Djebbour sent home from training……….

It’s not the first time the Algerian international has had problems with the AEK coaching staff.His outburst last year directed at then manager Bajevic was well published and it seems like he’s up to his old tricks again.According to sources at AEK’S  Spata training ground,about an hour into the session Jimenez had a go at the players telling them that 4-5 players were not pulling their weight during the last 10 minutes of that training session.It is believed he was at least referring to Djebbour,Scocco and Blanco among 1 or 2 others.Djebbour took offence to this(he had no right) and challenged Jimenez to name names,since all the players were there.Jimenez refused and told Djebbour not to bother turning up to tomorrow’s training session if he keeps questioning his authority,Djebbour then challenged him to sort it out man to man behind the changerooms.Apparently it was Libe and Dellas who calmed the situation.

It’s also been reported that Jimenez and Djebbour did have a meeting in the office for about half an hour.All this while Djebbour remains a free agent.I think it’s fair to say we won’t be seeing Refik in the yellow and Black for too much longer.Stuttgart is 1 club that is closely looking at him.In all honesty,I would not be too unhappy to see the back of him.Lets not forget his troubles with Scocco last year as well.The fact is he’s too disruptive and his return has not been sufficient.


4 Responses to “Djebbour sent home from training……….”

  1. Id rather see him leave then stay and have another dram within the team.Its about time we have players who want to play and forget about their ego.Yes Djebbour can be good but I have said it many times he must realise he has a team around him and he cant do it all on his own.
    Im sure Jiminez may have some players he’d like to bring to the club so lets hope we start seeing some signings now the transfer window is open.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    With the money we save from him lets sign Blanco.

  3. Yeah, him leaving can only be a good thing. Too bad he hasn’t realised what AEK has done for his career (European football, some exposure after getting him off teams like Panionios and Atromitos) and while has had some fantastic moments… he will save us cash and help bring some stability to the team. Manolo needs to have the freedom to work with the team as he pleases without stupid distractions like these.

    Thank God for Libe and Dellas!! Their presence off the pitch will forever be felt!

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    Yeah but for how much longer will Lybe and Dellas put up with this bull!

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