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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! Hopefully we can all enjoy the last few days of 2009 with plenty of rest and joy despite this not being the greatest of years for AEK.

I would just like to apologize for not posting lately, I injured my knee last Saturday and it makes things alot harder to do. At least I’m walking once again.


Some Unfortunate Events This Week

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We lost 2-1 to Benfica yesterday in a game which made no difference to either side (Bate beat Everton 1-0 away). The funny thing here, however, is despite this match meaning nothing to AEK (except a little pride) we saw some pleasing football from our players.

Benfica hit the post on a penalty early on which kept us in the game for quite a while but our luck didn’t last too long as Benfica scored two goals (the first one took a nasty bounce though Saja still should have been able to save it) without response from AEK. However, we kept the pressure on and at times we had total control of the match. This led to many chances including an agonizing post by Hersi and a missed one on one with Kafes. Eventually, one of our chances did make it in the net, with Blanco scoring the goal. It wasn’t anything special but at least it was a sing of the old Blanco we know (the one that would get the ball in the back of the net no matter what).

So, we got nothing from this game, but at least we saw some promising football. Whether we will keep up this football, however, is another question.

So, now for the worse news. Firstly, Goumas, one of the shareholders of AEK, gave up his shares to the Amateurs, which now means they have 44%! He also gave them 1.5 million euros to ensure that the players get paid.

Thanopoulos was insulted in the lack of trust they were showing towards him and has now resigned.

The players were all sick with a stomach virus (Makos was throwing up in the locker rooms at half time yesterday) and now it looks like many of them wont be able to play on Sunday against Tripolis. AEK is trying to get the match postpned so we will have to wait and see what happens there.

So, a pretty terrible week is coming to an end right before the holidays. Let’s see if things get any worse in the upcoming days.

AEK 3-2 Levadeiakos

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Not the greatest quality, but heres a video of the goals:

So, 3-2 against Levadeiakos (who currently sit second from last) when we had a two goal lead. Not good enough. Even in our terrible state we should not be giving up two goal leads to teams like this. But, nonetheless, we got the three points and we now move up to fifth, thanks largely to PAOK who drew with Kavala as well as Panionios who drew with Larissa, and Aris who lost at home to Tripolis!

Arabatzis played keeper today (Saja wasn’t brought to the stadium today) and played a great game in the second half, making two incredible saves. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop the first Levadeiakos goal, but the second one was not at all his fault.

Our defence was weak today, very weak. Levadeiakos had many chances on goal in the second half, all of which resulted from sloppy defensive errors (mainly Majstorovic and at times Jahic), as well as a post. We were lucky it was only two against us in the end, but I don’t know how we can continue if our defence doesn’t tighten up. We play like this next week with Tripolis and we will be humiliated, simple as that.

However, Karabelas was still fantastic. His defending is solid, as well as his positioning and the runs he made. Hopefully he continues improving like this, he is improving every match and is one of the only players with smiling about.

Manduca also had a great game. Aside from his two goals, he contributed alot to the team in general. He certainly deserved the MVP award he recieved though it also could have gone to Arabatzis and perhaps Tachtsidis.

Blanco didn’t have a good game. Plenty of chances on goal for him but he never managed to get the ball in the back of the net, though he came close on one shot which I believe was with his left.

Leonardo had a decent game. At least it was better than normal, though he is still putting far too much power into his crosses at times. I don’t know if he is nervous, but we all know he is capable of better.

The referee was absolutely terrible. Unfortunately there aren’t more highlights available but three calls were made which should have been made differently. Firstly, on the second goal for Levadeiakos a foul should have been called.Sure, Majstorovic dove, but there was still contact. Secondly, there was collision between Karabelas and a Levadeiakos player which resulted in a scuffle between the two players. Jahic went to separate the players but for some reason got a yellow card instead. Thirdly, an offside was called for us which should not have been. Nonetheless, we should be winning these games regardless of some of these calls.

Unfortunately Scocco was injured since I believe he could have changed things this game.


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Below is a translation from AEK’s site stating what is going on at the moment. Sorry the translation isn’t very good.

H PAE AEK referring to the case of transfer of shares, made the following announcement:

“After consultation between the k.Notia and k.Kozoni the preliminary agreement for the transfer of shares of AEK FC will not be signed. Instead it was agreed that on Monday (14/12) will begin the financial audit of the company FC accountants BDO, in order not to lose other valuable time and that there is no misunderstanding or implied as to the exact amount of debt / liabilities of the group open to third parties.
The audit will provide the FC and AEK k.Kozoni simultaneously. Within ten business days after delivery of the results of audits if the debts do not exceed 34.2 million euros the k.Kozonis be deposited into the account the company’s EUR 19 million to acquire the shares of FC. Stating that the shareholders of AEK FC, want to transfer their stakes to a prominent businessman who will meet the expectations of our fans. Thus, we call the k.Kozoni to satisfy the above conditions and to know that shareholders will welcome him and support him when they take on the fortunes of the team.
To avoid misunderstanding, we clarify that the documents presented by k.Kozoni and his colleagues in k.Notia are two:
1) A recommendation letter from the bank, Bank of Shorewood, which was displayed by k.Kozoni the meeting with the k.Notia Florida. It was just a general recommendation letter from this bank, which has three branches in the state of Illinois and has total deposits of about 80 million, according to the Federal Reserve Authority (FDIC).
2) A letter from an investment «fund», for which we did not find information, as it has a website on the internet and for which the shareholders retain their reservations. This letter, the shareholders are committed to k.Kozoni that it would give publicity.
Finally, we urge all our supporters to rally around the team, players and the coach and know that if the transfer of shares in k.Kozoni not completed, shareholders will do what is necessary for the coming months to find a right solution for the team. ”

PAE AEK has also requested that the fans who are currently occupying the offices leave by Monday so the papers can be looked over.

Updates On The Situation

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To update what AEKMAN already posted. I went on Monday all the grafiti was painted.As of right now though, it hasn’t been the Originals involved (they have been very quiet so far and we haven’t seen them anywhere). It’s mostly been the Ano Patissia Club, which is separate from the Originals. They have now begun an occupation of the AEK offices (it actually started yesterday if I remember correctly). They said they will not leave until they speak with Notias. And it looks like they mean it. They haven’t left once, they’ve only taken shifts with other guys, but they are in there all day and night. I went againt this evening to check on things and there was a peaceful gathering outside as well  (I could still see the guys in the officies and other were wling in and out freely). I was glad to see everything was peaceful and calm.

Well, Notias has apparently contacted them and they had a discussion which lasted about an hour. I don’t know if this is true, but he supposedly said to be patient until the end of the week, when the papers will be signed. He said Kozonis loves AEK and he is the only man they are talking to. Good news if it’s true.

The occupation will continue now until they begin looking through the papers. Once they do, they will leave the building. Something better be done soon though, or else there will be trouble, and what we’ve seen so far will be nothing compared to what will come if papers aren’t signed soon.

Originals make a statement…..

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And it didn’t happen by e-mail.Rather thay trashed the offices of AEK literally.Dumping garbage cans inside,grafitting the walls inside an out,they certainly sent out a warning that this was only the beginning if things are not sorted out quickly.Reports from Greece,on one hand are saying that Kozonis is threatening to pull out altogether as his figures put AEK’S debt at above 40 million euros,and the other side saying he hasn’t got the money needed.There are some greek investors being lined up as well apparently,led by some guy called Pappas,who has Notia’s backing.What a shambles.To top it all off,Scocco’s manager has implicated that Nacho is not happy with the climate at AEK(HE’S NOT ON HIS OWN THERE)and will be open to offers if they come in.To end this on some sort of pleasing note,anything will do right now,Nacho made a statement on his Facebook page,which simply read “Never For Pao”!

So, Whats Happening with Kozonis???

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Below I basically just pasted some notes that we made with the help of my father (who’s Greek is much better than mine). What is below is just pasted so I apologize if it isn’t organized well. Also, it is all from unofficial sites, so it is quite possible none of it is true.

Here is the official press release from the amateurs, blah blah blah is what I say.   Now that everything comes out and everyone knows what they been up to they come out with a defensive press release.  They will come out and have a proper press conference I assume during their show Thur night.    Its funny, they are making fun of AEK’s management being ran from the States yet they have no problems doing deals and business with an Israeli!!

Comments from Sat’s Ora ton Sports paper:

From Christos Papadimitriou, Kozonis legal representation in Greece.  I would like to inform the people of AEK what has happened in the last 15 days or so.  We were informed by Mr. Togelo  and Mr. Hatzihristo of certain moves that the amateur group was making regarding the KAE (basketball).  We thought they were good moves for the survival of AEK and we asked that we be kept fully informed.    When we spoke with Mr. Karamalis (president of the basketball team) he told us he was not aware of such talks.

His confesion made us think and we started digging.  23rd of November we found out about another investor for the KAE and then we were informed about the making of a football and basketball stadium at Nea Philadelphia.   We informed Mr. Kozonis that there are some delays but we didn’t want him to know what was going on.  Kozonis had signed the MOU since the 25th on November and had given to Mr. Prassa the guaranteed deposit of $44 million dollars.  Infact, he had agreed with Mr. Notia to conclude everything asap so Dec 1st they can start with the audit by BDO.   26th of Nov Mr. Thanopoulos took a call, he was requested to meet and discuss the stadium topic.  27th of Nov Togelos and HH went to AEK’s office and had a chat with Thanopoulos.  They told him how the PAE (the football team) will benefit if they find an investor.   Up to that moment Thanopoulos was not aware of anything and neither did anyone from PAE were aware.   He told them that he can not respond to such a scenario while we are in the middle  of talks for the sale of the team.  After  that moment  due the upcoming PAOK game not much further was said.  That’s when we stopped the signing of the MOU, we also avoided to inform Kozonis so we wouldn’t upset him.  On the 30th instead of Florida as was expected Kozonis  flew to Chicago.  There were some talks  and Kozonis informed us that he was waiting for a paper.

On Wed he (Kozonis)  was informed of an unsigned MOU with the potential investors for the construction of a football stadium and a closed basketball stadium.  The football stadium will have the capacity of 32K and the basket will seat 4K.  The people of course worry and doubt us.  This is the real reason that the signing has been delayed.

Mr. Notias is the only one that thinks about AEK and is holding on to Mr.Kozonis.  The deal almost fell apart but the intervention of Mr. Notias saved it.  Its true that Notias wasn’t able to fly and he agreed that it would be best if they did not meet that day so things could calm down a bit.  We informed Mr.Thanopoulos of what was happening and during the morning hours I received a call from HH.  He wanted to talk but I told him we should talk in public so the people of AEK know what is happening.  He wanted to be heard never saying negative comments about the Originals whose story he loves.

Mr.Papadimitriou spoke that there are some “underground movements”  on this topic and we are wondering, “when Melisanidis came we got rid of him and I was one of them, and now we are bringing up Melisanid again?  Doesn’t that make you wonder?”  HH never showed me a pre-agreement (or MOU I guess). Just so we don’t fool the people, things are simple and there are two scenarios.  The first one is, that if Eligiahou’s offer is serious,  Erasitehniki (amateurs) can not give the land under its physical face (not translated well), he would have to buy the KAE.  Second scenario is to block everything, to make AEK smaller and smaller, to get rid of players and lead to πρωτοδικείου or as translated by Babelfish, court of first instance (not sure exactly what that is).

Finally the situation now is calm, Notias played a huge role.  He will go to Florida, he will speak with Kozoni and 99% chance that everything will be finished.  They will have signed everything, and proceed with the audit. They will discuss everything.

NOTE! All of the above is from earlier today. At halftime of our match today, it was reported that Kozonis made the following offer: AEK have until Thursday to accept. He says he will take AEK, no matter what, and all the debts up to 32million euros (this is what he was told the debt is). However, the shareholders of AEK must agree to pay the rest of the debt if there is more than this.

I don’t know how true this is, but if it is, I hope AEK accept. If not, than I think we will all have to fear for the future of our club.