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Zenit – AEK 4-2

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So we did lose, like more or less expected. But it could have been worse. Couldn’t watch the game just saw the highlights. 1-0 down in the first minute, not a great start ūüėČ
2-0 after 13 minutes. Well, see for yourself.
By the way, seems that I was dead wrong about our temporary headcoach.


Bajevic is done with AEK!

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As reported by AEK365, Bajevic told Adamidis and the players that he has resigned as manager of AEK. I really don’t know what to make of this. We have our hardest match of the Europa League group stages coming up, we haven’t even encountered a truly strong team in the Superleague yet. The way things are looking right now, I think we’re in for one our worst seasons yet. Who could possibly take over now? With these players its gonna take a little more then a change in manager to start seeing some results.

Regardless, I always supported the guy, he stuck with us through some very low points in our history these past two years, he got us some great wins, and with some proper investment, he could have turned AEK into the champions of Greece.

Olympiacos Volou – AEK 3-1…OUCH!

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We lost 3-1 at Oly Volou and the way we lost hurts. Was trying to work and watch at the same time, so I didn’t get all of it, but we played a lousy first half. 1-0 down after nearly 10 minutes. Free kick, cross with the head from one of the Volou players and then there was a striker left alone in front of the goal, not very hard for him to score.
We didn’t start very well in the second half either. Never in the whole game we could stop the rushes of Volou players. They just ran long distances with the ball without being properly attacked.
After a few minutes in the second half we finally started to play better and put pressure on Volou. I knew we would score the equalizer, you could feel it coming. And so we did, Liberoupolos scored, assist by Gentzoglou. After that we continued the pressure and scoring again seemed only a matter of time. Volou did nothing but trying to keep us as far away from their goal as possible. We were so much better!
But we didn’t score, and we didn’t stop another Volou rush…so they scored, about 8 minutes before the end of the game. Bajevic answered by putting Blanco in, but it was too late. And then, just before the end of the game something happened, like it always happens with this bald referee: penalty.
Watching the reruns it might have been the right decision, but the referee was much to eager to point to the penalty spot. Well, Arabatzis (who did not play very well) didn’t stop it: 3-1.
If we play like this against Zenith, then we’re in for a big loss. The Russians are in great shape lately, and our defence sucks big time. Fingers crossed.

Adamidis Speaks Out

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First of all, AEK365 has the new team photos for the season available. Nice looking pics in my opinion, with Agia Sofia in the background being a very nice touch. Also nice to see a big smile on Libe’s face.

Now, Adamidis was quite furious with officiating at the match against Tripolis (rightfully so since at least one, but quite possibly more, penalties were not awarded to us). He made his thoughts very vocal, and expressed a number of thoughts he had. And while some from the red or green side (I dont see how the reds can complain considering what they’re president said, even when it wasn’t his team involved!) may not be impressed by the move, all I can say is well done! For years, we have lost vital points due to ridiculous calls by referees (or in some cases, the lack of a call when required). And it hasn’t only been the calls for us. What if Olympiakos had not recieved some of the calls they did three seasons ago (like the match against Aris or Larissa, both in Karaiskaki)? We would have ended up champions, regardless of what happened with Kalamaria. Considering how we managed to remain a competetive team these past few years, I can only imagine where we would have been had we won the championship like we should have. Of course, this is all hypothetically speaking…

Now, it is clear our league is a joke as far as referees are considered. I don’t know if its intentional, or the refs really are that bad, or even both, but I don’t care what others say. Every weekend there are numerous calls, and critical calls, being discussed, and most of the time rightfully so (not just with AEK, but pretty much every team in the league). An end must be put to this, but nothing will be done if nobody speaks out against it. Why should the referee’s bother changing if they know they will still have their job next weekend? They have to at least feel pressured, knowing there is little room for error (not only when Olympiakos is involved), knowing they’re moves will be watched as they should be.

Anyways, I doubt much will change. But I still would like to say well done to Adamidis for at least saying something, and going as far as having a meeting with the EPO head. Sure, there is only so much that will accomplish, but none the less, it has to be done.


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You can see all highlights and goals here…………..


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A late Nacho Scocco thunderbolt from the best part of 35 meters out,salvaged AEK 2-2 draw tonight at the OAKA.Our performance could be best described as mediocre,as the team only played “football” for 35 out of the 90 minutes.
Bajevic made afew changes to the team that accounted for Hajduk Split during the week.Out went Dellas,Jahic,Diop and Liberopoulos and in their places respectavely were Patsatsoglou,Nastouri,Makos and Blanco making his first start this year,The formation was also changed to a more classical 4-4-2 with Djebbour and Blanco up front.
In truth,AEK controlled most of the match and should of taken the lead as early as the 10th minute when Burns’s shot from the 6yd box hit the crossbar and bounced over.Chances were few and far between,Makos had his shot just sail wide and a penalty claim for Manolas was turned down,nothing new there.
On 43 minutes,Asteras had a corner,Arambatzis came out to punch but it fell straight to the Asteras player standing on the edge of the penalty area,who shot immediately hitting the underside of the crossbar and bouncing in.
The second half started similarly to the first,alot of misplaced passes from both teams contributing to a scrappy game.Onceagain we had a penaly turned down when Scocco was brought down inside the bow clearly,the ref ruling outside.The resulting free kick just ended wide from Scocco.Blanco had an opportunity from a long ball over the top,he got there first but his header was brilliantly saved by the Asters keeper.
Then things got worse,we lost the ball in midfield,cheaply once again,the Asteras sub whose name escapes me,unleashed a powerful shot from outside the area,leaving Arambatzis no chance.
So 2 nil down and 10 min to go,the temptation to switch off the television and go back to bed at 5.30 Australian time was great but someting told me to hang on a second.
2 minutes later and Scocco cross was met at the far post by Djebbour who hit the back of the net with a beautiful header and it was game on again at 2-1.
AEK were pumping long balls into the area now,hoping for a late miracle which kept on seeming to just elude us,until Scocco picked up the ball in midfield and you know the rest.Will try and post highlights on here soon.
We really needed to win today,however a point is better than none and considering Pao,Paok and Aris all dropped points,wasn’t the worst weekenf we’ve had,but we need to improve all areas of our game especially our consistency.Liberopoulos brought us back to life tonight but we can’t rely on him every week,everyone else has to step up!

AEK 3-1 Hajduk!

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Well, I couldn’t see the match unfortunately, so all I got right now is a video: