AEK part ways with Giorgos Donis

AEK’s management decided late last night to part ways with manager Giorgos Donis after AEK’s 0-0 draw at home against Panserraikos. The decision was reached by mutual agreement between Donis and AEK management. Its unfortunate that this happened to a young Greek coach with such high ambitions but unfortunately, under his management, AEK was not getting the results that were expected.


Currently, a highly possible replacement to Donis is former AEK player and manager Nikos Kostenoglou who just last year helped AEK to come within two points of the championship and who was in control of AEK during some memorable performances including a 4-0 win over rivals Olympiakos. Another possible replacement is another former AEK player and manager, Dusan Bajevic. He was a great player for AEK and one of the best managers the club ever had however, he is now hated by many fans after he went to manage Olympiakos.


Official confirmation of a replacement is expected some time this week or next.

Reports here and here

One Response to “AEK part ways with Giorgos Donis”

  1. I think, this could potentially could be a good move. I feel it is unacceptable for us to barely beat a Beta Ethniki team and tie with Panserraikos in Athens. Though the absence of Rivaldo and injuries have hurt us this year we have a talented young squad who with the right direction should be picking up wins. We are so close to getting to the top of the ladder and we haven’t played a solid game of football all year. So imagine if these players had direction what they could be doing. We will see what happens, lets hope this will be for the better because I can’t stand watching some of our games. AEK gia pada gi’auto eisai kavla!!!!!!

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