AEK To Sign Baha………

By the time you’ve read this AEK will have signed 29 year old,Nabil Baha,a Morrocan who has been plying his trade with Malaga in Spain’s top league.Baha is a striker,who will be coming to Athens on loan till the summer,where we”ll then have an option to buy him outright.In 107 appearances for Malaga he has scored 43 goals.In the 07/08 season,his 10 goals were vital in gaining Malaga promotion to the top division after a 2 year absence.In early 2008 he was the subject of a 2 million Euro offer from Staeua Bucharest,however Baha himself declined the offer as he wanted to stay in Spain.

He has also played 19 games for the Morrocan National Team scorring 4 goals.At 29 Baha is experienced and eager to work with Jimenez.A right footed player,he can play anywhere in the forward line,but prefers central.His C.V. makes Djebbour look third rate.

Nabil,welcome to AEK,we hope to see you celebrating many goals in the near future!!!!!!


2 Responses to “AEK To Sign Baha………”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    We got Baja, we got Michel, now Mateo will probably arrive here tonight. Mateo is from Real. Lets hope its true and not some story the press is feeding us. And these are Jimenez choices from Spain, not fishermen from Iceland that Gertason has been bringing us. Some kid that came from Iceland refused to sign with AEK cause he didnt get “good vibes” with AEK. I say send Gertason back to his bank job in Iceland and with the money we save give it to Blanco.
    On a greek forum one of the guys was saying that all of the above names in Greek, start with Ms and they are all from Spain. Could Messi be next? 😉

  2. hahaha,we can only dream.

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