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Ermionidas 0-0 AEK

Posted in AEK, Football League with tags , , , , , on December 14, 2014 by alexaek

I guess all good things must, unfortunately, come to an end. I was not expecting our win streak to come to an end after winning the previous match 7-0, but I suppose a loss would have made things worse.

Sounds like the entire day was simply not the best, partly due to (and this certainly is no excuse for the draw, though it doesn’t help either) the terrible condition of the pitch in which we had to play. My father told me that the stadium was so bad that, at times, when the ball was kicked too far it would end up on the streets… I can’t help but remember how many times that happened during breaks at school.

I do wish I had some good news at this point, but things only seem to get worse. Not only will we be forced to sit out Cordero during one of our upcoming matches due to having accumulated too many yellow cards, but Barbosa also suffered an injury during today’s match which saw him have to leave the game. Not sure yet what the status is regarding the injury, and how long he’ll be out for, but I do hope hes back soon as he seems to have found some form over the past couple games.

The critique from AEK365 was not too positive, especially compared to last week’s critique. Players in all positions, except for keeper Anestis, seemed to have played rather poorly. Georgeas, who had been out for quite a while, failed to make a good impression and was unfortunately considered one of our weaker players on the pitch. Hopefully that’s more a matter of lack of playing time rather than anything else, though I do fear his playing days may soon be coming to an end.


AEK 7-0 Episkopi

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It seems like our latest opponent never had a chance of ending our winning streak in the Football League. I’m of course not surprised, though I wasn’t expecting such a strong win.

From what I’ve read, pretty much the entire team played pretty well, though its always hard to tell if we played really well or the opposition was just that weak. Either way, as I say all the time its important to take advantage of games like this. A nice result like this just helps to boost our players’ confidence as well as the confidence of the supporters.

One player stood out, and made his mark on the match really evident by scoring a hat trick. Petros Mantalos, who has been promising all season so far, opened the score for AEK just 12 minutes in, and went on to score another two (including one from the penalty spot). Brecevic also had a good game, scoring two goals himself, while Platellas and Barbosa were our other two scorers. I’m particularly happy that Barbosa seems to have found a rhythm considering there was a fair amount of hype around him when he was signed this summer.

Our starting line up had Anestis as keeper while Bakakis, Kolovetsios, Labropoulos, and Petavrakis were defense. Defensive midfield consisted of Cordero and Anakoglou while Platellas, Mantalos and Barbosa were playing more offensive roles. Brecevic was in the striker position for the match.

All goals, as well as a few highlights, can be seen here: