Well, I’m not sure what the exact situation is, whether he’s actually signed or not, but as far as I know, there has been an agreement between the two sides and Jimenez is pretty much ours! If you told me after that loss to Volou that we would sign as high a profile coach as Jimenez, I would have laughed in your face… but it looks like its happening!

Regardless of who we signed, I think it was time either way for change. Of course Bajevic deserves more than just a thank you for all that he has done for our club, and he unfortunately deserved much better than what he faced his past two times in charge… but it just wasn’t working this season so far, and with all the tension in the stands something had to change.

Welcome to the club Manolo Jimenez!

Now hopefully I don’t wake up tomorrow to find out that we didn’t sign him!


13 Responses to “WELCOME MANOLO!!!”

  1. Happy to have him on board!
    But still, this frequently changing of managers doesn’t do the club much good. We need someone for the long term, to build something. Same type of play and philosophy for years. Someone we will not sack 😉 (yeah right!) and will stay for something like ten years.
    That way I’m sure we will become the best team in the Super League. The way we’re acting now (a lot of buying and selling, lousy scouting and not enough AEK-youth entering the first team) we’ll be having a hard time evry season.
    Well, having said that, let’s beat the shit out of Aris on the 17th!

  2. Great coach to have on board with us.He did great at Sevilla and hopefully he brings his attacking philosophy with him as it will better our team and our clubs position in the League.Lets hope this is the turn around we been waiting for and now the players snap out of their condition and play the soccer we know they can play.After seeing them play so well in Sydney and watching them now,you just wonder where all that good work went.

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    KGB, you are right. The greeks have to learn to be patient. They cant sack a coach cause of 2 or 3 bad games. Up north in Aris land they love Cooper, they want him to stick around for 6 years. yeah right, if Aris makes a couple of bad games Cooper will be history.

    What this will bring is hopefully some peace and calm to the team. Thats what we need and the team needs as well. Even if the team has a few bad games, so be it. Let the man work, he can decide on what to build on and what to get rid of, just as long as he doesnt bring us “palta” (coats) as Ferrer did. Mind you, Ferrer did find some good Greek talent, Papastathopoulos, Pavlis, Tsatsidis (I didnt spell that right).

    Finally i want to say that I admire the way Adamidis has been doing his job so far. I had my doubts last year but he is starting to win me over. He handled this very well, very quickly he went out and hired the best we could afford, even going over our finacial limits i am sure. AEK this decade has been bringing good coaches to Greece and the team with names such as Santos, Ferrer, etc. Lets just hope this guy can do something for the team and its fans. They havent stopped praising Adamidis on the radio over this.

    And one more thing, twice this coach has ran into Valverde back in Spain and he beat him both times. Lets hope he does the same here 😉

  4. Hi! i’m spanish and a sevilla f.c. fan.i lived one year in greece and aek is my favorite team in greece (well i like ofi also, because i lived in heraklion hehe) manolo and his team are going to work as hard as they can, that’s sure. they have a great proyect, involving young players, psychological work… i hope the people are patient with them.
    one last thing, i would like to know if it’s possible to see aek matches online with good quality, beacause in spain in impossible to see it on the tv.

  5. Hi Miguel and welcome,try http://www.myp2p.com

  6. Awesome story Miguel! Good to see you chose AEK! To be honest, I always liked Sevilla as well after seeing them play in Europe. Did you enjoy Crete? Beautiful place.

    As my friend AEKMAN above mentioned, myp2p almost always has something. In addition, check this site before each game, they normally post at least five links, most of the time at least one of them works.

  7. It was the best year of my life…hehe i love greece and greek people.
    one more thing… where can i see the all the news about aek? i mean interviews, videos of the press conferences… i don’t mind if it is greek.
    thank you!

  8. Hehe, good to hear. I love Crete!

    also, the best site in my opinion is http://www.aek365.gr
    Its a new site by a couple years old, but always up to date, great vids and pictures. There are some other general sports site and some more AEK ones but I really reccomend that one. Everything you would need.

  9. Chris Zap Says:

    Alex is right, for up to date unbiased news http://www.aek365.gr is probably your best bet. Did you see the giant banner the Originals had put up last week at the game against Xanthi? Vamos Bien they wrote.

  10. great welcome for manolo. i’m sure he didn’t expect so much people waiting for him. did you see the video?? what’s the meaning of what they are singing to manolo??

  11. Chris Zap Says:

    according the aek365.gr site, they were chanting his name, ie: Manolo Jimenez ole ole ole or some people say oe oe oe (the greeks spell his name differently btw). Chanting against Valverthe and Ibagasa due to sharing the same nationality and being part of our main rivals Olympiakos. They were also chanting for titles with AEK and his name becoming a symbol. Hopefully i translated it properly.

    Συνθήματα με το όνομά του, συνθήματα κατά του Βαλβέρδε και του Ιμπαγάσα (λόγω εθνικότητας), συνθήματα για τίτλους με την ΑΕΚ και το όνομά του να γίνεται σύνθημα!

  12. I didnt make the airport welcome but i made the teams first practice today. Interesting listening to him give out instructions. It takes twice as long with a translator to explain things.

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