This is it!

After our 2-0* win against PAOK earlier in the week (it feels like ages since we beat them), its come down to a match-up between PAO and AEK to  decide who will be Greece’s second team to attempt to make their mark in the Champions League. Thanks to Chelsea’s win against Bayern in the final today, whichever team goes on to win the playoffs will be placed in the stronger group for qualifying matches and will play against lower seeded teams (definitely good news!).

I really think we have a chance of getting the win tomorrow, though it will not be easy (it never is really). PAO will want this just as much as us, and their supporters will be there. Not sure what to expect for this one, but Im sure we’ll be going all out, its do or die now, nothing but a win will be good enough and we have nothing to lose. PAO, on the other hand, might very well be playing for the draw (we’ve seen them do this in the past), so lets see what happens.

*Libe and Leo were our goal scorers for the match. This was Libe’s last home game for us, sadly, and Dellas’ as well.

Two legendary players for AEK (and Greece). Respected the shirt, always gave the most they could, rarely, if ever, caused any trouble. Players that AEK and Greek football will miss. Players that we dont see as often these days, yet players that our league so desperately needs.

And as much as I love Dellas, I will miss Libe more than I’ll ever miss another AEK player. He’s been with AEK through the good and bad times, never complained, always accepted lower wages, always gave all he had to offer on the pitch. Even at 36 years old this season, he was still scoring goals (and some beautiful ones indeed). Its not often that you find a player who is so respected by AEK and PAO fans, and I certainly wont be surprised to see a standing ovation by the PAO supporters tomorrow. And I also wont be surprised to see Libe score a goal or two tomorrow as well!


7 Responses to “This is it!”

  1. gtmanleg Says:

    Disappointing result, but happy that the team still fought and got to the top qualifying spot for the cup.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Its been a long while since I posted any comments, my two cents worth. Last 9 months more or less have been very busy for me.
    Once again we got robbed during the playoffs. We got robbed by the linesman calling back Lybe’s clear goal at the 18 minute mark of that last game against PAO. Just like we got robbed by Vassaras the ref at 2005 and not being able to go to Champions League, then 2008 by Kokkalis. Unfortunately thats the story of our lives, constantly getting robbed by the mafia that runs Greek football, called EPO. Some one once said that the Playoffs were created to make sure that PAO makes it to the Champions League and sure enough, that has been the case year after year.
    To make things worse, to add insult to the injury, we have been kicked out of any European League play. We will not be able to play with anyone over the age of 22, so the future of Lybe and Georgeas has already been decided for them by EPO. This sad news, a black day for our history came out yesterday and today it appeared all over European news. At least some of the articles mention our achievements in past European play. I’ll post some of the links below.

    The team basically has enough time till the end of June before it declares bankruptcy and closes its doors for good, or maybe drop down to the 4th division. Maybe thats what we need to start all over again. EPO will not have any issues seen AEK there, it did it to Iraklis last year.

    Anyways, needless to say I am quite pissed off that our team has been allowed to drop to such levels. More like disgust is what I feel at the moment. I am not even in the mood to follow the Greek football team during the Euro 2012, i really couldnt care less where they finish. Winning the 2004 tournament did nothing for the Greek football league and it wouldnt be any different this time around.

  3. gtmanleg Says:

    Just saw we were ineligible for the Europa League and now this. Thanks for sharing; this is horrible news.

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    Thats for sure, credit to the guys starting in last position with 0 points and finishing at the top. Shame to EPO for not rewarding that effort. PAOK owes a lot of money to players and other sources yet, they will be playing in Europa League.

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    Season tickets are going on sale tomorrow for those that want to support the team. Reasonable prices.

  6. Chris Zap Says:

    about a 100 AEK fans went to Super League’s offices today during their meeting. They caused some noise, broke some glasses and plates, threw a sandwich to Oly’s VP and left before the cops got there. Panionios rep fainted and was given first aid by an aek fan. after that they headed to Pappas offices and 50 have been arrested so far. The Oly reps may push for charges due to the violence and they say they are missing their cell phones.

    Once again the Psomiadis case has been postponed till November. displaying once again what a joke the Greek judicial system is.

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