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Stadium Live Feed

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After many months of construction and many requests by fans on various AEK sites, we finally have a live stream (two, in fact) of the ongoing construction in Nea Filadelfia. It took a while but I must say that its been worth the wait. The quality of the two streams are outstanding and are in real time with seemingly no lag.

I was watching earlier on and the place was alive with workers all around. What was especially amazing was how late work was taking place. Even around 5 PM local time for me (which would be 11 PM in Athens) I saw workers taking care of stuff under the floodlights. They say the stadium should be built within a year and at this rate I might actually believe it.

The stream can be found here, but they can also be watched directly on YouTube:

In other news (since we still don’t have any games to report on), I have something to report that may be of interest to any AEK supporters in England. England’s National Football Museum, located in Manchester, is currently displaying historic jerseys from around the world. One of the jerseys on display is an AEK jersey, specifically a jersey from the 1998-1999 season worn by Paris Zoubourlis. Its a beautiful kit, one of many beautiful jerseys put out by Kappa from the mid to late 90s.


More info on the museum itself can be found here:


AEK Set To Face CSKA

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The day many of us have been awaiting patiently (more likely rather impatiently) has finally arrived. In less than 24 hours from the publishing of this post, AEK will have finally played a Champions League game, the first in essentially a decade.

Our opponent for this 3rd qualifying round match is the Moscow based club CSKA. Most sources are understandably listing CSKA as the favourites, not least because their season has already been underway. AEK, on the other hand, have yet to play a competitive match with many of our new singings but that doesn’t worry me all that much. We’re expected to have a good crowd supporting the team in OAKA as ticket sales have been pretty steady over the past week and the team will definitely have enough motivation to put in a good performance. In fact I’ve just read that 15,000 tickets have been sold, plus the approximately 7,000 season tickets. That puts us at a crowd of around 21,000 though that will surely increase more throughout the day tomorrow.

AEK365 is reporting that Anestis will get the start in nets after Barkas sustained a rather serious injury that could see him sidelined for up to three months. In front of Anestis we can expect to see Bakakis, Chygrynskiy, Vranjes, and Lopes. Simoes will likely be paired with either Johansson or Galanopoulos with Livaja a little further up the pitch. Completing our attack will be Mantalos and Lazaros with Klonaridis expected to be up front if he is match fit.

Its not a bad lineup with some pretty good Greek representation. Its reassuring to see that Jimenez isn’t afraid to play Greeks when they deserve the spot since those are more often than not the players that the club will be built around.

Tomorrow’s match will take place at 8:30 PM Athens time which is 1:30 PM New York time or 3:30 AM Sydney time (on the 26th of July). I can’t really say what to expect from CSKA as I’m not at all familiar with the club, but they did just come off a 3-1 loss in the league against Lokomotiv Moscow. Having said that, they’re still undoubtedly a strong side but a positive result for AEK in Athens is more than possible. Its supposed to be a warm afternoon in Athens with a high of 32°C which could play in our favour as Moscow seems to be averaging mid to high 20s around this time of year. 

I’m not certain which kits we’ll be wearing but they’ll definitely be different than last season’s kits as new kits were released earlier in July. The First kit is similar to last year’s striped one, but with a slightly different style. Its not radically different but I still quite like it:

Its also possible we could wear our Third kit, one which I must say is quite gorgeous. I’m not convinced that it works as a jersey really simply because the details get lost when watching in the stands or on TV and it ends up looking like a plain black training kit. As something that I would want to purchase and wear myself though, it is stunning. Maybe a little more yellow around the edge of the Dikefalo would have helped make everything stand out a little more though:

Its an exciting day tomorrow and while I’m disappointed that I’ll have to be at work, I’ll definitely try to follow it as much as possible. Fingers crossed one of the Greek TV channels I have on TV will also be showing it so I can watch it after work. Either way theres a lot to look forward to and if we can come away with a positive result tomorrow, anything will be possible. Forza AEKara!

AEK 4-1 Xanthi

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Our Superleague campaign got off to the best possible start today with a convincing 4-1 win over Xanthi. While there may have been a few scares provided by Xanthi and their determined offense, we also saw glimpses of what could be one of the best AEK teams of the past five to ten years.

The MVP of the match award deservedly went to Almeida after he scored two goals, one of which will without a doubt be the goal of the week. It was the perfect start to the season that Almeida would have been hoping for, helping to quiet all those within the press (not to mention the supporters of some of our rivals) who said he was unfit, old, and past his prime. He may not be the youngest striker out there but he showed today exactly why we signed him: a physical presence that allows him to be a threat in the box and to hold the ball up well, as well as being someone who possesses the technique to pull off some amazing goals when the moment presents itself.

While Almeida certainly deserves the credit for today’s performance, it has to be mentioned that we had some other players who also put in some fantastic performances. Patito was a noticeable one, providing excellent speed through the middle and down the flanks. He also played a crucial role in our first two goals, setting up both of them with perfect balls in that placed the goals on a platter for the two scorers (Almeida and Mantalos).

Chygrynskiy also did well, keeping up the good form he had during the pre-season. He was solid at the back but also did very well to carry the ball up the pitch on a couple occasions. He did so well going forward that he could have had a goal himself had his shot not been narrowly saved by Xanthi’s keeper Zivkovic. We were also lucky to have the fantastic keeping of Anestis who, despite once letting a ball slip underneath him, pulled off some fantastic saves to keep AEK in the game.

It has to be said that the rest of the team did well too. There were a couple weaknesses, such as with Lambropoulos covering in central midfield to cover for Simoes (who started on the bench so as not to aggravate a minor injury picked up in training). To be fair to Lambropoulos, its a position he is not too familiar with and he had a fair bit of pressure. All things considered, he didn’t do all too badly.

As fantastic as the performance was today, I can only imagine how much better the team will be once they’ve had a couple more games to gel together. We also have to keep in mind that both Lazaros was out due to injury and Simoes didn’t start the match. With both those players fit and in the starting XI, we’ll have the most well rounded team that we’ve had in as long as I can remember.

Overall its looking like we might be in for the best Superleague season of recent memory. Its still early but AEK, Panathinaikos, and PAOK are all looking strong and I think its safe to see that any of us can challenge Olympiakos for the title. If this keeps up, this championship could go down to the last couple of weeks. How great would it be if all four teams were still in it with a week to go in the championship? I can’t remember that happening for as long as I’ve been following the league.

Highlights, as usual, can be watched at NovaSports site.

I must say that the kits looked great during the match today:


Our supporters were fantastic as usual:




New Kits Unveiled

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So, before I get to much talking myself, I’ll give you all a chance to make what you will of them:






So, what do you think? If you ask me, I’d have to say I’m quite happy with what I’ve seen today and to be honest, I’m even more excited to see them in person.

Its all kind of overbearing. I mean, where do I start? I guess I’ll start with the black one since that will apparently be our main kit for this season. Its also the one that has received the most attention so far, and in a good way. People seem to love the jersey for the most part and I really can’t blame them. Its a simple yet very effective design, and the gold with the black looks very sharp. Its classy yet at the same time also serious, what so many of our jerseys from our recent past (especially the Puma ones) were not.

There are two noteworthy features to point out about the new kits, especially on the black one. The first is the numbering on the back: If you look at it, you’ll notice the numbers depict one of the pictures that captured the grim scenes following the Asia Minor catastrophe. Its one of the many pictures that any Asia Minor refugee descendant would likely be familiar with, a picture of streams of refugees leaving their homelands with nothing but what they could carry on their backs:


Its not an uplifting image, but its a reminder of where AEK came from and what AEK represents. Its an important reminder too as it seems as every day goes by, more and more Greeks forget what so many people went through less than a century ago. They lost their homes and traditions and whole villages were wiped from the history books. They were humiliated when they arrived in Greece, simply looking for some food and shelter while trying to come to terms with all they had been through. Despite all this, they still managed to create a team that has played its part in ensuring that people like me never forget our history and roots and its great to see the team incorporate our history this way.

Aside from the numbers, another noticeable change is the fact that our emblem has changed slightly. Its still the same design, but all three kits now feature our emblem simply in black and gold. The end result is stunning if I may so myself. I am a bit worried that it doesn’t quite stand out so much on the black kits but I don’t mind because I think it looks so good anyways. I’m not quite sure I’d want to see the black and gold emblem replace our traditional emblem for good since I feel like we already had one of the best emblems out there, but I’m more than happy to see it on our kits for a year or two.

Enough about the black kits, what about the other two? Well it seems like our secondary kit will be the striped one that we had last season, except with the new emblem. I can’t complain about that since I loved that kit. Its a nice change with the new emblem while still keeping the already great jersey as is.

And the third kit? Its a bright pink kit which is certainly a bit different but I don’t mind it at all. Its something different, a change from the less exciting third kits we’ve seen in the past. Plus its also considerably cheaper to purchase than the other two which should give more people the chance to buy one right away.

So, what do you think? If you like what you see as much as I do, you can order a kit online from AEK’s e-shop . I’m not sure what their policy is on shipping abroad but hopefully they’re able to. I read that the site actually had trouble keeping up because the demand was so high, so if you have issues that could be why.