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Pre-season Underway

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Firstly, I’d like to apologize for not having posted anything recently, my internet connection was limited the past two weeks while I was away and so I couldn’t really get a post up.

Enough has happened since then though, and Im not sure where to begin. There has been talk on and off about the match fixing scandals, though (and Im not surprised at all) it seems Marinakis won’t be touched any time soon. I’m not sure what has happened with Beos, however Olympiakos Volou are still currently playing in the Europa League, and Psomiadis still has not been arrested (though it sounds like there has been a fair bit of talk about him).

Still not sure what will come out of all this, maybe something, maybe nothing at all. Either way, it seems teams have continued as if very little has ever happened and I imagine things will continue to be that way.

As for our transfers, as KGB posted, we have signed former Barca and Chelsea striker, Eidur Gudjohnsen. I honestly can’t say I’ve seen much of him, and he is fairly old, but I still have high hopes, even if it takes a while for him to find his place in the team. Either way, with the reception he received at the airport, I certainly hope to see him offer everything he can.

We also signed Jose Carlos and Cala (I believe Cala was a loan though I could be wrong) from Sevilla, two players who Jimenez was familiar with. Definitely very promising pick ups and both should be able to make a fairly immediate impact.

Michel has said that he is very keen on returning to AEK, and I believe Birmingham will be releasing him so we should be able to sign him once again if all goes well. I personally will be very happy if this works out as he was a solid player, was committed to the team, and fit well in the system we were playing last season.

Things aren’t looking so positive though as far as Diop is concerned. He is having some family issues (I am not aware of the details though) and is considering quitting football all together. He would save us some cash on his salary, but he managed to become a critical player for the team as the season progressed last year, so he will be missed. And I can’t see him being very easy to replace either.


Now, as far as our pre-season friendlies are concerned, I’m not sure what to think. We won our first friendly 5-0 however we only managed a 0-0 draw earlier today against FC Baku of Azerbaijan. I know its still early, and we have a fairly new team, and I expect Jimenez will still need some time to fine tune the team, so I’m not too worried yet. If previous seasons are anything to go by, pre-season friendly results tend to mean very little by time the season comes around.


Gudjohnsen signs for AEK

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We got ourselves a new striker. Eidur Gudjohnsen from Iceland will join us the next two seasons. Gudjohnsen is coming over from Stoke City. The captain from the Iceland national team played for a lot of clubs, including Barcelona, Chelsea, AS Monaco and PSV Eindhoven.
The transfer to Athens came throught this sunday afternoon after some trouble, because West Ham United was also interested in Gudjohnsen.

I’m not sure what to think about this transfer. Gudjohnsen is a great player with a lot of experience, but doesn’t score a whole lot. His best season was 2001-2002 when he scored 14 goals for Chelsea. On the other hand, the man won championships in England and Spain and the Champions League as well, and is known for his perseverance. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. And let’s face it, we should be very glad being able to buy any players at all.