lone goal of the match.

The second half saw a great performance by AEK. They came out and dominated much of the game with some great passing and some close chances. PAO on the other hand really seemed to fall apart in the second half, however they still managed to create some extremely close chances (many of which came from set-pieces).

Our defence managed to read and hold down the PAO frontline quite well (relative to how our defence has been playing lately without Kyrgiakos). This was quite a relief to me, since I though that we would see a much worse defence today. Alexopoulos and Majstorovic played centre-back, while Koutromanos played right back and Georgeas played left back.

Blanco had a fine game, with some close chances. Djebbour, on the other hand, did not impress. I was quite surprised when I saw Bajevic pull Blanco out rather than Djebbour, but perhaps he wanted to rest him rather than risk an injury in the last ten or so minutes (Scocco got injured near the end of the first and had to be taken off and replaced by Manduca, but I’m still not sure how serious the injury is).

Manduca, Kafes, and Nsaliwa all had good games, and all played critical roles in our midfield. Nsaliwa fed our players some nice passes, while Manduca moved the ball well and provided some nice crosses.

Had we held on to the win we would of been in a great position and that much closer to Champions League Football for next season. Unfortunately we couldnt hold on but still, as I said earlier, a draw at this match is not a bad result. We still have some tough games ahead but PAOK isnt in their greatest form so we could win this weekend away in Toumba.

Good Bye Daniel

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AEK have agreed with KRC Genk on a price of 1.5 million Euros for AEK player Daniel Tozser. AEK wishes the Hungarian good succes for the rest of his career. Daniel said he would like to someday return to AEK since to him, AEK will always have a special part in his heart. The midfielder has played with AEK in 47 games including many of AEK’s Champions League matches.

He would like to thank the management of AEK who has always had confidence in him,  and he would also like to thank the fans of AEK who have always supported him.

Good Bye Daniel.