Sneak Preview Of New Look Aek

Dusan Bajevic gave his first indications of what AEK’S starting could be at the clubs pre-season training in Austria.Prefering a 4-2-3-1 formation,Saja
Mackos Kafes
Djebouur Scocco Iordache
Of course this was only 4 a training game amongst”each other” but early indications none the less.From the training ground the talk is Iordache is braining them with his ball controll and speed,Yiahayia,a free transfer from 2nd division Karditsa(coached by ex AEK fullback Karayiannis) was the mvp of the game,ironically playing for our “2nd’s”.Still waiting on wether Seitaridis will join us,apparently the Aek offer is the best he has so fingers crossed,as well the ongoing drama with Leonardo,attacking midfielder frrom Levadiakos,who looks set to sign any day now.


5 Responses to “Sneak Preview Of New Look Aek”

  1. alexaek Says:

    Ahh, when will this whole Leonardo thing be finished and we can just sign him. He will be a great addition to our squad.

    Yeah, it sounds like Yiahayia is really impressing! Good to hear.

    Our first friendly tomorrow, we can finally begin to see some signs of how we might look this season. I really want to see Yiahayia play.

  2. Any updates on how Nathan Burns is coming along?

  3. alexaek Says:

    I honestly havent heard much about him particularily. Ill let you know once I have. Maybe AEKMAN74 or AEKBaltimore have heard something, but I havent even seen him in any of the pictures at the pre season training sessions.

    There has been mention that he might be loaned to Levadeiakos as part of the offer for Leonardo. Bajevic wont mind loaning him as long as he plays, but he doesnt want to sell him. Thats a good sign, he must still see some promising stuff from this kid. I hope we hold on to him as well, but with Blanco, Djebbour, Pavlis, and Scocco to an extent all up for the striker position it will be tough for him to get much playing at AEK, whereas at Leva, he will be a regular most likely.

  4. cheers for that. excellent

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