AEK 0-0 Kerkyra

I was really looking forward to this game today as it was going to be my first AEK match that I’d be seeing live since last season. I’m now sitting here wondering what I was all excited about in the first place!

First match of the new year after a fairly quiet holiday period and we needed a win to keep a good grip on third place. We needed a win to start the new year on a positive note, to get revenge on Kerkyra for beating us in the first round… yet we could not even score a goal!

The Kerkyra team we faced today played football like amateurs. They couldn’t create any decent attacks and their defense had trouble handling even the smallest amounts of pressure. AEK teams of previous seasons would have won this game 3-0 at least and should the AEK team of today! To be fair, we did manage to create a few chances, but never did it look like our team really have what it took. Unfortunately, if this is the best AEK can offer right now we are in for a rough few months.

What is obvious from today’s match is that a) we need to clean up a fair bit (players like Eder specifically must go NOW!) and b) we must find a replacement for Djebbour! First, let’s deal with Eder. To be honest I had high hopes for him during the pre-season. He showed alot of potential and I truly thought he could play an important role within our team. Today however was a different story. No passion at all, he contributed nothing to the match, was absolutely useless when off the ball (he forced Libe to run more than he should have had to to pick up his slack), completely disappeared for long periods of time, and was a huge waste of a spot on the pitch. There is no room for players like him though I suppose Jimenez did need one final performance like his today to confirm his opinion on him. I pray that we never see him play again!

We also need a new striker up front now that Djebbour is gone. Sure, Blanco might be in some good form lately, but he missed some good chances today and him and Libe alone up front simply will not last the rest of the season.

I was pleased with Nasuti and Dellas today. Both did what was required of them today and I feel they complimented each other well… however, things may quite possibly have different had we faced a team with a half decent attack. Karabelas gave a decent performance, but I feel he could be a bit more aggresive when marking players. Also, while his footwork may be alright and he is capable of providing an attacking option down the left, he really must improve his corsses.

Georgeas received the MVP award today and rightfully so in my opinion. The guy is the personification of the word passion and had others on the pitch today showed the passion he did things might have turned out differently. He may have been a bit sloppy at times but he always ran and contributed what he could, when he could.

Kafes and Makos had decent games though Makos will have to give a bit more in my opinion.

Overall we created chances today, managed to get the ball up in their end plenty of times, but things will need to change and improve drastically if we are to expect better results and a chance at getting the cup! Some players need to go, others will need to provide more for the team and in general we will have to tighten up as a unit!

I was terribly disappointed with the atmosphere today. Sure, it may have been cold today, and our attendance may have been terribly low, but the atmosphere I remember just wasn’t there. Plenty of cursing, applause when it was deserved, but no flares, no singing… very little to give the players some added motivation.


5 Responses to “AEK 0-0 Kerkyra”

  1. Spot on Alex,i’ll just add that we also need a playmaker,someone who can create opportunities for the strikers from Midfield.Kafes and Makos are solid but not that kind of player.I was hoping maybe Gerriero would be the one but so far he hasn’t shown much during his limited chances either.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    We need another Rivaldo

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    Well, what can i add to this. Should I mention that this was quite an expensive seat for Alex, it costed us a few bucks to change his airline ticket so he can watch this disappointing game. It wasnt any different than the games we have been watching all season. So, what made us think that it would have been different?

    The team had something like 20 shots on goal, Blanco had 6 during the first half, 1 in the second, but they just couldnt get it in the net. They presuured and pressured but Kerkyra played a very defensive tight game. In injury time they came up towards our end and i thought wouldnt it be funny if they scored. Anyways, thank god that didnt happen.

    I listened to the radio on the way in to work this AM and been listening to it all morning. Like the announcers said, its not that AEK played that bad, they played better than Oly but AEK didnt have luck on its side, or at least the difference btwn AEK and Oly is that Oly players can get the ball in the net, unlike our guys, with the fewer chances that they have. Not to mention that they have the reffing on their side. I didnt watch the game but it was all over the radio and the net on how Irakli should have had a penalty and that an Irakli player was kicked out for faking, his second yellow card which caused their coach to lose his cool and to be kicked out as well, this resulted in Oly’s second goal. Look at the two games we played against Larisa. We scored 8 goals against them. Oly managed 1 and it was a Larissa auto goal.

    The difference with Oly is the owner. Their president has invested a lot of his money into the team and it looks like he is going to be rewarded with lots of millions from CL. Unfortunately our guys have stopped investing and who can blame them. All their money has disappeared into a bottomless barrel as George Galatsis said during his afternoon radio report. He said a lot more but i didnt keep notes to repeat things here. What he did say though is that Jimenes sort of regrets coming to AEK. Management is not keeping the promises that they made to him, and it doesnt look like they are going to support him. which leads us to wonder how long will he last before he packs it up.

    Anyways, needless to say the misery and whining is back at full force with the team. While every one else has started taking advantage of transfer season, we are doing nothing. We are not going to have any reinforcemnets for the upcoming cup games and may as well throw away any chance at getting any sort of silverware once again. Anyways, the atmosphere is once again lousy. Unfortunately we just dont have the roster to do any better, this is it, a third place team if we are lucky, and the reason we are third is cause the rest are not any better than us. PAOK tied last night as well, a major blow for them. When will things get better? As Galatsi said, he cant see the light at the end of the tunnel unless some one comes along and decides to dump 80 mil into the team and start fresh. Good luck!

  4. Management breaking promises to Jimenez,why am i not surprised???

    • Exactly… is it anything we can be surprised about? This team and it’s management has been nothing but broken promises for a decade now…

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