AEK-Iraklis for the Round of 8

Well it looks like my “wish” came true and we’ll be playing Iraklis in the next round of the cup. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think these games will be easy, no game at this stage of the cup is ever easy, but I’d certainly rather we play Iraklis than any of the other teams we could have been drawn against.

The matchups that were drawn today include:

AEK – Iraklis

PAO – Atromitos

Olympiakos – Asteras Tripolis

Panionios – PAOK

Interesting that there were no real derbies following the draw, but it certainly means that the quarter finals will be interesting. With the possibility of the last four teams being AEK, Olympiakos, PAO, and PAOK, there could very well be some good matches coming up. Also worth noting is that until now, AEK have faced Iraklis eight times in the Cup. Of those eight times, Iraklis advanced following the first two meetings but since then, AEK has advanced every time. I’m not superstitious, and I know as well as anyone that anything can happen in football, but its not a bad stat to have on our side.

Some videos from previous AEK-Iraklis games. First video is worth watching for the footage of Nea Filadelfia alone. Hopefully some day we’ll be back there, where we belong.



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