AEK Updates

Well, a press conference was held a few days back with regards to the new investors who were mentioned the post before. The deal has been confirmed, as most people expected, but still the names have not been revealed. Even at AEK only a few people (Notias, maybe Thanopoulos) know who they are.

It is known though that they are quite wealthy and that a few of them are AEK supporters. A few of them are also just football fans, while there are also some who care little for the sport. have posted an article which mentions some of the details discussed at the conference. That can be found here.

Whether this money will be used for a few transfers or only to stabilize the team financially I hope (and Im sure most AEK fans wish for the same) that it is used wisely, and that we see the club benefit from it. We have seen corruption at our club before, we have seen millions or euros and dollars dissapear and sometimes end up in the pockets of certain people. We have seen and suffered enough and hopefully this time around things will be done right, and we will see an AEK which will finally be able to compete, at least to a certain degree, with Pao and Oly. Unfortunately, the way things are now, money is needed if a club is to be succesful. Other factors help incredibly, such as fan support, and proper management, but without sufficient funds, clubs can only go so high.

Time for some other news. Another draw for AEK at its pre-season friendlies. We drew with a Turkish club, 2-2, after someone scored both goals. Take a guess. Blanco? No. Scocco?. Again, no. It was Kafes who ended up scoring both our goals.

Sure it was only a friendly, but now Im starting to get a little worried. I mean, friendly or not we should be beating clubs like this, and confortably. We beat this same club 5-0 last summer. We still have a little under a month until our first Europa League game but still, we need results now, we confidence in the players and fans from an early point if we are to have a succesful season.

We play another friendly tonight. Hopefully Bajevic would have noticed some mistakes from the last game and would have corrected them in time for this one. The team will be leaving Austria soon and this will be our last friendly before we play Boca Juniors (!) at OAKA on August 8th.

The clash between AEK and Olympiakos has been given the green light from various television chanels (Nova, ERT) to move the match to a different date (I believe a week later) due to conflicts with the game being to close to Europa League and Champions League games. All teams will play their matches on the new dates as well.

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