AEK’s New Jersey for 2009-2010

Sorry for posting this a little late but pics of our new shirts for next year are now out. Once again, we are with Puma and it is a Puma template which will also be used by team such as Lazio and others.

This link has some picture.

Its an interesting design, although not “too” creative. I guess a little more imaginative than last years design. Im sure everyone will get used to it by the second week of matches.


11 Responses to “AEK’s New Jersey for 2009-2010”

  1. aekman74 Says:

    I like it,looks sharp.So black will be our “home” kit?

  2. Not bad, classical shirt, no fancy things. Like it, thought have some doubts about the collar, but we’ll see when the shirts have players in it. And yeah, black home shirt next season? Cool, I look great in black 😉

  3. aek21ali Says:

    not bad will this be our first kit?

  4. alexaek Says:

    Im not sure which will be our first kit next season. I can’t even remember what our first kit was last year, but Im pretty sure it was the yellow one right?

    Maybe black will be our first kit. Ive always liked the black AEK kits, ever since the Adidas kits which we used the season we beat Milan an CL. And the first Puma kit we had in 2007-2008 looked really sharp in black.

  5. alexaek Says:

    Just saw on the forums. It looks likes this will be our home kit I think

    hhmmmm, alright I guess. very plain, looks like a training kit. but I dont know, I still kind of like it for some reason.

  6. aek21ali Says:

    well if u put the sponsers , greek flag and stuff like that it might look bettter

  7. i think this is away kit … our home i think will be yellow

  8. Does this blog have a store where I can purchase the AEK jumper? I’m after a replica with the sponsors on it as well. Do you have a link?

  9. Hey, Mike (AEKBaltimore) sent you the link for AEK’s shop. AEK’s official website would be the best, though Im not sure what the rates are for shipping.

  10. That kit is hot!

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